1. Re: Yay I feel motivated

      Nice! Grammar is a pain, using software liek Grammerly, reading your story aloud to yourself or getting a second pair of eyes to check can be helpful.  Yeah, I use Grammarly. I also read my story, but (...)

    2. Re: Yay I feel motivated

      Well done! Grammar is tough to get right, but it's something that can be improved upon with time. Here's to continued success :DrakanWine: Yeah it can be improved, :drakansweat: :DrakanLaugh: (...)

    3. Re: Yay I feel motivated

      69... Nice. But anyway!  Good job on your story and source of motivation. Though if your grammar's bad then I'd suggest Grammarly. It's a titular product. Stay motivated, take pride in your work! (...)

    4. Yay I feel motivated

      Despite my horrible grammar that hurts my story.  I still have  Total Views : 7,318 Average Views : 106 Followers : 45 Favorites : 11 Average Rating  of 3.5 (...)

    5. Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

      You can try my book out  It's a science fiction  Adventure book hope you like it  The Drifter Era 

    6. Yay got to 86k words

      Yay   38 fallowers 10 fav 

    7. Re: Recommend Me Stories! --- Connecting Avid Readers and Emerging Authors

      it's okay if I recommend my own story okay.  But yeah here's my book's it's an odd book though

    8. Re: A good first serial for someone who consumes a lot of stuff?

      if you want a dark, grim adventure story that has a lot of plot.. well ic can't say much for the grammar because I know my grammar is horrible and I can't say it is going to be loved by many   only a (...)

    9. Re: Realistically, what do you think the chances are of making it big on Royal Road?

      I don't think i make it big I guess mostly luck play into an effect if you get found  but yeah for me the likely hood of me is like -99999%

    10. Re: Does anyone else here make horror fantasy? Or at least Fantasy with horror elements?

       I write horror-ish but mostly it psychological so i don't know some would say its the same things I don't, but yeah I bet a lot of people do write horrors

    11. Re: I'm looking for a psychological slice of life.

      That is completely what my book is i think anyways its pretty psychological i think anyway unless im wrong what psychological means which happens a lot of times that i don't understand what words meam

    12. Re: Novel where the mc is the mysteries Power in the shadows.

      try my book i think i get what you mean where the MC seem not to have anything do with anything but yet is the MC anyways and you will someday find out why that is well that a lot to with my book im writing (...)

    13. Re: Any works about Grim Reapers?

      my book is pretty hidden form the world, though i don't know if you like it... 

    14. Re: Psychopathic tendencies MC? Hopefully OP

      you can try my book its pretty psychological and pretty evil MC

    15. Yay Got my First Hurtful Review of a half a Star

      However, it is not that hurtful they basically just telling me my grammar is horrible and that is something I already know that   :DrakanLaugh: Well he does say he doesn't like my content but I would (...)

    16. Re: Review without a hook for fresh stories.

      I love it if you check out my novel The Drifter Era  Warning it's dark it's r 18  it's meant to make you cringe And the content is not safe for work  Okay now that my warning is out of the way  (...)

    17. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      My book The Drifter Era  Is a science fiction, dystopia, crazy and messed up logic If you looking for something new that will give you chills and maybe even want to punch me in the face for writing (...)

    18. Re: Starting a youtube channel for dramatic readings, anyone want one for your fiction?

      Well my book maybe a bit too inappropriate but If you want to try well go a head but I do warn you you will have to say dark content and probably censored some things 

    19. Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

      *Scream echo though the dark city scape. Zooming in down on the Streets where blood and body and bone littler all over , zooming in closer you see young  girls and boys dashing about shooting and stabbing (...)

    20. Re: I Have YouTube Channel That Does Web Novel Reviews, Is Any Interested

      My story pretty dark and gruesome And very inappropriate.. but if you don't mind r18 / adult content Well then I'm okay if you will to well try my story out  My book is called The Drifter Era  (...)