Sinfully Kitten

Sinfully Kitten

Awakening: Hunter's Gambit

Style: The beginning is clear but sometimes gets muddled up, but it evens out as the story continued. I love the word style because I feel emotion through the words; and the author wants to make clear what is happening, even though some readers would differ.

Story: I have no complaints about the story. When I read, I clearly know I am in a world that is easy to understand, and the characters belong to that world, it's not a forced mushed up when some have a supernatural world with some magical characters; but in this world, everything fits nicely and nothing is out of the "ordinary".

Characters: My favorite is Astral. It's hard to explain why she is my favorite, but there's that allure to her that the author writes that is so fun to read.
William, I like him. He is that prudish boy that wants more in the world and sees it his way. I am excited to see his character development move along.
Seth is a wonderfully straightforward person. He has his act together...most of the time, and anyone can relate to him the most. I am intrigued by his past which makes his personality.

Overall score: I had a few minutes debating how many stars I wanted to give to this book, but I know to heart that this book deserves more than a four-star, which it has now. Detailed and precise, I can see a lot of love and thoughtfulness for Awakening: Hunter's Gambit. And honestly, that's what I mainly look forward to in a book. The passion is written in words.

If you are a reader into a deep dive into the descriptive world and complex, but interesting plot, this is the book for you!

Storm of Outlaws [Medieval System Apocalypse]

The story starts off with the main character, Roy being committed the crime of disrespecting nobility and so forth. He and his friends are on a journey to clear their names, and they are on a journey by hunting the supernatural and trying to train fiercely to survive in this world. 

Style: 4.5/5 is fun and comedy in some aspects! The style has a nice flow and brings life to the characters and the story itself. However, there is a lot of cursing that I think can be toned down. 

Grammar: 4/5 - The grammar I think can be more polished, and through some paragraphs, the grammar is flawless and the author really shines. Yet, in other paragraphs, the sentence structure can feel a bit choppy. But don't let that fool you, because barely does any damage to the story! 

Story: 5/5 I don't know much about how Litrpg stories generally work. The stats bar is fun and gives a general idea of how these monsters work. I am not much of a Litrpg reader, but this story has a different way of showcasing a fun, adventurous story from gory deaths to a bantering friendship. 

Characters: 5/5 The characters are so fun when they interact together! They are supportive of each other, and even though they may be harsh to each other, they are trying to just help and look out for each other to grow more in their fighting skills. 

Overall, Storm of Outlaws is a fast-paced action filled with dangerous obstacles and many scary monsters to compete. There are many characters to choose from and each character has their own set of unique personalities. 

Here's a fantasy story that offers many elements of fighting for friendship, surviving the unknown world, and of course - amazing monsters and villains that will always keep the characters on their toes. 

Tarnished Survivor

Great female lead! (For the Rewrite)

White is a mother of two kids, a daughter, and a son. She is a fierce warrior with a caring nature and yes, easily to be taken advantage of, but she learns how to fight back! The story contains cute pictures of the characters, which I enjoy seeing. 

Style: The style is a bit bland. There need to be more descriptions throughout the story, however, I do enjoy the simplicity of the writing. The emotional and physical aspects of the characters are well written, and the writing makes these characters come to life and be realistic. 

Grammar: The author does need to edit throughout his chapters, which I feel he doesn't sometimes but gets better throughout the story. 

Story: The story is five stars to me. That's what I love about this book, the story pulls you into this world filled with magical people that have feelings and care, understand the fundamental of life, and cherish families. Makes me cozy just thinking about it. I am intrigued about White's daughter and how she is training her. 

Character: Each character is fun and different, and there was a guard who was stupidly sexist that I want to kick him in his--anyway, the author does very well in setting characters and none are overlooked. The mother is who I most admire and respect, she is like...too cool to be a mom. I never thought I would read a story with a main character as a parent, but this author has proved me wrong. 

Overall, this book is for a reader who is looking for a nice slice of life, and fantasy, and has a great tough mama that you don't want to miss. I have only read up to five chapters, but I say I want to learn more outside of the kingdom, but it's fun to learn about the magic and mages--and how one can be with the sword, that's so neat.  

When The Waters Wake

This story is about water tribes and an evil sorcerer (from what I've read so far). The son of the patriarch is the main character and is very logical.

Now, going on the bias English is a second language for the author, and he's trying to develop his style - 

Style: The author's style fluctuates throughout each chapter, literally. Each chapter significantly improves and gets fastidious. The author has great potential to keep improving, but currently, the style and wording make the story a bit hard to read and understand what's going on. 

As I have stated the main character, likes to be logical, but not only that,  sometimes ponders what he's doing, and tends to feel he's overthinking constantly, making the story drag a bit. 

Grammar: The author needs to review his chapter, for there are punctuations missing, and the tense is always changing from past to present. However, as the story progresses, gets much better! 

