1. Re: Pride and an LGBT+ Tag

      I am in favor of this tag being added even though I likely won't end up using it. In response to some of the criticism I've seen in this thread: 1. Nobody is forcing authors to use the tag should it (...)

    2. Re: What kind of armour do you guys like?

      Very heavy and hopefully powered, whether by magic, steam, or future tech. Someday I will get around to writing that mil-steampunk story... Armor by John Steakley and the Legacy of the Aldenata series (...)

    3. Re: Visualizing your series

      For Menschenjaeger, 2D animation in the style of Akira, Jin-Roh, Neo-Tokyo, etc. Captures that grimy, half-mechanized half-shantytown cyberpunk look so well. With the action and tech in my book I think (...)

    4. Re: What genre/trope subversion do you want to see

      I've always been a sucker for the "the isekai'd hero(s) are actually the bad guys and the fantasy world has to defend against their OP bullshit" subversion. Reading The Cabbage Preacher's John Brown Isekai (...)

    5. Re: (Vague) Opinion on Authors on RR

      To some extent, I use previous experience with an author's works to decide if I want to read another. Recently I finished a work by a prolific, popular RR author, and while I enjoyed it I didn't enjoy (...)

    6. Re: Your character's defining physical attribute.

      Size. She's 7 feet/213 cm and built like a freight train. Well! That sounds stud monkey hot. Or at least gorilla. πŸ™‰ πŸ˜‚ She does well enough for herself, I guess. I have the same "problem" of making (...)

    7. Re: Your character's defining physical attribute.

      Size. She's 7 feet/213 cm and built like a freight train.

    8. Re: Resisting the Urge

      What's a backlog?

    9. Re: What's your current writing music?

      Recently, a mix of electronic and doom/stoner/sludge stuff: Cabaret Nocturne, Windows96, HOME, Melvins, Weedeater, Eyehategod, Kyuss, Cathedral, Pallbearer, other stuff. Sometimes silence works better (...)

    10. Re: I have no idea how people write on downers like weed or alcohol

      I will sometimes have a beer or whisky while writing. I find that just a little acts as mental lubricant. Makes the sentences flow from brain to page a little easier. Too much and both motivation and quality (...)

    11. Re: So the Slave Harem story is now top 5 on [Popular This Week]

      snip snip I should clarify that when I said I found it audacious, it was more in the sense of head-shaking admiration than offense or affront. I'm certainly not brave enough to post a story with (...)

    12. Re: So the Slave Harem story is now top 5 on [Popular This Week]

      It's kind of funny how for all the anti-harem, anti-sex, anti-stereotypical isekai sentiment that gets bandied about on the forums, a very stereotypical isekai with 'harem' in the title (SLAVE harem! I (...)

    13. Re: What are some of the difficulties an author on RoyalRoad faces?

      Number envy and lack of reader interaction. It's easy to look at books on Rising Stars which have thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of views after posting for a few weeks, then back to your (...)

    14. Re: No Historical Fiction Due to RR Rules?

      It's probably best to double-check with a mod for clarification, but the wording of that rule seems to leave some leeway. My guess is that RR wants to avoid partisan diatribes thinly veiled as fiction (...)

    15. Re: Down the rabbit hole

      Recently it's been Great War machine gun tactics and soldier's memoirs. It's interesting to see different perspectives from different authors, despite them having served in the same war and even on the (...)

    16. Re: Is Top Web Fiction still relevant?

      I'm on there and it's consistently in my referrals (as in people linking to my fiction from there. I'm not sure how many actually do, though, and I only ever have a few boosters. It's probably not doing (...)

    17. Re: What are your thoughts on parentheses in fiction?

      I don't use them in dialogue but depending on the style of narration it can work, as ringe's Dickens example showed. Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy (as well as other works, that's just the one that (...)

    18. Re: Warning if you're trying to get your system apocalypse story onto amazon right now

      Not going to personally attack this gent but I will say this strikes me as a callous, backbiting, and most of all foolish move. He’s really shot himself in the foot doing this and even if he walks it back (...)

    19. Re: I find stories tagged with smut are more popular, right?

      While I’m not sure about overall popularity I consistently see plenty of people find my book through search criteria including the sexual content tag- and they probably end up disappointed, since maybe (...)

    20. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Menschenjaeger: A Dystopian Cyberpunk Crime Thriller In Savlop-2, no one has ever seen the sun. It is a city beneath a black sky, isolated by catastrophe and ridden with crime, sustained through the (...)