Island Ascension Online

Great Plot line, mediocre execution

I’ll try to be as practical in reviewing as possible. 

Cons: Pointless and unnecessary details. Repetition of those details. Simple execution

Pros: Simple execution. Pretty good and unique plotline.

As great as the potential is for this story. They way it sounds like a simply written Chinese novel isn’t something not many would enjoy. That said, it still is interesting to follow if you are patient enough since it really is an interesting story.

Oh also Plot armor is THICC af.

The Butcher of Gadobhra

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this story.

Forewarning to those who don’t like a lot of metrics displayed in a LITRPG (weirdos), but this story has a fair share of that and a lot of metric explanations.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m going to talk about the story line. Though it started out simple, there seems to be an insane amount of background work done laying the foundation for this story. A complex world leading to the present that many a times touches the past and what all led to today’s events and I’m sure ill be seeing a lot of that going forward too.

It looks to be a classic tale of bad guy capitalistic leeching corporations that are out to suck everything out of the weak and poor, who patiently bear for it a long time and when shit hits the fan, it comes back down like a wonderful shower one would get under the Niagara falls.


But the execution of all that with the humor is extremely immersive and I highly recommend you try this beautiful piece of work.

Kudos to the author and please keep it coming :) :) :)

Dungeon Core? Nah, I Think I'll Just Get Super-Wealthy Instead

Modern world MC becomes Dungeon core, starts to slowly pick things up on how and why of the new world. Some reactions feel a bit too humane but that’s just one perspective of many possible ones that can happen, so def an new and interesting take on things that makes the entire story more of a slow slice of life with a bit of struggle to grow.


So far it has been decent, though not extremely immersive, new components that keep getting added keeps the story going fairly well.

Lots of potential and it def looks like most of that will be harvested going forward.

Modern Awakening - A cultivation, LitRPG, apocalyptic novel

Set in world integrated into a form of system (that sounds way too lenient), the MC comes from OP background and still struggles, which is quite bothersome since if he struggles with all that extra knowledge how can it be called  a tutorial for someone who has no clue about anything.


Its def a decent read including some plot armors, loop holes and a viewpoint that make not much sense with a holistic perspective. Despite which its enjoyable and so hopefully it gets better as chapters progress.

Digital Marine

A really enjoyable read. 

Futuristic tech plus a bit of magic in a marine’s life is what this is and it is really well made.

Though it has a lot of metrics involved throughout the story, it gets really immersive and interesting. Go in with no reservations and you will find it pretty interesting.


Ultimate Rooster Evolution

Started with great expectations reading the synopsis but the first few chapters themselves were a very tough ride. If you are sure you aren’t going to question how and why to many questionable situations and reactions to those situations, give it a try… probably…

I’d love to change this review if things change but Good luck to the author


God of the Feast (A dark litrpg/cultivation, portal fantasy)

Considering the quantity of Isekai out there, its hard to find stuff that gets you interested, immersed and then want more of. One of them currently is this beaut.

It started a bit weird and dove right into a bit of complications but the transition from there was pretty smooth. World building progressing from there went well, being set in the medieval magic filled world. Storyline is pretty simple and interesting at the same time and though most emotional scenes open a bit ridiculous there is as much humanity in them as one could practically expect, so that’s a great plus point for the style and story of this series.
The system does feel pretty OP and the possibilities to get OP seem very easy. But then again installing Anti plot armor of sorts to nerf those from happening, which so far happened looks to take this story a long way. And it felt more entertaining this way considering how many stories fail because of quick story progression.
Excellent grammar with easy to understand sentence formations and simpler words will let anyone with novice English skills enjoy pretty much everything the author wants the reader to understand.
Characters have very practical behavioral patterns except for of course some rare moments like in any expected fantasy stories. Some situations are questionable but it’s a great read that’s gets pretty immersive pretty soon.

TL;DR; Def a good read, you’ll like it very quickly despite some very minor situations that might irk a few and would come back for more.

The Internet Cultivator


Great potential, too early to say the flaws might damage though they exist. Good grammer, decent story line, minimal character exposure so far, heavy cultural influence exists. Do try it though.



As said story's got great potential in the story. Can do a lot of things with the way the browsers is made out. The FILTER system especially sounds very OP and the possibilities seem endless. 

So far the utilization has been minimal to the reason of the MC being portrayed as dumb to get that and the grand perception event that'd change everything and all. But if that was really going to be the case might as well build the story such that the MC gets limited access to the browser with progressive removal of limitation and all while the divination incident making a one time all access event giving him access to the OP dragon technique or something like that.

I understand that the author is of Chinese/ East Asian origin hence a huge amount of cultural influence existing in the story, but I felt, since the crowd here on RR is International it would’ve been great if some of those aspects were accompanied with a little bit of comparative explanation. So that we don’t have to keep trying to find and relate everything which I’m sure we will keep seeing more as the story progresses.

The character development is a being skewed but hopefully refinement can be seen as the story progresses.

Decent Grammar.

Again, sood luck to the author honestly since this story line has potential and I'd love to see some good progress.



Decent story, MC becomes OP a bit too quickly

It has been a pretty good read so far and a Very good take on emotions and how they can motivate or keep someone going. 

Plot breakdown, system breakdown and how the math is handled is really good, glad everything doesnt happen just like that.

Only complaint, if MC was able to see(sense) her soul by using meditation and sense mana, experienced mages should be able to do it as well, and it wouldnt be a hard tier 5 skill to obtain if it was obtained just like that. And I felt the MC got a bit OP a bit too soon

But overall a solid book to read.


Decent, Involving Story, very poorly executed

Great plot line, Pretty bland execution.

Firstly I really want to applaud the author for their courage on trying out on a story line that is like a super generic soap drama series. Though it has a lot of potential, similar to some irritating chinese or Korean Light novels, this story has a bunch of conversation lines that are beyond exaggeration.

We get it that they look down at him a lot and keep nagging at him but being reminded of it 2 out of every 5 lines makes you quickly lose interest in the story.

Please note that I still read the entire thing so far, so it’s not like it isn't a good story. It has very good potential, but please for the love of writing, the author has to change that, they don't have to keep reminding us of how everyone keeps thinking about the MC MULTIPLE times, once or twice would be more than great. 

It’s like you are trying too hard to fill up the word count. You will lose the audience that would've loved to read your story otherwise.

The story progressed decently but people who are big shots being easily available to accompany or respond to him seems very very impractical. I hope you refine the apparent simple things.

I wish you good luck on the that buddy and I hope you get what you deserve.