1. Re: What would you like to see in a contest run by users?

      I think it's a good idea. The timing of it needs to be considered more, but I think it could work really well. Maybe it could be done at various times in the year? One a quarter? Other thoughts (...)

    2. Re: Promote Your Niche Fiction

      So Bite Mark is niche as niche comes... It's a new limited series all about VAMPIRES and those who fight to protect their Northern English town of Tarmsworth St Jude from the threat that vampires (or (...)

    3. Re: Superhero authors--Promote your work!

      Heroes of The Collective, is a character driven superhero web-series following the lives of The Enhanced Beings Collective- a Government affiliated team of heroes who protect the United States against (...)

    4. Re: Other writing events for RR?

      I like option 2! It's something I could see myself participating in potentially. 👍🏽

    5. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 21/11 | WEEK 1️⃣7️⃣

      From one of the chapters in Arc 1 of Bite Mark. Find it at : 7. “It’s just me and you tonight, dusting motherf***ing suckers!” - Bite Mark | Royal Road Bite Mark is inspired by things like Buffy/Angel, (...)

    6. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 21/11 | WEEK 1️⃣7️⃣

      Latest episode: Flip #7 'Campfire Songs And Kumbayas' found at the link here: 18. Flip #7 : Campfire Songs And Kumbayas - Heroes of The Collective Volume Two : Regret | Royal Road 🔥🎸🏕️ LONGSTORYSHORT: (...)

    7. Sunday Snippet Sharing 21/11 | WEEK 1️⃣7️⃣

      No ramblings or musings from me this week, so let's just get into it for this week.  CHECK THE DATE OF THE THREAD  and make sure you're posting in the recent one. ✅ If you wanna use other colours (...)

    8. Re: The future of your work.

      I have 5 volumes planned for the core series of Heroes of The Collective. The second is being shared at the moment and I'm half way through writing the fourth. Beyond that, I have 4 more different stories (...)

    9. Re: promote my work please.

      promote my work please. No, you promote it. :DrakanLaugh:


      Fair play for wanting to give this a go, but there's a lot to think about when you do. I think if you're going to write a children's story then you would be best placed targeting a specific age group. (...)

    11. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 14/11 | SWEET 16 🍭

      This particular snippet has been condensed from chapter 5 of Bite Mark- found here:  5. “Chief? Permission to dust these cannibals?” - Bite Mark | Royal Road Chapter 11 is coming out tomorrow morning, (...)

    12. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 14/11 | SWEET 16 🍭

      From the latest upload - Pan #3 'Code Red!' This chapter does contain descriptions of violence that some might find upsetting. It is not the focus of the chapter but more so a discussion of an event that (...)

    13. Sunday Snippet Sharing 14/11 | SWEET 16 🍭

      So the writathon is well under way! This might be a good chance as we approach the half way list for folk to get a snippet out of something they're working on, to drum up further interest. There's going (...)

    14. Re: Multiple POVs: How many is too many, and what's your limit?

      As I'm tinkering with an idea for another multi-POV story, one which may involve character deaths and new character additions, my question to you all is: What's the story you've written with the most (...)

    15. Re: Pokémon Fanfic Recommendations

      I keep getting this come up in "other people have liked"  Pokémon Reset Bloodlines Sidestory - Steven Interlude | Royal Road  by Fox Bluereaver. I'm not a pokemon expert I'm afraid so beyond the name having (...)


      Congrats!  :DrakanWine: I hit it too, last night! It feels good to have gotten this far and actually makes completing it feel more doable.  I'm lucky if I get any readers on it though 😂 but I'm just (...)

    17. Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

      I think short is good personally.  If it's a fight between two characters then I try to keep them short and sweet. Whether this is something I actually do is another story, but my intention is always (...)

    18. Why didn't 3rd triplet Blane just suck the bad guy into a space vacuum in Brazil instead of crashing meteors (...)

      A few chapters ago, our other earthly Astral Sheriff and the other earthly Power of Three went to Earthgrë to finish off Volume 1 bad guy, The 45th, ONCE AND FOR ALL (Soz, spoilers) There, they made (...)

    19. Re: Should I give up writing webnovel?

      The answer... it depends.  I think you ought to ask yo'self why are you writing the story in the first place.  Depending on your answer might lean you towards doing one thing over another. I'd love (...)

    20. Re: SOS Idea

      Does anyone have any tips for getting your work to acquire more readers? Simply put, writing something that people will read will acquire more readers. You can do everything from writing really (...)