1. Re: Recommendations/assistance in writing Xianxia

      With xianxia, power creep isn’t really something authors generally try to suppress. In fact, they kinda lean into it really hard. It’s why some well known authors like I eat tomatoes make size scalings (...)

    2. Re: Recommendations/assistance in writing Xianxia

      As someone who has read a whole lotta xianxia, I’d say it might be best to keep up what you’re doing. I read the first chapter of your work, and I can feel some of the inspiration from the genre, but it (...)

    3. Re: What's your main goal when writing?

      A writer went on indefinite Hiatus for a story I really liked, and I haven’t found any good copycats that scratch that same itch. Even if I can’t quite get down the same feeling from the original since (...)

    4. Re: What's the limit?

      From my experience, villainous protagonists kinda need a reason for their deviancy to be compelling. A cutthroat setting (Xian’xia)? A messed up childhood? Seeing/comprehending something they shouldn’t (...)

    5. Re: Rational Rationales for Isekai?

      *edit:can you not put spoilers in forums? I can't seem to find it for the life of me. Welp that question is basically only about endgame stuff, so you should have prepared in advance. Should I strikethrough (...)

    6. Re: [Open for swaps] I Got Trapped In a Fantasy World As A Literal Anime Girl And I'm Really Not Taking It Well

      I'll try this review swap. This'll be my first time doing a review, so it'll probably not be as insightful as the others, but the premise seems very interesting and right up my alley. I'd actually been (...)

    7. Re: Legit-Villain Protagonist MC(preferably the heroes actually are heroes)

      I love reading villainous leads as well. I would recommend FFF-Class Trashero, though that one is more of a comedy. The MC is an absolutely unapologetic scumbag and that’s the best part. The heroes aren’t (...)

    8. Re: With such powerful individuals, how come the world is not destroyed and/or all life annihilated?

      I’m borrowing a lot from xian’xia tropes here, but something like Karma could work. Like, say you start killing a whole bunch of people, and through some magic or whatever other people are able to tell (...)