1. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      Hello, Would you mind adding this to your list of romance novels? It's ongoing: My sexy childhood friend returned and... I'm posting 25k word long chapters about every second week. Depends on how (...)

    2. RE: Story with a mc as a "hive queen" or a mc having a horde of undead, gobs...

      -- || -- I read some of your story so far, and if your mc is evil then that's a bonus for me :D lol. My, thank you. XD From the 40th chapter onwards, there will be a much heavier focus on the blood (...)


      Basically I'm looking for stories with a op mc, I know I'm not being specific but I want stories to read so as long the mc is op and not stupid and fun to read it's good.  Prince of Niflheim? (...)

    4. RE: Looking for stories with a clearheaded lead that doesn't back down

      You might like my story. The MC is a professional assassin in a steam punk world. Do not expect insanely strong people. Do expect competent people with guns. It has 89 pages so far, between 3500- 5000 (...)

    5. RE: Story with a mc as a "hive queen" or a mc having a horde of undead, gobs, orcs, etc.

      Hmm- I'm going to post the last chapter of the second arc/volume next week. After that, the story will be more focused on the mc's servants as well. I don't know if you know my novel - Queen of Devouring (...)

    6. RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      Let's join the race, though I'll add myself... lol I'll post out of courtesy. :3 I have one finished novel: What Is It Like To Be Eternal? I don't have any removed novels, but due to the removed notification (...)

    7. RE: novels with diehard, loyal subordinates

      Hmm- I think I could recommend Queen of Devouring, but only if you don't mind 'villain' character as some called the mcs. Uhm, there is both a male and female mc, so I'm not sure if that fits your criteria (...)

    8. RE: I want somthing with action/and or magic and lots of explicit/sexual content

      Should I even reply... What Is It Like To Be Eternal does have explicit content... Ugh, well, the link is in the description. It's around 2500 pages long 1 chapter is around 4-5k long usually, though (...)

    9. RE: Are there any basic novels where its a fantesy world with game elements

      Yeah, I could say Queen of Devouring. Link in sig.

    10. RE: Hidden female lead novels?

      Hmm, I don't know if you will like it or not, but I'll do a shameless-advert anyway. :3 Check out Queen of Devouring if you want.

    11. RE: Mage creating/altering spells

      Queen of Devouring, link in sig.

    12. RE: Villainous storys

      Ehm... I haven't done self-advertising for a long time now, but I have to step up here! Queen of Devouring is in my signature. The only thing is that the MC is a female, but I'm quite sure that it won't (...)

    13. RE: Looking for any stories on rrl with ability steal

      I can't say that I have too many since I focus on their quality instead, but my characters still have a few spells at their withdrawal. How they work is also described and the MC has an ability steal, (...)

    14. RE: Hacker Mc

      Just finished watching Mr Robot S1 I'm sorry for not recommending a novel, but I wanted to comment on this. I'm a fan of Mr.Robot too and I'm happy to see a fellow fan. :3 I recommend you (...)

    15. RE: What would be considered a "Popular WebNovel"?

      When you add the following elements: 1. Untouchable OP MC. 800-1k follower or more over time + alright-ish grammar. 2. Harem. 1,5k follower or more over time. + good grammar down the line. 3. Not too (...)

    16. RE: MC want destroy the world kind of story( NO HAREM)

      Queen of Devouring is in the signature. Her goal is to destroy the world for other reasons than the death of anyone related to her. You will learn her reasons as time passes by. No harem. Also, you (...)

    17. RE: What do I need to make a good novel?

      < At such times, you don't have to use the 'I' for a second time. So it goes like: "After I entered inside the yacht and killed their guards." (...)(...)

    18. RE: How long should a chapter be?

      It's something I found myself thinking about, and in the end I decided to ask my readers about it. I'm also asking here. What is the ideal length of a chapter?   I found myself shortening this week (...)

    19. RE: How do you feel when you are writing?

      I think that's the best sort of writing, when it comes to fiction. You aren't just in flow, but so caught up in what's going on that you lose sight of everything else going on around you and are lost (...)

    20. RE: How do you feel when you are writing?

      My protagonist is a self-insert. I live my story through him and get too deeply immersed and attached that...well, yeah. The whole point of writing for me is to live through my imagination and have fun, (...)