1. Re: Testing emote

      :DrakanNo: :DrakanBook: :DrakanWine: :DrakanPat: :DrakanFix: :FancyDrakan: :DrakanAmused: :DrakanPotato: :DrakanThink: :DrakanMelt:  :DrakanThinking: :DrakanSigh: :DrakanAngry: :DrakanMoney: :DrakanPopcorn: (...)

    2. Re: Testing emote

      :peoeyesparkle: :peolove: :peoapproval: :peoblush: :peoconfused: :peocool: :peolaughing: :peocrying: :peopanic: :peodistress: :peoeating: :peogentleman: :peoangry: :peoEsmile: :peodead: :peogiggle: :peojudging: (...)

    3. Re: Testing emote


    4. Re: Testing emote

      :PeoReading: :DrakanBook:  Magic of reading  :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: Rename ( ?° ?? ?°)

      The smitten one 

    6. Re: The Penguin Below Me Game

      This penguin was sitting in the sky, and watching 3 penguins on the ground. She believed it was her duty to watch over the younglings and lead them toward a righteous path. But, it was a lonely road, no (...)

    7. Re: Rename ( ?° ?? ?°)

      The Scribbling darkling  // Ahh, I just dug up a very old game. But I'm still curious what title I'll get. Yee who reads this and replies, don't disappoint me! 

    8. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Microphone //it feels like we need to add some rules to this game to make it more fun . e 

    9. Re: What MMORPG are you playing?

      They are not free, but the entirety of the assassin creed series. Especially assassin creed odyssey. Every one of that series is so fun, even someone like me who barely plays any games, got the entire (...)

    10. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, but if you destroy the pocket dimension, you get destroyed with it. But hey, at least you will be buried in the world of origin. I wish, I can see up to 2 hours into the future whenever I want. (...)

    11. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -76 keep it up girls ! 

    12. Re: Test thread: The first of many

      I'm a step away from banning you from here as well.  I'm not locking this thread, to give you the opportunity to give me a reason to do so. 

    13. Re: A Discovery About Human Nature

      Well... this post took a turn.  :peoeating:

    14. Re: Achievements...

      Testing emojis :Peoangry1: :peoangry: 

    15. Re: Achievements...

      I know this is an older post, so if you got a notification before I delete my reply, please know I picked this thread at random to test out a bug. 

    16. Re: admin test - will be deleted in a moment

      :) :angel: :P


      Hi Mack, We at Royal Road take Plagiarism seriously and we try our best to stop it, at the very least we make sure the stories on our platform are not plagiarised. There is a high rate of people that (...)

    18. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, someone else killed that fish, but it still thinks you did it and is now haunting you.  I wish I was a mermaid. //here to test my shiny new border.

    19. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, it is your wish that won't come true.  // yay for paradox  I wish I had a pocket universe filled with all my favorite things that I can take out whenever I want. 

    20. Re: Solution to "Finding the Key" an Anniversary countdown event.

      This is the solution to the 2018 Anniversary countdown's 4th event. Step 1: You are already given a piece of the map in the event's page   Save it. Step 2: Look (...)