1. Re: Do you write different novels at the same time

      (Literally copying this from another thread.)  In trad pub, authors frequently (and in fact are encouraged to) work on multiple projects at a time. This usually involves two projects, but with proper (...)

    2. Re: Ask the Editor

      Hello, thank you for doing this thread. I been getting comments about adding more meat to my first chapter (I wrote it intentionally vague for the purpose of the story), I do have more content from chapter (...)

    3. Re: How many books do you write simultaneously?

      In trad pub, authors frequently (and in fact are encouraged to) work on multiple projects at a time. This usually involves two projects, but with proper time management most can handle three at once. The (...)

    4. Re: Ask the Editor

      Hello. I'd like your opinions on my blurb and my story, if and when you have the time. Thanks very much in advance, and I think what you're doing here is awesome. -- Sorry if this double posts, (...)

    5. Re: Is there market for non-LitRPG non-Asian fantasy on RRL?

      I'm pretty new to the scene as well, but I'm doing actual study. Therefore, I'm categorizing. Both based on my observations and looking at discussions, progression fantasy requires an external, independent (...)

    6. Re: Isekai'd with Amnesia? Has it ever been a good idea?

      The point of an isekai is to have an Earth human (at least a human mind in a nonhuman body) exploring something new using the context of the old. This matters because it's not limited to isekais. For example, (...)

    7. Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed

      I like the changes. I'd completely misunderstood the point of the old Trending (now Rising Stars) list, as I thought it was doing the job of the new Trending list. The new setup makes a lot of sense.  (...)

    8. Re: Has there been a pvp virtual reality game on royalroad yet?

      I'm writing a litMMO (in my spare time, which is a trick right now what with Ninjaboy the Younger about to pop out) that has some heavy PVP. It'll hopefully be up this fall. It's a PVE/PVP setting, where (...)

    9. Re: How do you all update so fast?

      How many words can you write in a typical hour? 200? 300? Divide the typical length of your chapter by that amount. Think of each chapter as a product of the hours you put into it.  How hard is it to (...)

    10. Re: Can you edit too much?

      Is there such a thing as too much editing? Yes.  Editing, especially self-editing, is a game of diminishing returns. You can only go so far without getting less than you put into it. This is one (...)

    11. Re: Is there some way to increase exposure on own stories other than...

      Be active in the forum threads, do review swaps, upload consistently. The last one conflicts a bit with the first answer to your question by Sleepingdragon. If you post multiple chapters per day, unless (...)

    12. Re: What ideas do you have?

      Well, years before I heard about litRPG, I had several litRPG ideas in college while playing D&D. One of them was a story I might revisit some day. I just didn't have much of a plot for it, and at the (...)

    13. Re: Ask the Editor

      Looking for some advice on my blurb and beginning chapters if you got the time and are willing. The story is in my signature. Thanks in advance, and thank you anyways for helping out budding writers. (...)

    14. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      I don't know what the answer is, but I would suggest some sort of quick-browse tool. A very simply method of browsing by tags and genre, in a live dashboard format (that doesn't require making all your (...)

    15. Re: Is the writing/book industry rigged?

      The short answer is that if you're judging novel publication as a whole by the standards of not just getting accepted by one of the Big Four but actively promoted by them, then yes, the game is rigged. (...)

    16. Re: How to deal with negative comments/feedback on writing?

      First, I am always suspicious of any story that has a full 5.0-star rating. That usually means there's some review-tweaking going on. (This led to some awkwardness when my wife's first review was a 5-star (...)

    17. Re: How to Write Characters in Pain

      I have to say that there is another kind of 10 (that tapered down to like a six) had this when I broke a bone(well 2 actually) when I was 12  sometimes your ability to feel pain kind of "shorts (...)

    18. Re: I made a mistake and I only have 2 options

      I've seen plenty of edits like that. Don't stress. 

    19. Re: English or Chinese names for a western Xianxia?

      Translating names can get awkward. Some names are not translatable. Others are just pretentious. My given name, filtered back through English, German, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew versions, eventually (...)

    20. Re: Opinions on Present Tense

      Thank you for defining your terms. That is very important for any kind of discussion. I still don't see how this is more than a personal preference, much less something so specific to neurodivergent readers. (...)