1. Re: Dark Fantasy Writers?

      Maybe you  could put it in a journal format? The blog format sounds cool but I think pictures would really spice it up.

    2. Re: Dark Fantasy Writers?

      I guess I write dark fantasy, but all the main characters in their late teens and early twenties, so they make a bunch of inappropriate jokes to deal with the weird and dark stuff. Which is a normal response (...)

    3. Re: Just got the top 2500 rank!

      In three weeks? That's really impressive! GOOD JOB!!! :) 

    4. Re: I have achieved the perfect number of page views

      :Peopew: Go to jail! Jail is for criminals. I'm not a criminal! I am a man of culture. The others who commented nice understand. They're men of culture as well! 

    5. Re: I have achieved the perfect number of page views


    6. Re: I have achieved the perfect number of page views

      Were you here when I achieved the perfect number of followers? Now I have the perfect number of total views, as of this morning. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/803127883929092116/861049426314133514/the_perfect_number.png (...)

    7. Re: Ploopie's guide to: Improving Tables

      This is wonderful! Thanks! I didn't even know you could put images in tables until this post!

    8. Re: How would you fair if you are thrown into your story?

      My story is a wierd parody and has angry superheroes. So I'd either be a pizza delivery driver who can teleport. Or a superhero with a shitty ability who barely makes rent.

    9. Re: Where might I find a writing guild, particularly one that shares my values?

      Offline, you could try your local government. The older the town, the liklier there's a guild! My town has two artists guild, they have an art walk once every year. $50 yearly fee. :) 

    10. Re: Describe your villain but as if their own mother was doing it

      "I don't like these things people say about my son. They're jealous because they can't put in the hard work he does at the police department daily. Maybe if they had someone in their lives to guide them (...)

    11. Re: Eldritch Monster Design Brainstorming

      For my own eldritch monsters I thought about an already existing animal but how it would move using different parts of the human body. So I had creature whose lips were made out of vestigial folds. Vestigial (...)

    12. Re: How fast do you type?

      I never even asked myself what my wpm was and i took an online test. Here it is. I used this site. I found it harder than I thought it would be... https://i.ibb.co/3WVFVBg/wpm.png

    13. Re: The most negative feedback you’ve ever received

      I'm new here so I haven't accrued much feedback yet, but I do have this one comment on the very first chapter where a reader is just offended beyond all reason that the MC isn't tall. I know it's mean (...)

    14. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      I feel that everyone needs to kind of back off of the entire argument. I don't agree with anything Wilewriter17 says, but clearly he only believes what he is saying due to the horrible experiences in (...)

    15. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      This thread has veered off its original intention which was to discuss what is too much sex in literature before it is considered pornographic. The discussion is not about whether or not pornography increases (...)

    16. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I am not sure why you can't upvote suggestions on the feedback platform. I am unable to replicate the issue from my end. Please make sure that you are signed in on the feedback platform first.  If this (...)

    17. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      How can we get the thread pinned? I feel like that would be easier since there's no LGBT tag.

    18. Re: How to edit a story in progress/already published

      I go through and make sure everything is legible and easy to read at the end of a book, and then leave a changelog at the end of a volume.  It also lets readers know if an entire chapter has disappeared (...)

    19. Re: Very first written review.

      It's not bad that you want to celebrate it. A review is a good sign that someone took the time to look through your reading and judge it accordingly. The best thing about in-depth reviews is that it helps (...)

    20. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Nestor 1079, being that you will not at least be respectable and that you did not answer my previous questions, but rather ignored them, I will no longer continue this conversation.  If you want to see (...)