1. Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

      Hey! Apologies in advance for this week if I'm not hot on rep giving... I've moved and am likely to be moving again so it's going to be a busy week! Eeek!] CHECK THE DATE OF THE THREAD and make sure (...)

    2. Re: Sunday Snippet 15/05 | WEEK 42 Euro-joy!

      This week's snippet comes from this week's episode -Pan #4 : 'Close Call' found here  6. Pan #4 : Close Call - Heroes of The Collective Volume Three : Repercussions | Royal Road  LONGSTORYSHORT: Pan (...)

    3. Sunday Snippet 15/05 | WEEK 42 Euro-joy!

      Soz, a bit late but just finished watching the Eurovision Song Contest! What a year for the UK! And what a result for the winners! (#nospoilers) 🌍🎢🎀 Here we go!  Give us your best douze points! or (...)

    4. Re: Ordinary Being's Greetings!

      Woah! Maybe we are related EnhancedBeing \( Ν‘α΅”β€―α΄— Ν‘α΅”)/. But what happened? Apocalypse? Isekai? How did you get enhanced? Well then hey there! Haha!  It was a genetic mutation! My username is part (...)

    5. Re: Follower Count is Not a Mark of Your Worth as an Artist and Neither is Money (So why do you write?)

      I'm going to get a little dark for a moment, so apologies, but a few years ago I tried to take my own life after things got out of control for me. I worked on getting better, I focused on finding things (...)

    6. Re: Sunday Snippet 08/05 | WEEK 41 THE SNIPPETSVERSE OF MADNESS

      I launched Volume 3 this week!! Just look at the covers all lined up in my sig 😍 With 5 uploads to mark the occasion, it has made choosing just 10 lines a bit tricky but I've gone with one from the 5th (...)

    7. Sunday Snippet 08/05 | WEEK 41 THE SNIPPETSVERSE OF MADNESS

      Eeeeeeek I saw Doctor Strange on Thursday and it's all I can think of! The Multiverse had me spinnin'! No spoilers of course but go see it maybe if you like perhaps! https://terrigen-cdn-dev.marvel.com/content/prod/1x/doctorstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness_lob_crd_02_3.jpg (...)

    8. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Coming very later-today-levels-of-SOON... Available now!!! Heroes of The Collective : Repercussions Volume 3!! πŸŽ‰ https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-full/heroes-of-the-collective-volume-three-repercussions-aadam4xlcxe.jpg?time=1651401810 (...)

    9. Re: Sunday Snippet 01/05 | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 🚨

      This snippet comes from the last episode from Volume 2 of Heroes of The Collective and from The Rodeos mini series for this time.  LONGSTORYSHORT: Worlds are colliding as Effie finds another member (...)

    10. Sunday Snippet 01/05 | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 🚨

      First of May! New month, new snippets! Let's go! PS It's week 40??!!? :O CHECK THE DATE OF THE THREAD and make sure you're posting in the recent one. βœ… If you wanna use other colours for your (...)

    11. Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

      LONGSTORYSHORT: This snippet comes from a chapter called 'Acts of God', so the snippet includes one of those acts. Effie and Reuben Rodeo are on a quest, with Reuben going down a cave hole. Running out (...)

    12. Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

      A moonπŸŒ™ just coz I'm enjoying Moon Knight on Disney Plus rn and I got nuffin' else for a loose snippetry theme. How do you follow chocolate? Alright? CHECK THE DATE OF THE THREAD and make sure you're (...)

    13. Re: Sunday Snippet 17/04 | WEEK 38 🐰🐣

      This week's snippet comes from the first of the 3 episodes of The Rodeos spin off.  WARNING for profanity, violence and descriptions of gore within the chapter. Find it here at: 1. The Rodeos #4 : Pullit's (...)

    14. Sunday Snippet 17/04 | WEEK 38 🐰🐣

      Easter tidings to y'all if it's your thing. Whether it is or it isn't, hopefully you're dabbling/gorging on chocolate, if that's your thing.  #chocolate4snippets CHECK THE DATE OF THE THREAD and (...)

    15. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Hmmm, I guess this makes more sense. I never meant it as a slur, but the guy beforehand didn't really explain where I messed up. Just straight up to ableism. Thanks! Well no, and to be honest, (...)

    16. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Well, you at least know why you got a 0.5, as most times it's a complete anonymous drive by! But yes, in my opinion, I think you are in the wrong for using 'sped' in the way you are.  It's no different (...)

    17. Re: Sunday Snippet 10/04 | Week 37 🎉 another mini celebration

      Woodland Warriors #6 draws the volume 2 episodes for the Warriors to a close in 'The Big Freeze'! Find it here easy as peas : 3. Woodland Warriors #6 : The Big Freeze - Heroes of The Collective Volume (...)

    18. Sunday Snippet 10/04 | Week 37 🎉 another mini celebration

      We made TWO PAGES OF SNIPPETS! We've not done that for a long time! πŸŽ‰ I was going to have a Moon Knight theme this week just coz that's what I'm enjoying this week, but the achievement is too much to (...)

    19. Re: Cover Art - Canva

      So resizing an existing creation is a premium, paid feature I believe.  If you want, on your login homepage, in the big blue box that asks you WHAT WILL YOU DESIGN?, there's a box for custom size so (...)