Drinker of the Yew: A Necromancer's Tale

Drinker of the Yew: A (...)
by JMWebb
216 pages

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Wracked with misfortune, a nameless village along the edge of the Gray Spine rejoiced at the arrival of a paladin. Those celebrations, though, turned to wary tension as the paladin brought an unknown into their midst - his wife Nayinis, who wears the markings of a necromancer. Who is this woman? Why has she come to their village? Nayinis divulges her shadowed past, for she needs the village's trust to defeat the powerful foe that she has been summoned by the divine to face.

What to expect
: This is a slow-paced, dark, epic-fantasy book written mostly in an archaic first-person style, remniscent of fariy-tale at times. I am expecting the final product to be close to 600-700 pages. The first few chapters introduce a somewhat-steep learning curve of names and mythology of the world that plateaus at aroud chapter 5. 

The Cover is by youthartwork on Fiverr

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by MrB
151 pages

When an unfortunate series of events forces him into early retirement, a gifted spiritual investigator moves to a new town and settles into a quaint domestic life... at least that was the plan. A mysterious possessed photograph piques his curiosity, and before he knows it his sense of duty compels him to take on one last case. Who is the specter stubbornly holding onto the photo? And, more importantly, why?

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Urban Wolf: On The Run

Urban Wolf: On The Run
by MShadowlawn
279 pages

June had cursed her bad luck for nearly all her life. One dark night, she set foot on the train platform to escape her past… But it seems whatever dark cloud’s been hanging over her followed her.

The train ticket took her to Halych, the illustrious city that thrives in the daylight and hides great darkness in its shadows. It’s just her luck, then, that she ends up in an underground gang war against a drug cartel. 

It’s just her luck, then, that the swordmaster can’t seem to escape the blood, the danger, and all the choices she didn’t want to have to make.

But worst of all is how—despite all her soul-searching—she can’t even escape her own shadow.

Chapters will be released in a serialized manner...

And remember, comment as you see fit! Every shard of feedback helps more than you know!

Disclaimer: Cover art is not mine

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Wander West, in Shadow

Wander West, in Shadow (...)
by CloverCloverClover
1.5k pages


A young wizard journeys west, through dark forests and dangerous lands, searching for something. Accompanied by a wild witch who has secrets of her own, they come across terrible creatures, hauntings, cursed villages, and memories from their past. Who else will they meet along their journey, and to find what he is looking for, how far will the wizard have to wander west?

NOTE: The above synopsis is intentionally written to be as spoiler-free as possible. If you would like a more in-detail synopsis, one that contains minor spoilers, please check out the "Synopsis" chapter at the beginning of this fiction. 

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This story was formerly titled "The Glimmerling", because the first part was a short story of that title; it has since been expanded upon, thus the title change.

Chapters 1-8 (30k words) are the first 'arc', if you want to get a feel for the story. 

To give some context on the setting:

Magic is a bit weaker in this story than you might be used to, and we start off following some relatively new magic users. For some perspective, being able to light a campfire with magic is considered relatively advanced for someone who is the age of the main character. Magic can become very powerful - and there are some examples of powerful wizards within this story - but it's not where the main characters are yet. Part of the story is about following them as they learn more about magic. Enemies are also very dangerous, and running, hiding, or trying to talk their way out of a dangerous situation is often a better choice than fighting for the characters.

While I have added tags for traumatizing content, sexuality, violence, swearing, etc. I try to avoid super-explicit descriptions of these things. But they are part of the story. 

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Demon Earth : Revelation

Demon Earth : Revelation
by TwelveGreatApes
798 pages

In a world overrun by demonic creatures and teetering on the brink of Armageddon, a handful of settlers fight for survival on the fringes of human civilisation. David, a young man resolute in his faith, believes that everything happens for a reason. That is, until the day that death comes to their small outpost. It is the first taste of a greater conflict, one for the very soul of humanity, as the powers of Heaven and Hell both rush to claim their due.

Now with his world destroyed before his eyes, David becomes determined to seek out answers and the means to amend their unfair existence. The journal of an archaeologist from the past could be the key to unravelling the mysteries of their current reality, but there is a hard road ahead, and the truth David and his companions seek may not be the one they wished to find. Fire and blood accompany their descent, as their journey leads them ever closer to the abyss, and the final point of no return.

Revelation is book one of Echoes of the Abyss, a series perfect for those who enjoy prickly philosophical questions, religious mythology and existential dread, all knit seamlessly together with blood-drenched horror and heart-thumping action sequences. The Void awaits.

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