How Much For Your Soul?

Like the title says, it really is superb. our protagonist takes full advantage of his knowledge of the original novel and dominates! at the time of this review he's still in the #'Tiny World', so its not super fast paced, nor really slow, but will probably be changing soon since he finally started cultivating his ultimate cultivation technique.

As for plotholes... dont ask me, last time i read tdg was like 3 years ago. dont remember everything, and no imaginary plothole caught my eye.

A little spoiler alert, but to really appreciate our protagonists main ability, which is called "library of heavens path" named after a novel of the same name, you need to read that novel, well at least a dozen or so chapters of that novel to understand how overpowered and usefull that ability is. the ability itself was slighly nerfed, but seeing as i havent read that novel much, cant really remember if it was alot or not.

As the chapters progress, you can see our protagonist developing mentally, while still keeping his main personality points. you could say that he is immature, a psycopath, and a mass murderer, but he's no longer on earth, so our morality is meaningles to him. its a xianxia, a kill or be killed world. a world where people are killed when they look at someone the wrong way. thats the way these imaginary chinese worlds work!

anyways, just read this. you will not regret it (probably)

Dragon Ball:RR

i totally enjoyed it. too tired to do a full review though. giving 5 stars for originality.

for those fearing a long wait before he becomes strong(as is normal in dbz fanfics), have no fear. the guy becomes very strong quite quickly. i also really liked how when gravity training was no longer enough he went near a black hole to train. very original. though even the dumb saiyans thought it suicidal :D

its also nice that he's treating SSJ transformation as as trump card and doesnt neglect training his base form to the limit.

Taking on the magical world

truly enjoyable read. theres just too few HP fan fictions that dont star harry potter as protagonist. so lets get to specifics (SPOILERS ahead)


so this is naturally a plot where your average joe dies, and gets reborn in HP universe in the Lovegood family. thats right, Lovegood! hes the brother of Luna (2 yrs older) so you can expect a lot of Luna! what i thought, but Luna has like 5 lines so far (21 chapters) a little disapointing but whatever, im sure it will improve when Luna comes to Hogwarts.

withouth spoiling too much, the MC's goal so far is pretty straightforward, and that is to become strong enough to help his mother with 'something', that something is so far unknown. you'll notice early on that his mother is pretty badass, and seemingly more powerfull then the likes of dumbledore.

MC's family on his mother's side is another obvious plot point, so you can see that its not progressing randomly. hints and snippets that he overhears when he's a baby and everyone does not mind him make it obvious, but his mother becomes more careful when she founds out thats hes an intelligent little twit.

as of chapter 15 he enters hogwarts(1 year early even), together with his best buddies the weasly twins. chapters 16-20 are his first lessons, are a little weird to read if you have read your share of HP fanfics, because there's alot of copy-paste when introducing teachers and first spells(for example snapes and mcgonagalls introductionary speech of their lessons), though the author says that's about to stop. make no mistake though its not completely the same, only the introductions to first classes and first spells shown are the same.

theres no real mention of harry potter himself yet, so hes (probably) happily slaving away at his relatives.

so in short, read it, its decently good, and while mc obviously hides his reincarnation status, it doesnt get in the way since he's not hiding his magical prowess.

A Girl's, Unusual Existence

Read it all, love it all, waiting for more

i loved reading this, so i will simply say thank you for writing this, and hope you continue to do so.


P.S. i saw some 'twat' says the story got ruined at chapter 24... well dont worry, i myself sorta believed him and read with a heart full of worry, but when i reached that chapter i really wanted to punch that 'twat' for making me imagine all sorts of bad stuffs (like NTR and such) only to not find anything bad.

so yeah anyone who sees this guy "axl" punch him for me please.


EDIT: and thus comes the feared rewrite... not much to say really, just that the old version is gone, so... my oh so detailed and accurate review might not be so accurate anymore.

well its only 2 chapters for now, and i dont see a reason to lower my score, so ill continue waiting, after more chapters are out i will see if i remember to edit this once more.

EDIT2: well more chapter are out, but also the dreaded announcemnt. so yeah. ill give it 4 solid stars because it was indeed fcking awesome. but -1 star because its dropped a second fcking time. yeah, no bonus points for that, sry author-i-dont-know-the-name-of-nor-do-i-fucking-care.

call me hostile if you want, but if its dropped just like that and an announcment is made only 6months later it shows your lack of care. not to mention yet ANOTHER rewrite with different settings... makes me wonder why did i even bother reading this...

so 3 stars.


EDIT3: really, i mean REALLY! so now its unquestionably dropped. sort of anyway, apparently there will be a new one made in a modern setting, no idea how like this will it be, nor do i really care at this point.
i was really patient with this one, and i mean REALLY patient. fuck, the first time i found this was years ago, and i still stayed faithfull till this day and waited for updates, even after the fucking rewrites! well no more, this is already dead beyond dead, the author obviously treats writing as a pass of time, if theres no dedication from him, that means we dont have to dedicante ourselves to his work.
i'd like to be petty and give this .5 stars, if for no reason than my current mood, but that would be too petty for my standarts, so ill leave this at 2.5 stars. i mean its readable, but no story is good withouth and ending.
peace out, and bye.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

fist you see the girl, then the title, and then the yellow "Warning" about sexual content.

doesnt take a genius to understand what this fiction is all about right? 

well you would be wrong then.


a splendid trap, to ensnare the readers.

then the perfect storytelling will simply not let you go.

*clap clap clap* 

im ashamed for getting caught so easily, but i dont regret it!


Style - definetely 5* its one of the best ive seen, and while my memory isnt all that good, i still remember the best ones.


Story - not much yet, but you can see its heading in a good direction, so ill keep it at 5* since i like it.


Grammar - good, normally a 4*, but considering where we are reading this, ill give it a solid 5*


Character - ... i have no words to describe how amazing the MC is, so ill just plop a 5*


now on to the bad things... yes, amazingly there are bad things:

1. There is a "Harem" tag, it honestly disturbs me, not to mention his brother "Secret Identity" tag, and you can sorta see where it will be going. Hopefully not to shittyvile.

thats it really, and if you actually read everything i just typed, then you get a cookie.

The Court of Souls?

It's an Andur novel, what do you expect?

If we look into the past, all Andur novels finish with ~100 chapters in about 5-6 months.

All MC's  and heroines are similar, yet it is always amazing and fun to read.

This guy is definitely one of the best authors of Royalroadl. (actually the best one for me)


thats all that needs to be said.

The Dark Wish Maker

The only weakness of this fiction is its grammar, however if your not a nazi then youre in for a good read!            

P.S. i highly recommend to use a simple spell-checker, because that alone would lessen readers workload of deciphering whats what.

Deleted Story

its a good read. but definitely not what i expected it to be.


Title: Farmland Saga. Believe this title and not the summary or chapter names.

its a novel about farming.


chapter names are completely random i think?

Chapter 1. Goddess Blessing – nothing about that

Chapter 2. Growing Strong – i expected some training montage or something but nope, nothing even similar to that, nor is there any power/skills or whatever gain.

Chapter 3. Spirit of Nature – this one is sorta right? if you can call a ghost farmer* a spirit of nature.


basically everything is misleading except the title.


however its still a good literature. so 3.5 stars.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

+Daily updates

+OP Protagonist

+-Dumb/Young Protagonist

+Daily updates

-Short chapters

and so on and on. basically 5 stars.

did i mention daily updates?

An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!

i initially did not want to read this cuz there were only 6 chapters out, but since i was soooo bored i did it anyways and boy was i surprised. i say, forget the numbers! those 6 chapters are like 20 chapters of other novels. basically THEY ARE LONG. yeah, so anyways this is good stuff. go read it. right now. OKAY?

Just do it!



EDIT: Actually dropped it at chapter 9 because of my preference in MC mentality, but good story u should definitely read it.