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Gin Kira

    1. Re: Hiya ^.^()

      Welcome! I completely relate to the busy lifestyle (though I am a college student and not a mother). As a jack of all trades person as well, I wish you a wonderful time on here. Good luck with the stories! (...)

    2. Re: Writer Seeking Writers

      Welcome! I also am a fantasy writer, but want to dabble in others later.  I wish you all the luck on here!

    3. Re: Hello from another newbie

      Welcome! I am also a new user here.  Fantasy and MCU fanfiction tend to be my preferred genres, but I'd love to branch out into science fiction and historical fiction in the future. I like these (...)

    4. Re: Free Review for New Authors

      Hello,  This is so nice of you. So far my page count is around 23, but I have a few chapters scheduled that might up it. I don't think it will surpass 50 anytime soon though. My fiction is about immortal (...)

    5. Re: Hi hi!

      I started writing young with the cheesiest and fluffiest anime fanfictions possible I started with MLP fanfictions (the clean kind where they would go adventuring and fight magical creatures, and (...)

    6. Re: Hello, hello!

      This year, amma do the 'just do it' thing and post my work. First one up. Triumvirate. Welcome! I am also new here! "just do it" has also become my motto for writing, along with 'don't be scared (...)

    7. Re: Adding your book on your Signature

      Thank you so much! That really helped.

    8. Re: Why, Hello There!

      Welcome! You don't mention what genre you write in. If it's litRPG, sci-fi, fantasy, or an offshoot that includes any of the above, then RR should be a good fit! This particular story is and action (...)

    9. Re: Adding your book on your Signature

      I have added both the link to my book and a link to the image, but I still cannot get the image to show up. How do you do it?

    10. Re: What Kind Of Content Would You Like To See On A WebNovel Focused YouTube Channel

      I personally would like to see the interviews as well, but one thing was that as I was getting into this it was hard to find reviews of actual websites. I have posted on Inkitt  and have looked around (...)

    11. Re: Why, Hello There! You got the reference! 😊  Thank you for the advice, I will do that. (I also have no idea how to reply to a specific post yet)

    12. Re: Why, Hello There!

      I migrated here from Inkitt too That's awesome, and thank you for the good wishes.

    13. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      I chose my pen name because when I started writing my story I had originally planed to make it a manga. I chose gin (the Japanese word for silver) because I loved writing it and pronouncing it. As for (...)

    14. Re: Best and Worst Movie/TV Adaptations of Books/Comics/Etc, Go!

      The worst ones I can think of would be Percy Jackson and Avatar the Last Airbender. I wanted to throw something when I saw both of these. I was so sad/mad.

    15. Re: Why, Hello There!

      I'm a new writer on Royal Road and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gin. I've been a writer on Inkitt for nearly a year now, and I wanted to branch out. I still consider myself a new writer (...)