1. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      Through boons and woes, anger and joy,  By feats of wit, tactics and ploys,  No lord to serve, forever free,  The life of a mercenary.  Free Lances: An Army Progression Dark Fantasy https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526173919355600908/985101401065660466/unknown-7_1.png (...)

    2. Re: I will predict your story's followers count for free

      I actually had you predict for me (pretty accurately to boot) back in SH. care to try to predict my third story's? it's just barely over 30 chapters in or so. link in sig, the rightmost one.

    3. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      Uhh... I think whoever uploaded to github mixed things up. Unliving is the one with the Pan MC 

    4. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      I totally forgot about this thread. Feel free to add my other stories as well, and you can have all of them on the github list. Unliving: Pansexual MC, LGBTQIA+ side characters of all flavors, (...)

    5. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Adding my third story into the fray: Through boons and woes, anger and joy, By feats of wit, tactics and ploys, No lord to serve, forever free, The life of a mercenary. Free Lances: An Army Progression (...)

    6. Re: Brand New Writathon Fics

      Mine would probably finish by december... 2022 or so.

    7. Hit Rising Stars Frontpage for the first time!

      On my second novel, that is. My first peaked at #10 Rising stars and never went higher.

    8. Re: How Popular is Your Novel Now?

      Just hit rising stars too, first time I've struck this point. Frontpage rising stars that is. XD

    9. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      As someone who loathes exclusivity contracts, I wholeheartedly approve of this change, as a reader and a writer both. Also :DrakanPopcorn:

    10. Commissioned Character Artworks for my novels.

      The few I've had done so far, that is. This is Cal from Blood Demon's Retirement: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/898564985549115475/909402815154257930/2.png Aideen from Unliving: (...)

    11. Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

      Mine's both dark fantasy. The second more than the first.

    12. Re: Reading Exchange

      Try mine as well. (The right one in my sig)

    13. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      If you're still doing this, please try out my new fic.

    14. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      Add me in your queue as well please. My story is also a writathon participant, so likely by the time you get to it I'll have many more chapters. XD Unliving

    15. Re: Link to all stories participating in Writathon?

      Might as well join in the shameless plugging. (Tap/click the right cover in my sig)

    16. Re: Writhathon participants!

      My first here as well, making good pace though. Got around 20% of what's needed scheduled up already.

    17. Re: Writathon sexual content questions

      The most sexual content I have in my story is just implying that the lewd stuff is happening. Nothing on screen and it should be fine. Whether if the writathon will even allow that though is the question. (...)

    18. Re: Why does everything have to be a litRPG? (rant)

      I don't like LitRPG either. To me, they just *limit* the story. One reason I don't do them.