1. Re: Boost your webnovel today with professional reading

      :peoreaper: I get the humor, but I'm also closing this thread. 

    2. Re: Boost Your Novel's Views with a Professional Review - 5k Views and Above!

      I don't check the forum for a weekend, and this type of topic comes up?  :peojudging: If the topic wasn't retracted, I would've considered a ban to make a statement. For now, I'll just lock this thread. (...)

    3. Re: Need help with font/placing for a cover.

      This site has a bunch of cool free font bundles at the moment  Check it out; you might get inspired. 

    4. Re: PayPal scam potentially targetting Royal Road subscribers

      No one has access to our data in a way that can help them target our users in such scams. We are unrelated to this, I don't think our users are being targeted more so than anyone who simply has an email; (...)

    5. Re: ⚠️The Lowest Form of Authors⚠️

      This is not a forum to talk negatively about authors, regardless of what they do. I'm closing this thread.  Also, It's rather insensitive timing-wise, considering an author that was actually using our (...)

    6. Re: Has anybody had any experience on Kindle Vella?

      Considering the terms of Kindle Vella in regard to exclusivity behind a paywall. This topic is unrelated to Royal Road. Hence I'm closing the thread.   They have their own forums, try asking there. 

    7. Re: How do you earn your money?

      Alright. I won't purge this spambot; he is too good at his job to be fired like that. Plus, he is amusing; on his other thread, he got other spambots to reply to him.  Best Spambot I've seen so far.  (...)

    8. Re: How do you earn your money?

      The OP is a spambot, but this thread got 91 replies. What do I do? They will all be deleted when the bot is purged.  Continue talking at your own risk, will leave it up for a bit longer. Edit:  Alright, (...)

    9. Re: Wing vs WriTE new challenge (A winner is crowned)

      421,154 words across four incomplete novels. Back with an update! The First Archmage - Word Count: 335,815 words - Total Word Count: 335,815 words World After Calamity - Word Count: 225,651 words (...)

    10. Re: What hosting services do you use?

      :peodead: now spam bots talk with each other?  Edit: I purged one of the bots, but only banned the other one because he was just too good at his job! 

    11. Re: What is the royal road time zone?

      All deadlines on Royal Road are considered to be when the chosen time is no longer in existence, anywhere in the world. ❤ The idea is that if you submit it on the 9th in your time zone, you are good (...)

    12. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest #3

      I'm locking this thread in favor of the blog post Let's keep all related conversations there as to not have conflicting information in (...)

    13. January 2023 Thread - Promote your Story

      For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread. You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal (...)

    14. Re: Christmas border + puppies + MOAR CHRISTMAS!

      YAY FOR PUPPIES! MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Did you think I'll let December end with just a football border?  I mean I HAD to use the football border now, the world cup happens once every four years, and I'd (...)

    15. Re: AI has no place on Royal Road.

      Side note, but i did find it hypocritical of Wing to think there is room for AI Artwork on Royal Road and not AI Writing (in likely any form). It would be better to deny it outright then be seemingly half-baked. (...)

    16. Re: AI has no place on Royal Road.

      AI artwork has proven to be fantastic, truly a feast for the eyes, and ChatGPT by openai for writing gave an exciting and bright look into the future. While both AI artwork and writing can be used as tools. (...)

    17. Re: getting my words from there to here

      Copy-paste. Where's the problem?  The problem is that the pasted text does not look like what I wrote.  If copied directly from the Google Docs document, all formatting is lost.  If I download the document (...)

    18. Re: When you die in the afterlife, where do you go?

      This has gone into the forbidden territory of calling on real-world religions. Royal Road is an escapist platform, and this is not the place for this. I'm closing this thread. 

    19. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Anyone else getting ad’s that are trying to sell you drugs, not medical, but the ones that get’cha high af Are you getting these on Royal Road? Please report them. 

    20. Re: Authors should stop writing.

      I am not sure if you are being sarcastic, or serious. I'm just going to lock this thread.