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Mal Chants

    1. Re: Hello all!

      Welcome to the Royal Road! I don't think there should be a problem with any kind of orientation, the moderators tend to keep things on the right track. I remember seeing a 'Recommend me some aro/ace fiction!' (...)

    2. Re: Salvete Quirites!

      It's great to see the Introduction forum hopping like this :) Nice to meet you! Morituri te salutant! (Wait, that's a bit grim...)

    3. Re: Hello World

      Welcome to Royal Road! I have a horse rider in the family too (western and currently Chilean style), I have to say that struck a chord  :peolove:

    4. Re: Hey guys, I'm a bird who recently learned how to use a computer. Ask me anything!

      What is the airspeed of an unleaden swallow?   African of European? (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

    5. Re: Need a Romance action Novel!!!

      If you're open to LGBTQ+ and particularly m/m, you can check out my work. It's got the fantasy and the action from the get-go, with a slow burn romance that starts off with tension and teasing, danger (...)

    6. Re: Hey guys, I'm a bird who recently learned how to use a computer. Ask me anything!

      Also, are you by any chance an accountant yourself, or what was your inspiration for an accountant mc?  Lol, no, I'm a biochemist reconverted into something with a computer flavour. I wanted a main (...)

    7. Re: A snarky writer has entered the arena.

      Things are only 'weird' until someone has the guts, the imagination and the unbridled breathless passion to throw caution to the wind and put it out there. Sometimes it falls flat, meh, it can happen, (...)

    8. Re: Hey guys, I'm a bird who recently learned how to use a computer. Ask me anything!

      The dodo. I love history and lost causes. Welcome to Royal Road! I'm not even into cultivation stories but that does sound like an intriguing mix, I'll bookmark that on my Read Later list. I, ah, have (...)

    9. Re: Intro Post

      Welcome to the road! You can probably ask around for beta readers in the Assistance or the Review sub forums. If the story is quite rough around the edges, getting someone to beta read first is a good (...)

    10. Re: The newest newbie

      Welcome to the Road! Have fun with your writing :)

    11. Re: Hi fellow readers and writers!

      Welcome to the Road! The recommendation subforum is definitely the place to go, you can even narrow it down to pretty much exactly what you feel like reading, and somebody will definitely have a pitch (...)

    12. Re: New to RoyalRoad!

      Welcome to the Road!  It's funny, when I write something that I hope is horrifying, it never actually scares me once I wrote it, because in a way I designed it from the ground up and thus it no longer (...)

    13. Re: Recommend Me Any and all Fantasy!

      I suppose mine qualifies as fantasy, though most of the action is situated in a warped version of antiquity with space-manipulation abilities based on n-dimensional geometry, rather than the traditional (...)

    14. Re: Anyone for romance swap?

      Sounds good, I should have something by then as well. I also tend to review/comment a lot on chapters as I read them, I hope you don't mind (please feel free to tell me if you do, of course.) Typos if (...)

    15. Re: Anyone for romance swap?

      Are you open to LGBT slow burn romance? I'll be putting your novel on my read list even if that's not your jam, no pressure; one of the reviews I glanced over praised the story's historical accuracy,  (...)

    16. Re: issue with uploading a temporary cover image

      That error suggests there's an error in your html code, such as a = something blank in quotes, or a tag that doesn't have any value. Of course, it's hard because you cannot post your html in order for (...)

    17. Re: bonjour

      Yeah, 2020 has been one a hell of a year- wait, what, we're day 8 of 2021? Blugrlwarg.... Welcome to a fine stream of escapism :) I hope it takes your mind off things! Depression is a millstone of epic (...)

    18. Re: Writer Seeking Writers

      Welcome to the site! There's a rich vein of fantasy - and also of 'weird' - to tap here. I do like the look of your cover, and starting with a short story is a good idea, I'll bookmark it in my 'to read' (...)

    19. Re: Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!

      Welcome! The LitRPG force is strong on this site, you should fare well. Also, our lives have certain themes in common it seems :) though my family and I have bounced around three continents by now... still, (...)

    20. Re: To all P.O.C readers (and writers who sometimes read things on here).

      (I'm not going to tackle the sensitivity issue per se, others have, I'm going to go at this from a writer's perspective.) Have you read the Earthsea trilogy by LeGuinn?  If you have, you'll understand (...)