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    1. Re: Writing Platonic When You’re A Hopeless Romantic

      Does anyone have this issue? Where it seems like you can't write platonic or even adversarial retalonships (hero vs villian) without there being some undercurrent of attraction? I also have a hard time (...)

    2. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      Magic Bullets: Prophecy  is about a teenager who breaks bad in a world of magical drugs. What I wanted to do was basically show how the powers being used here aren't always helpful, considering that they (...)

    3. Re: Show us your cover with tags The tags were as follows: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Magic, Male Lead Edit: Oh lord, that's a large image

    4. Re: Can you write a book without describing your characters looks?

      You could technically write a book without using anything that normal writers do. But you shouldn't, unless you deeply understand why those rules are set in place. For example, taking your opinion on character (...)

    5. Re: Is Anyone Else Obsessing Over Other People's Unpopular Stories?

      It's in the nature of media to not be seen all the time. I don't really mind it, but it is annoying how many stories get buried under the rubble because of it. Statistically, if you shuffled between every (...)

    6. Re: What animal is better than a Duck?

      only kinda duck i like is peking. Can't change my mind on that.

    7. Re: What animal is better than a Duck?

      Anything that eats a duck. Or can eat two ducks! Too powerful to be left alive! As a side tangent, I was once woken up in the middle of a nice long nap by a crying little sister, who's ducks i then (...)

    8. Re: What animal is better than a Duck?

      Anything that eats a duck.

    9. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Way too many writers use religion and gods in the same one-note way or portray them as evil. The only writer I've seen write Gods well is Brandon Sanderson. A few examples of my point: Mark of the Fool, (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story by explaining the differences between our world and the one in your story

      Kaven has giant floating islands that drift in set patterns over the skies. The physics of the worlds makes it possible for giant flying monsters and airships to exist. Though honestly i should explore (...)

    11. Re: Gib Duck Emoji's

      You won't get away with this, Fowl Beast!

    12. Re: [Closed] Review swaps for a first person fantasy novel.

      Any length you think is fine. I just mainly want feedback on my novels. I'll get to yours immediately too Since you are already at it I will just match whatever length you do, since I was interested (...)

    13. Re: [Closed] Review swaps for a first person fantasy novel.

      Hi! I'm interested in swapping - preferably with the 'Talis Man' title in the signature. It's also 1st person fantasy. Let me know! I may not be able to respond right away but will check back early next (...)

    14. Re: Review swaps for a first person fantasy novel.

      Yeah sure, I'd be down for reviewing. Tell me if you're interested. Here's my story:

    15. Re: LitRPG ecosystems. What happens?

      I agree with other people on this as it wouldn't have much of an impact, unless you factor in like spells and magical abilities. Rpgs were created the way they were to basically model how a real person (...)

    16. Re: I’m high. I like debating. Make a claim and I’ll argue against it.

      I could totally kick 5 bloodlusted penguins asses at the same time

    17. Re: Review Exchange wanted

      Sure, I'd be down for a Review Swap. I wrote The Heist at The Grand Spire. It's completed as well though I'm planning on a sequel after some other books are done. Tell me if you're interested!

    18. Re: Writathon - Milestone

      Finally hit the milestone, gonna publish it tomorrow. Feels good to actually reach it this time, but don't know if I can go all the way considering some personal problems. To the rest of you guys, congratulations! (...)

    19. Re: Plotting is the bones, pantsing is the meat

      Personally, I keep the outline rough enough so I can add scenes wherever I find them necessary, but solid enough that the core of the story is maintained. If it's a story about the descent of a good (...)