Story: I want to rate this story higher, but Elaenja overthinking everything drags on what's really happening, and there's no description of what these tribes look like, and the scenes change awkwardly. But...the story is unique and I am interested in what's happening to the evil sorcerer. Interested in the coming God, from what I've read. 

Character: The main character is not bland to the least and has a great character, but at the end of Chapter 5, feels like his wanting to murder the sorcerer, is out of the script of who is. Usually, he's protecting and caring, wouldn't think he would go out of boundaries, but hey, that's the point of the fun!

Overall, at this point, the author growing in his writing and the interesting premise of the story is what the book has to offer. One of the comments from a reader: "Best author ever, promising content, enthralling story telling worthy of a best seller." Yes, promising content, and an enthralling story, I couldn't agree more! 

Mark II [A Shonen Battle Novel]

Nice supernatural elements and strong characters.

Overall: The characters are amazing and the diversity makes the story never boring. The plot could be thickened a bit, but the author gives nice descriptions and a touch of humor that livens the book.

Style: As I said above, the humor adds a great style to the plot and there are many incredible realistic touches in the superhero story. Personally, I think there needs to add a bit more emotion to each of the characters to boost the book a bit.

Grammar: Nothing wrong I can tell. The only criticism is a few run-on sentences from time to time. 

Story: The story is well-developed, but there are some major factors that need to be thought out. What is the principle of this world? As the story moves along, the plot grows and gets more interesting as the superhero group needs to find out who is trying to kill them.

Characters: I like well-rounded characters, and the author created just that. The females are strong, and Malcolm matches his temper with his powers. Red is the mysterious boy that not sure if you should trust or not, and the sidekicks...probably be more important as the book continues, have these alluring backgrounds that will get anyone hooked. My favorite part is the characters, each has nice quirks and flaws that can't be missed. 

If you are looking for a superhero, friend group, and mysterious background characters... Mark ll is something to look into. If you love detailed supernatural that differs from other normal supernatural creatures, this is the book for you! PS: The fighting scenes are pretty cool ;).


Enthadar: The Legendary Planet

Fun supernatural creatures and characters!

There are many characters fighting against evil, and trying to find who they are in the world. There are Erevan and his father that are fighting against these monsters. Then, introduced are Bee and Rand with their other friends Haren and Alerias, a very fun friendship going on while they onslaught this nest of rats. In the last chapter, I was introduced to El and his boss, Bandlor. 

Style: There isn't much style to this book, however, most chapters have action-packed scenes and well-detailed creatures. Also, sometimes the author can be short on words and there are long dialogues that need more description.

Grammar: So, the grammar is alright, but the author really needs to work on his commas, and there are some sentences I understand, but could be reworded better. Also, there are many fragments. 

Story: The story is fine and actually, very fun to read. The creatures are descriptive and different from most I read in the supernatural. So it was fun reading something new and different! 

Characters; I want to know more about these characters rather than just fighting and talking to their friends. Other than that, nice diverse characters, and their interactions are steady. 

The author wants to improve, and in each chapter, he improves greatly. There are some issues that I've pointed out, but don't let that stray away from this story filled with many characters you can pick as your favorite, intriguingly supernatural creatures, and fun battle scenes! 

Desert Company

Wow! The story starts with a girl, named Saya, who lives where the dunes are and has a rugged life. She wants more in life and to compete in a completion! Then another character is introduced, Surjur, who has these energy powers and is found out, and then forced to travel with these Al-Wa soldiers, to work for someone. During his captive, he meets a girl (unknown so far), and hopes to escape from the clutches of these soldiers! 

I have read up to seven chapters, and hope to read more! I enjoy reading the characters, the interactions could be better, but the detailed world and different languages are outstanding (though sometimes I have no idea what they are saying.) 

Style: I enjoy the flavorful style the author has given to the story and know when to grasp the reader's attention. Each scene is developed well and is never boring. 

LIKE WHEN SURUJ'S FAMILY WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED. WHYY! That scene seriously spiked my emotions, because I was least expecting it, so well done. 

Grammar: I barely spotted any grammar mistakes. 

Story: The story is fantastic, and even though I am confused about where it's heading, I am actually not mad and eager to read more.  I love how the characters meet each other and have to work together to escape. My favorite part of the whole story is the language and the worldbuilding. I applaud any author who can do a well-developed world that isn't earth and build their fantasy with so much effort in naming and knowing the language; Wander Natamaru builds an excellent world that is like no other. 

Characters: The characters can use some work.  Natamaru has stated they know the characters did some work. Suruj's and Saya's personalities are great in differences, although I do think Saya needs more depth in her personality. Also, the characters' interactions need some work to advance the growth of their friendship or whatever it may be. In addition, I read how the characters react to a situation and follow through, which is great by the way, but the author doesn't show what these characters think of the situation like if they panic, and might die or something 

I am grading this story a bit harsher and pointing out elements that need to be worked on more than other stories, because I find this book can have more potential than it has right now, and I want Wander Natamaru to succeed and get noticed by their storytelling in the best way.

