1. Re: Hello world y hola a todos

      Welcome to Royal Road!  Bienvenido!  :peolove: For now, you can keep the discussions to posts.  I just approved a story in Spanish, (...)

    2. Re: Are there any good stories out there?

      OP, I hope you received your answer. I am closing this thread as it seems to be aggressive. 

    3. Re: Time Travel!

      If you search the keyword "time travel" you will find 310 pages of time travel stories If anyone wants to sit down and read some of them, (...)

    4. Re: Sci-fi tags?

      I know I'm late to this party as a bunch of new tags have already been announced, but is it worth considering an aliens/extra-terrestrial type tag? (For some reason I thought this already existed.) (...)

    5. Re: Writeathon Participation List? Has it been posted yet?

      It is linked in the notification & in the blog post You can find it here: 

    6. Re: Sci-fi tags?

      New sci-fi tags? Nice! I would suggest 'Time Travel', that's a classic of science fiction. What might also be nice would be 'Science Fantasy', although that might be covered by tagging both genres. (...)

    7. Re: Sci-fi tags?

      Currently, the focus of the tags is on fantasy, because that is the niche we wanted to grow.  Now, I am going to add more sci-fi tags to Royal Road.  Before doing so, I want to ask you what sci-fi (...)

    8. Re: Focus on Scifi?

      I think some of the reasons why sci-fi doesn't appear as popular on Royal Road as it somewhat is.  Is because we don't have enough tags for it. So, what tags would you suggest under the sci-fi umbrella? (...)

    9. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Birthday?

      With the votes changing to 3-2 for Pumpkin. My border has changed. 

    10. Re: The Penguin Below Me Game

      This penguin is smart enough to pack a parachute, she is also smart enough to not sit in your car which is prone for accidents.  She watches in horror as you hit the cliff. When suddenly she saw a flash (...)

    11. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Birthday?

      I have my own admin-custom border. But, if I use my custom border, how will I be able to use the beautiful premium-borders? I have decided to stick with you guys this month and go with what the majority (...)

    12. Re: My Collection of Riddle

      "No One Else" indicates, that someone is alive. That one person, who is not everyone else - will be the one to hear it! 

    13. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread. You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available) and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road (...)

    14. Re: PUZZLE EVENT

      Reading this thread, I feel like I need to add more complex codes next time for those that wish to solve more complex codes together :)  However, this code is simpler than that. But, it seemed to be too (...)

    15. Re: Adding a new tag. Can you find any Time Loop stories?

      Considering 2 of our top 5 rated stories are time loop stories. Are you considering The Many Lives of Cadence Lee as Looping novel?   For some reason, I thought it was - now I'm doubting (...)

    16. Re: Adding a new tag. Can you find any Time Loop stories?

      Greetings fellow Royal Travellers of this mighty Road, I seek your assistance, as you walk by.   Considering 2 of our top 5 rated stories are time loop stories. I think it is time to add a new tag for (...)

    17. Re: How To Change Your Primary Group To Authors?

      :peocool:  This used to be an option. So some older users might display an "author" group. However, this is now a legacy thing.

    18. Re: UNsubscribe from a chapter

      At the moment, you can't disable the auto subscription. Only the overall notifications from here  However, it is easy to unsubscribe from individual comments (...)

    19. Re: UNsubscribe from a chapter

      You can use this for general notification:  And this for specific chapter comments: