Kaylie Night

Kaylie Night

    1. Re: What are your writing goals?

      My goal is to 50k words per month in 2021 (i.e., Nanowrimo every month). Also trying to read 500k words per month, but I didn't quite make that quota in January. I have a color-coded spreadsheet that (...)

    2. Re: Writing Rituals

      I'm the worst. I play music with lyrics in my headphones, I keep my social media tabs open, I get distracted and do other things, I write multiple stories at once, I even zoom call with people while writing (...)

    3. Re: How many people are interested in Oneshots?

      I absolutely seek out one-shots and short stories. I don't usually trust an unknown writer enough to pick up a 100k word book right off. If they wrote a short story I liked, I'll consider their longer (...)

    4. Re: Best and Worst Movie/TV Adaptations of Books/Comics/Etc, Go!

      I have so many mixed feelings about A Series of Unfortunate Events. On the one hand, having literally tried to join VFD based on the instructions in "An Unauthorized Autobiography" when I was 11, the little (...)

    5. Re: New writer introduction

      Dark is nice. Though I suppose dark means pretty different things to different people . . . Welcome!

    6. Re: A snarky writer has entered the arena.

      But then one day I realized WHO CARES! Have fun and draw and write whatever weird stuff, even if it will never be good! Eh, what does good even mean? It means the story was what someone was looking (...)

    7. Re: Hi, New Writer Dropping In!

      I found it through research, because I was looking for a writing website to join and post on, and one of the things that Royal Road seemed to have is a community. The community aspect has definitely (...)

    8. Re: Howdy Ho, Royal Road!

      Good for you! Always cool to see a wide range of ages on here. Welcome!

    9. Re: New time member, Old time lurker here!

      (which I shamelessly sort based on the word count) I thought I was the only one who did this XD Welcome!

    10. Re: Goals for the new year?

      I made this post, but now I realize I didn't actually say what my own goals were . . . - Nanowrimo every month. So, 50k words/month, or 600k words/year. - Read 500k words/month, or 6M words/year - (...)

    11. Re: Goals for the new year?

      1. Survive That's about it. If I can do this much, I'll have accomplished far more goals than I've accomplished in past years.  Like, great goal, but . . . this seems to imply that in past years, (...)

    12. Re: Need help with my plot

      I'd make decisions on this based on how much time you want the characters to spend there. Is this a quick pit stop on the way to much more interesting plot developments, or do you want events from this (...)

    13. Re: Goals for the new year?

      What are your goals for 2021?  Fiction-related goals, primarily (reading/writing), but if you have any other random resolutions you want to share, I'd be curious to hear those too. In my experience, (...)

    14. Re: Finally, a platform for fantasy.

      Just started here a week ago, and YES. I was so happy to find this site. WattPad caters to a rather specific crowd, and I'm not in it (and it sounds like you aren't, either). Welcome!

    15. Re: Why do people hate NTR?

      It seems like it would be incredibly difficult to do well. You run into one of a few problems: - The love interest is a totally one-dimensional character, more an object than a person, being tossed (...)

    16. Re: How fast writer are you?

      3000 words? Not sure exactly. I know I can usually get 700 in a focused 20 minutes, 1000 in a focused 30 minutes, and 1500 in a focused hour (I can't maintain super high speeds for very long).  This (...)

    17. Re: Long time writer, new on Royal Road

      Hello all! I've been writing original novels for a few years now. Nearly a year ago, I started posting fanfiction on a couple of sites, and I've found I really enjoy interacting with other readers and (...)