1. Re: Reaching new readers?

      Oh, that's a really good idea, I haven't really thought of doing anything like that. Thanks ofr the suggestion, I'll give it a shot!

    2. Re: Reaching new readers?

      I'm not actually sure if I ever hit trending to be honest, hahaha. I did figure there would be a plateau, so that's probably it - thanks for the feedback! Also, I have seen your book around! I've read (...)

    3. Re: Reaching new readers?

      Hey all! I've run into something strange, and I was wondering if any of you had experience with this. My novel used to get 5-10 new followers per upload, but now I'm getting like 1 every two uploads. I'm (...)

    4. Re: Pirate novels!

      Hey James! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you'll enjoy my novel! And I'll absolutely check out your work, I adore pirate novels - same reasons as you I reckon. Thanks for letting me know about your story! (...)

    5. Re: Pirate novels!

      Hi again! Thanks for the recommendations, I'll totally check those out :) I have plans of keeping Reqiuem of the Sea going on for quite a while. It's been a ton of fun to write so far. I've got a ton planned (...)

    6. Re: Pirate novels!

      Hey all! I really enjoy pirate settings. I joined Royal Road specifically to write my own novel in the genre since I couldn't find much of it anywhere else. Does anyone know of other pirate themed novels (...)

    7. Re: Pirates, Dungeons, & Magic!

      Thanks, Saarius! You've got some awesome covers as well! I particularly like Fixture in Fate

    8. Re: Pirates, Dungeons, & Magic!

      Let's see if it worked! Testing my signature.

    9. Re: Pirates, Dungeons, & Magic!

      Thanks for the thread, Blank_Thought! I'll be checking it out next thing tomorrow morning. Also, it might be my computer, but I think your signature has a small error in it as there are blue lines of text (...)

    10. Re: Pirates, Dungeons, & Magic!

      Thanks! I don't really know how to advertise stories on here, so I figured this was the best way I could get the word out. I appreciate the welcome, and I hope to see you around!

    11. Re: Pirates, Dungeons, & Magic!

      Howdy everyone! I recently joined Royal Road to start uploading my fantasy web novel, Requiem of the Sea. As the title suggests, it's a mix of some of my favorite outlets in fantasy. I noticed that, aside (...)