Mad Sadie

Mad Sadie

    1. Re: Did This A While Back

      Hmmmm I'm gonna guess it's about the retirement of a blood demon, who lives by the ocean, and has a tree house. Here's mine...

    2. Re: Can anyone recommend a good, easy to use, free fantasy map maker?

      Aazgar's will always be my go-to map creator. You can customize just about everything, plus it has layers for temperature and politics and height and all that jazz.

    3. Re: what is the stub tag

      As far as I can tell, the tl;dr is "This book is also on Kindle Unlimited, so for legal reasons I can only post the first chapter, here ya go!"

    4. Re: There is a Signature Limit?

      I've had to resort to using imgur to get shorter urls for my covers, and even then I can't even fit half my stories. *Cackles in not bothering with pictures*

    5. Re: Transparent Tables; or Matching Background

      Sadly, there isn't any way of making tables transparent that I can find. Just go with the dark mode color (#262626) and hope that not many people who use light mode or sepia will read that chapter.

    6. Re: 🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵

      Congrats!!! :DrakanWine: :DrakanWine: :DrakanWine:

    7. Re: Any advice about writting children character.

      My main qualm with people writing children is, they make them dumb. Kids aren't dumb, or stupid, they're inexperienced. So please, whatever you do, don't make this kid sound stupid. Actually, this video (...)

    8. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here.

      Aha, I think I got it!

    9. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here.

      You just Gotta do them right Teach me the correct way, o wise one

    10. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here.

      Honestly, I just want to see if gifs work on RoyalRoad, so have a cat... Edit: Nope. Sad. Edit: Yay!

    11. Re: How many POV characters is too many (as a writer and as a reader)?

      In some sense it just totally changes some fundamental aspect of the story. Which... is the point. Dracula could be 100% told from the pov of Mina Harker. Not much would be lost, story-wise (and we'd (...)

    12. *proud snickering* Heeheeheeheehee And hey, only six more followers on the Catgirl story before I get that sweet silver group leader (...)

    13. Re: How to write about something i have never experience?

      To Google with you!, really. In years past I would have said library, but the internet at this point is just a giant library you don't have to go outside for. If it's something regarding a person (...)

    14. Re: UPDATED COVER ART for ZU MARI :-3

      That is epic. Well done. You deserve that useless medal.

    15. Re: The Trash Race Contestants...

      Should make a leaderboard. Be my guest! :DrakanLaugh:

    16. Re: How many POV characters is too many (as a writer and as a reader)?

      Basically, I agree with everything EnhancedBeing said. But I will add one thing (and take it to my grave)... If you have a first-person story, it should be told in one POV. Also, mixes of first and third (...)

    17. Re: Do web serials need to begin fast?

      Given that it's for the writeathon, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the first option. I think people here prefer faster starts because of slower release schedules. If you're only getting one chapter (...)

    18. Re: Questions and Answers—> 🐕

      Does your story have a villain or not? Not... really. I have a hard time writing villains. Sometimes there's an ambiguous Other that inconveniences my protagonists, but that's at most an antagonist. (...)

    19. Re: Does anyone else get impatient when scheduling chapters for release?

      Nah, if I didn't have the schedule option I'd release four chapters in the space of an hour, then nothing for like two weeks. For me the scheduler is what makes Royal Road like 90% better than any other (...)