First Contact

Utter Insanity. In the best possible way.

When I first read this story, a lot of "wut?" Followed by even more cackling was my first reaction. 

The way the author seamlessly blended in every kind of pop culture one can think of into his universe, twist it into utter absurdity, and yet still deliver an amazingly compelling and emotional narrative lands this story right at the very top of my RR list.

I don't usually give 5 stars in reviews or ratings, as I believe perfection is in a realm beyond ours.

For this however, an exception will be made.

May you be blessed by the Digital Omnimessiah's grace for your work, brother.

Rise of the Dragon General: Formative Years

So far, the story focused on the MC's parents and family since she's still growing up, and its a pretty interesting one, if somewhat dysfunctional. Then again, considering the parents in question a *normal* family would have been even less believeable.

So far I enjoyed it, and if I have anything to complain about... It's that there's too little to read at the moment.

The Eagle's Flight

Games of Throne, minus too much sex and slow updat

Probably the closest reference most people will recognise, with a focus on political intriques.

That focus is both the best and the worst part of the novel in my honest opinion, for it is a major draw to those that like it, but will likely drive away people who prefer more straightforward action stories.

Honestly? This would not be out of place as a published novel, and definitely well above what most people expect to find in Royal Road.