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200 years in the future Earth is inhabited by aliens. After being colonized by the Regal Empire and gaining independence, Earth now has hybrids called astrals.
They have a range of abilities, from boring, useful, silly and reality-bending. Ace has the most common ability of them all: teleportation.
Ace tries his hardest, but his hardest is never enough, and is always worried he isn't as strong as everyone else, trying to prove he's a hero and a man.
One day he finds a magic watch. A watch that hates him.
His dreams of becoming a hero will finally come true. Sadly he is too focused on winning and never learns.

This is a story about horrible people. Ace happens to be one of the least horrible of them all.

Note:Best viewed on a browser, has nice fonts to go along with it. :) 

Volume 1.5, Brimstone, is out now! It begins here.

GALACTIC has an official art thread where I draw character designs! Vote on your favorite designs to help me find out what looks nice and what looks like butt.

My  Art Thread

Want to know more about the background and settings? I created a companion book that updates every now and then. Some parts are redacted to not ruin the story, so sometimes you should check out earlier chapters after major scenes. 

GALACTIC: Myth, Magic, and More.

Disclaimer: Please don't take this campy story seriously. This story is LGBT. It has bad words, violence, and butt stuff. I've already warned anyone before they read it and I don't want complaints. The main character is bisexual. Please don't send me angry messages if you're not okay with that. If you do I'll send them to my friends and we'll just laugh at you together.

Artwork made by me! :) 

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GALACTIC: Myth, Magic, and More

GALACTIC: Myth, Magic, and More
56 pages

Do you ever want to know more about the background and settings of the story of GALACTIC? Well here it is! It gets updated as the story goes on, so check back frequently.



Character Designs

Setting Info
Silly Facts, like Characters Favorite Colors.

The Link for Volume One  <

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Disordered Dreaming

Disordered Dreaming
41 pages

Every night the Many Horrible Things come for me.

I worry if I will ever escape them. The Horror of Daylight is no better.

I try not to think about it. 

It's supposed to hurt anyway.

Warning: Contains traumatising content.

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