1. Re: Again, what has happened? Is RR dead?

      This is an alt account for a user that was already banned. Accordingly, I'm closing this thread and banning the user for ban evasion (this is also the second thread they made about the topic, and we (...)

    2. October Thread - Promote your Story

      For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread. You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal (...)

    3. Re: Making money with Fanfiction?

      I am locking this thread because we don't allow monetization of Fanfiction on Royal Road.

    4. Re: I spelled a word right the first time!

      I read your post, then I read the replies. I decided to give writing the word a shot to see if I can get it right on a first try as well. I got "stillhout". Don't know why I thought there is a T there, (...)

    5. Re: That one word you swear should be spelled differently.

      Definitely.  Took me a very long time to figure out how it is spelled. Just wrote it wrong, and used a spellchecker to fix it for years and years. Finally, I sat down, looked at it, and figured out it (...)

    6. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted. You shall have free time when snow falls. But, snow will not fall till the end of time. I wish I had 8 fingers per hand. (imagine the speed of typing with that) 

    7. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      oh? ahhh... you should've said that before **opens soul's closet**  **looks at the hundreds of souls she has** Hmmm... I guess I will sing in the end, those souls were entrusted to me. Alright, (...)

    8. Re: Epic Song Generator

      I just wanted to say that you are awesome. That is all. :peoapproval:

    9. Re: Am I a petty author?

      Since the other thread was locked as well, I'm locking this. If either party wants a moderator's intervention, please open a support ticket.

    10. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      If a choice I do not have, the price in advance must be had. For a song I am in a mood, for this dish would make anyone swoon.

    11. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      Bartender, is this payment enough?  I wrote a song about glory and death It was so depressing I chose to remove it I thought about what else to write About life, stars, the moon and the sky (...)

    12. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, you only need to touch the sun once to do so.  I wish I can read at the speed of sound. 

    13. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      **walks into the tavern**  **looks around, and finds other people sitting there. Ignores them and go sit in front of the bartender** I've always crossed by this tavern, but I never took the time to sit (...)

    14. Re: Lvl 30 reached

      Duck... you've done it, WOW! 

    15. Re: The RR Emojis


    16. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, there are no longer any games to be played. Thus, no cheat code is unknown to you, since there is nothing to know.  I wish that VR games were as realistic and as advanced as is written on fics (...)

    17. Re: The RR Emojis

      Go for it. (Assuming this is not for commercial use.)  Not an iota of commercial use!  Thank you :D Always glad to see that people like the emojis.   BTW: They are called Peo ( :peocool: (...)

    18. Re: Should I report this

      The review was reported and deleted for breaking the inflated word count rule. I am closing this thread, as it has been answered.