Mad Sadie

Mad Sadie

    1. Re: Starting a community-driven story entirely steered by absurd chapter comment suggestions, but written tota(...)

      I'm sorry, I really am, but... This idea has been tried and has failed probably dozens of times on this site. I don't know of any that have gone past, eh, 20 chapters before the author gave up due to (...)

    2. Re: Posting symbols in text in RR

      I don’t think there’s a way to post mini photos Actually, there is. You can take any picture and have it be as many pixels big as you want. For example: Big kitty! (...)

    3. Re: The "Return home trope"

      Have you ever lived in a place where you're Different? Be it skin tone, language, or religious views. Something you can't change about yourself (without difficulty), that EVERY SINGLE PERSON AROUND (...)

    4. Re: Does the author have an obligation to finish his story?

      Here? Not usually. With a traditional publisher? Usually, yes. So, "obligation" refers to a contract, promise, or commitment made to do something. Could also reference a debt. No one here is under (...)

    5. Re: What if you met your MC in a dark alley?

      MC #1... We'd go out for milkshakes. MC #2... She'd probably ignore me, tbh. She doesn't talk to people in dark alleyways. Might give me a disappointed glare, but other than that nothing. MC #3... I'm (...)

    6. Re: Glass Eye

      How do you get it out? Go to a doctor. Anything else just risks pushing it in further, since eyes don't have muscle or tissue in them to keep things in place. I would NEVER trust anyone other than someone (...)

    7. Re: Do you have a medium you just can't handle?

      Not really a medium, but I can't watch/listen to things that are in a language I don't understand. I live in a country that doesn't use my first language. So when words are being spoken to me that I don't (...)

    8. Re: Help me with clothes name!

          Fiends Wrote:     It is a shawl a shawl doesn't have buttons or collar, and is usually square, rectangular or triangle Yeah, shawl is basically a square scarf, no extra shaping or fastening (...)

    9. Re: How badly would a cellphone ruin your story?

      A singular cellphone? There's not really all that much it could do, especially after it runs out of battery. If everyone had them? ...Wouldn't affect the story tooooo much, but it would certainly make (...)

    10. New Releases Trawl 3

      Greetings! I have once again trawled through the last ten pages of New Releases to see what treasures I could find. Stories are separated into three categories: Isekai/LitRPG, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. (...)

    11. Re: Wise Writers Of RR! Assemble! *spoiler* blurb advice

      For traditional publishing it's a rule to never address the reader directly in a synopsis/blurb. Things are different here, but there usually is a separation between the synopsis and what the author wants (...)

    12. Re: Is there a way for me to upload my fiction privately then schedule the release

      Yes, but only after you've published your first chapter. Then there's a "save" or "save and schedule" option next to the "publish now" button.

    13. Re: A Question about Mail

      I think sending an entire human corpse through the mail wouldn't be allowed, since mailing children places is no longer allowed. I'm not sure what percentage of a corpse counts, but I'd bet over 50% would (...)

    14. Re: How do I make my story more appealing and get more people to see it or get temhem to want to read it

      Write a synopsis that actually describes the plot. And mentions if there are any characters. And, preferably, that has punctuation. Frankly, your current synopsis... This story was something I thought (...)

    15. Re: Need Reviews on a story I'm writing. Any feedback is appreciated!

      I am currently writing 2000 or so words per chapter with only chapter 0 being the exception and certainly can make them longer. But I'm not sure how long they should be.  No, I mean your synopsis thing. (...)

    16. Re: Need Reviews on a story I'm writing. Any feedback is appreciated!

      Honestly, you need a longer blurb. Your chapter titles give more information than it does. Get more information in there, let us know what the plot is, why we should care, and you'll get more readers (...)

    17. Re: looking for collab help with my writing

      Try this: Don't worry about finishing it. Don't worry about it being cohesive. Don't worry about structure, pacing, or even chapters. You have a piece of an idea floating around your head? Write that (...)

    18. Re: Map creation

      Azgaar's is what I use

    19. Re: Seven Deadly Sins Weapons.

      1 whip sounds good, but I'd switch the rapier for... hmm... clawed, poisoned gauntlet. Hear me out: they use the whip to grab people and drag them closer, then lovingly caress them with the poisoned claws. (...)

    20. Re: looking for time loop novels.

      If you want a superhero time loop, I've got a novella here you could try ^.^