Mad Sadie

Mad Sadie

DIE In Candyland: A Scientist LitRPG

This story follows Liam, the very normal scientist who was isekai'd into Candyland. Being a normal person, and this being Candyland, his reactions to everything are spot-on and very realistic.

Basically, there's a lot of "AAAAAAAAH"s and "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE"s and "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME"s.

Y'no, reasonable reactions to being attacked by a pack of living gummy bears. None of this dumb "ah, I seem to have found myself in a strange land with magic, I must bend it to my will!" schtick.

It's obvious the author knows a lot about food and how baking/cooking works, so he's probably thought through how Candyland works. Maybe not down to the smallest detail, and obviously the answer to a lot of questions will be "magic", but both the author and the MC are aware of how the real world works. Applying those principles to something like rabid gingerbread men is a fascinating and hilarious thing to do.

Tl;dr, story is *chef's kiss*, characters are very well done and believable, style is excellent, and I don't recall any glaring grammar mistakes.

A most excellent story, well worth reading.

...Even if I'm still mad I didn't think of it first, Zach.

Bob's Ascension to Godhood

Bob is not the hero Eman Tenalp deserves. He is also not the hero Eman Tenalp needs. But he's the... hero? ...Eman Tenalp gets.

Or would get, if he'd stop dying every day or so.

But never mind that, because the fate of the universe is at stake! Or something. Pretty sure.

At least Bob has proper feelings about pizza.

I don't think the author has a clear idea about where the story is going, or how it's going to get there. Not that that's a bad thing, I just worry if he'll be able to keep writing until an ending is reached...

Cryptmother: Bride of the Dungeon Core

Dungeons exist. Dungeons themselves have some semblance of sentience to organize and arrange everything. Does this mean they can fall in love? Or use their intelligence to cheat the system?

An interesting take on the dungeon core premise, for sure. If you've ever wanted a dungeon core story and a romance in one book, this is it!

Oh yeah, story and grammar is all perfectly fine. POV is third limited. Go read it now.

Grimjack the Eviscerator Saves Christmas

Do you want a Christmas story that doesn't involve miscommunications with royalty, someone who makes less than minimum wage becoming the love interest for someone from a city, or small children being abandoned by negligent parents?

Well this is the story for you! It has chainsaws, it has Orphan Crushers, it has space battles! Granted, I don’t know how it ends yet, but already I am 100% invested in the life and emotions of Grimjack and his relationship with his sister, Grimjill.

On the technical side of things, the grammar is about perfect, the style is good, the characters we’ve met so far feel real, and the story is great.

Basically, if you see that title and think “huh, that sounds like something I might like” then it is. Trust me. It is.

Read it now.

To Cross the Threshold

This is the story of Joe/Joseph, who gets hit by a falling star and wakes up elsewhere! And then gets hit by a scaly cat-man and wakes up somewhere else!

Granted, I haven't read very far in, but I feel I can confidently say... it's fine. There are worse stories out there. This one is fairly imaginative so far. The MC isn't annoying. 
The main issues with the story are grammar related. The author (like many new authors) switches between past/present/future tense without realizing it. And at times uses the singular or plural form of a word incorrectly. They don't seem to be fully aware of when to use "a" vs "the" (such as referring to "a cat" when it's been established there is only one cat in the room). 
The author also falls into the new-author trap of presuming we know everything about the situation without explaining it fully. Such as why the doctor is nicknamed "Crunchy"; it was explained and I still have no idea why he's called that. 
Lastly, I'd suggest to the author (as I suggest to all authors) to hit that "preview" button and read each chapter over once before publishing. There were a few mistakes like "the car jumped wordlessly onto the bed" and "Joseph made a mental node" that probably wouldn't be underlined as wrong by a basic word or grammar checker, but a person can pick out easily.
But for all those flaws, the story seems interesting enough to keep me reading. 
Give it a shot!

Rocket Cat

Ground Control to Major Tom...

...But with cats! And math!

Lots and lots of math.

But don't worry, the story is separate from the math bits, so you don't have to read each paragraph with a notebook to figure the plot out.

There are also pictures, which frankly make the story 80% better.

So yeah, go read it. It's cute. And you might learn something.

Edgy's Andy's World Conquest (A LITRPG Masterpiece)

So far there is only one chapter out, but I can already tell that this story will instantly ascend to the rank of "Best Novel Ever" on this site. Yes, that's not a title a novel can have here, but due to the masterful brilliance of this work, it soon will be!

The style is the best I have ever seen! Rather than deal with the simple blue boxes like a peasant, Jonsoon takes a novel and genius approach to show us how everything levels and works. When the first one appeared, I stared in awe and knew that this was at least twenty times better than the normal, plebian box things.

The story hasn't progressed extremely far, due to only one chapter having been realeased, but it is a compelling, fascinating story full of depth and character growth! I believe I can see where Jonsoon is taking this, but that would imply that I am half as intelligent as this author who could teach Einstein himself a thing or two about math. Therefore, I can only hope to expect the unexpected.

Grammar is simply impeccable! There was not a single error in the entire chapter, and I forsee no errors in future chapters, either!!!

As far as characters, they are amazing! Beautiful! Brilliant! But, human, too. Completely relatable in every way. As a female, I 100% relate to everything Stacy is feeling, and feel those things myself when reading the events of the story! I envy her being there, instead of me UwU

I feel obligated to insist that everyone read this story immediately, to not miss out on the euphoria that the words therein give!!!

...and then go read trash novel contest story.

In all honesty, this thing's not bad. It has the phrase "a jawline so sharp that they could stab puppies to death" in it, and that should be all I need to tell you about the story.

If that phrase interests you, read the story. If not, you probably have an idea of what you're missing.


Speedrunning the Demon Cultivation App (Overpowered MC)

Yer basic time loop story.

A dungeon break happened. Zach (after several years) killed the final boss. And for his troubles, he was sent back to the day it all began.

Grammar and style are both good. Sure the MC has all his knowledge, but is back to zero as far as strength goes, and his inner monologue feels very relatable and human.

Give it a read!

Hunting for jade beauties~ A trash novel

As the title of the story says, it is trash.

There is absolutely nothing to recommend in it. It makes no sense. It makes no effort at having decent grammar. It makes no effort to have a plot.

So why, for the love of all that's holy, do I keep reading these chapters???

Tales of The Riverfolk Company

Have you ever dreamed of reading a story about a young otter selling fish on sticks to foxes in order to win a spot at a festival?!

...Well why not? Granted, that's an oddly specific dream but-

Anyway! Yes! This is a cute story about a young otter, trying to fulfill his dreams of food making for the masses. Doesn't seem particulary heavy, but once in a while a good piece of fluff is what you need, right? Everyone should read it!

(Half a star knocked off for a few typos here and there. Nothing horrible, but the author would benefit from re-reading the story before posting.)