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL magical world filled with fun language and interesting world-building, this story is for you! The story needs more notice and definitely watch out for this one! 

The Bloodline Duet: The Thief's Folly // The Weapon's Heart

The story is well-written and the dialogues are fun to read. The world-building is based on fantasy with many characters to read from which is very fun. The details are spot on, but sometimes can be a bit lacking when it comes to worldbuilding. 

Style: The author's style is my favorite thing about this story. The chapters are smooth, and sometimes can be choppy, but overall, there are vastly improvements throughout the chapters. The author uses past and present throughout the story, and at first, I was confused, but it's very satisfying reading what's happening. Also, I have never seen an author right both in the first and third person, and it's a neat touch.

Grammar: Got much better as the book progressed. 

Story: So, this book is the most lacking in story and worldbuilding. I like how the book is flowing and each scene is never boring. I don't understand where this story is taking me, but I enjoy reading every aspect of this story no doubt. 

Characters: The characters are spot on and all diverse;  Blige's language is just very fun to read. 

Overall: If you are interested in a book filled with a different perspective on the past, present, first and third person, this is the book for you! The dialogues never are boring and each scene seem important in its own way. The author's style is passionate and doesn't lack in boredness. 

Hiskandrios Genesis [A High-Fantasy Epic]

The story has a beautiful magical system with an interesting touch of romance. There is the traditional magical academy but has a beautiful variety of educational magic that sucks me into the world because it's fun to learn people learn magic. There's the main character, Jonas-who for some reason, struggles with his magical abilities, but that's all for the flare and is fun to read. 

STYLE: The thing I would have to comment, the author likes to repeat his words, varying what he means to get his point across. I don't dislike or like it. The author gives a beautiful, detailed world that puts anyone inside the book. I am a sucker for the finer details, and oh my, he does wonderfully giving a description, and less dialogue, which I don't mind, because his style is flavorful in delivering the scene. 

GRAMMAR: Great! The story flows very nicely. 

STORY SCORE: The story overall, is excellent. There are these creepy shadows that have been following him probably since birth. I am a little saddened that the mystery of those creatures and why he was left on the shore, is kinda put aside with the romance. I read this book for fantasy and romance, and in the beginning, I was unsure, but as I kept reading-I enjoy the flirtatious scenes, and is nicely built. The story is slow, but I don't mind that because the author likes to establish things first.

CHARACTER SCORE: The characters are diverse, and I find Jonas a little funny since sometimes he can be oblivious to things, like romance. Besides Jonas in his romantic crisis, issues with his magical powers, and learning how to fight and the interesting shadows, there's nothing really else that has his character spark. 

Overall, if you're looking for a beautiful, detailed romantic fantasy, this is the one for you! The magical setting is creative, and the story feels very original. 

Daggers, Dames, and Demons

Demonically charming, hot urban fantasy

I don't see much humor in urban fantasy that is somehow serious at the same time. This story is well-written with a fantastic character dynamic and a great plot that effortlessly flows and progresses smoothly. 

Let's start with STYLE: In the first chapter when Lydia is being kidnapped, you immediately get a sense of the author's style and how this supernatural world works. The first chapter sucked me in--and if it wasn't for the amazing humor, and realistic style (and much needing cursing), I wouldn't be planning to finish this story. I can tell as I read more, the author improves in their style. Their writing is simple, but at the same time, artsy that the simplicity is beautiful. That's definitely one of my favorite aspects of this book. 

Grammar: Nothing to complain about. The author gives an arty tone in their style, seemingly looking like some grammar mistakes, but just how they write it.

STORY: Story is an A for me. It's captivating, beautiful really. As a familiar understanding of the genre, this story is special with supernaturals that bring it alive.

CHARACTER: One thing I will point out, is that some will disagree, Lydia immediately falls for this hardcore--but lovely dovely, softie demon. Yes, he saved her-but there's no hesitation about him being a demon or what's his purpose, or she not being scared of him. He's a demon! When Lucas is being cute and sexy, the author does need to change how he portrays himself differently: A demon can be sexy without always smiling and tilting his head to one side. 

Otherwise, the characters are awesome! Nathan is my favorite and so protective like a good friend! Lydia is hardcore and her reactions are so realistic! Lucas has a dark, mysterious background that makes anyone care for him. 

OverallDaggers, Dames, and Demons is a wonderful story that deserves more attention. Are you looking for a humorous main character? Check! Sexy demon with a supposedly, tragic backstory? Check! A lusty, supernatural filled with a great worlding-building that completes the story? Check!