When Immortal Ascension Fails Time Travel to Try Again

Fairy Lin is a grumpy cultivator accidentally killed and transmigrated into her 9 year old past self. Retaining her memories (not everything, 1000 years is a long time), she goes out to find the MC and correct past wrongs (by doing all she can to prevent him from being the incorrigible scourge in her past life). 

Hilarious and engaging, DragonOfRochester weaves a compelling satire around overpowered MCs and harem xianxias, from braindead past/future wives to plot armor tropes.

A really fun read! Recommended if you like fiction with really long titles.

Vainqueur the Dragon

Enjoyed this story very much.

Vainqueur Knightsbane, First of his Name, Great Calamity of this Age and King of the Albain Mountains, simply known as Your Majesty to minions. That's with a capital Y and M, mind you, he can tell. 

Victor Dalton, failed thief, reluctant Chief Of Staff and the other half of newly formed V&V Adventurer Company. Together they form a formidable team and Victor is safe as long as he can keep hiring more minions as backup rations.

Original and humourous read with decent pacing and new characters, creatures and concepts. Expect to be entertained!

It goes on for quite a bit, namely 153 chapters, so it is quite an epic.

Daybreak on Hyperion (legacy)

Beginning of a Shoujo-esque Military Fantasy Epic

Daybreak on Hyperion is a military-college story set in a magical alternate-Earth/Europe, governed under a monarchical system, where delightful creatures such as sky-whales and tofu-pets (not called tofu) exist.

The story opens with Pascal Kay Lennart von Moltewitz, an up and rising military cadet, of noble standing, and fiancé to the Crown Princess of the Empire of Rhin-Lotharingie. Young, ambitious and arrogant, he is called upon to summon a familiar. But why would he want to stop a mere mythical beast, lacking in intelligence and limited in utility?

Here enters Kaede, a high school student from Japan, scholar at heart and (not) a girl, isekai-ed into this new world. Left with little choice and no way to return home, Kaede quickly adapts to a new life that is about to thrown into chaos once again.

Written in the style of a shoujo (lit. young women) light novel, Daybreak on Hyperion is a quirky, light-hearted take on the military fantasy genre. Dialogue is smooth and well executed while the author seems to have also put quite a fair bit of work into world building.


I''ve read the rewrite and felt that Kaede's character was much better developed and have edited some of my previous comments that are no longer relevant.

Daybreak on Hyperion (re)

[Disclaimer] Taking bits and pieces from my previous review.

Daybreak on Hyperion is a military-college story set in a magical alternate-Earth/Europe, governed under a monarchical system, where delightful creatures such as sky-whales and tofu-pets (not called tofu) exist.

Daybreak (rewrite) is a new iteration of Volume 1, which introduces the reader to the world of Hyperion and the characters to Daybreak. 

Written in the style of a shoujo (lit. young women) light novel, Daybreak on Hyperion is a quirky, light-hearted take on the military fantasy genre. Dialogue is smooth and well executed while the author has also put quite a fair bit of work into world building.

Do read this if you are interested in a comparative take on historical events and alternative magical system existed, an MC with a different cultural perspective, and cross-examinations of geopolitical systems.

Virtuous Sons

Amusing and absurd(ism)

Meet Sol, King of no one, alone in this world. Once a leader, a commander, now a slave.

Meet Griffon, Young Aristocrat, yearning to soar. Also named Lio, gifted in every way, shackled by his birthright.

Virtuous Sons begin in the private estate of a wealthy and powerful cult in the city-state of Álikos on the coast of the Ionian Sea, where peace reigns in the land under the auspices of a Tyrant. It is the story of the unlikely brotherhood of Griffon and Sol, the mysteries that surround them in the Rosy Dawn Cult and the tribulations they must seek to ascend the Olympus Mons.

Ya Boy skillfully weaves a tight narrative around the two men, starting literally at two different ends of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, with each initially disdaining the other, but yet pulled together by an unexplainable thread of destiny.

I’m particularly intrigued by the backdrop of the world and the unique flavour of cultivation. Ya Boy introduces Greek philosophical concepts such as pneuma (breath/ spirit/ soul) and draws several parallels to real world historical events.

Well thought out, beautifully executed story. Grammar is on point and the characters, main and side ones are delightful.


Binged 61 chapters in 2 days straight! That's just how good it is. 

Threadbare is a teddy bear golem, full of innocence but fiercely protective of his little girl. Tragedy strikes and he is soon separated and he embarks on a journey to make things right again, picking up friends along the way. 

The plot was well planned, with plenty to surprise and delight the reader along the way. Lots of humor and the jokes are well placed and incorporated as part of the story which is simply amazing. The system is also pretty well explained. Expect to be bowled over by cuteness of the characters.

Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis is a coming-of-age story in a fantastical medieval world, where sky islands floating overhead is a frequent phenomena, where the Templers keep order, where the Mistwatcher always watches. Vita, a starving orphan discovers an innate dark talent which tears her from a world of thieving and forces her onto a path that will put her at odds with a savage, omnipotent Ancient being.

Using survival instincts that have kept her alive in this unforgiving world thus far, Vita carves out a role for herself in a hunter’s guild, making friends with some unconventional characters along the way. 

Vigor Mortis is written in a light-hearted point of view of a young female protagonist, nicely balancing the darker themes of necromancy in the story. The prose is simple and easy to follow, while each chapter is treasure waiting to be unveiled. The main character stays true to her backstory while her companions are complex and interesting.

Excellent world building with distinctive features and an unusual magic system. The story has plenty of hooks to reel the reader in and is a definite page turner.

Overall, a unique story and an outstanding read. One of my favourite stories on Royal Road!

Somebody Stop Her

Expect the unexpected, suspend your beliefs

Somebody Stop Her is a not-so-classic boy meets girl coming of age story that is fast becoming one of my favorite reads on RoyalRoad.

Young Martin Kilborne, born into a superhero family, is determined to investigate and expose the evil deeds of his villainous neighbour Alexa Terranova, the self-proclaimed supervillain, following in her footsteps of her dastardly but absent dad. With finesse, flair and a good dose of social hacking, she manages to bend young powerless Martin to her will.

Martin is unwittingly teleported into a parellel post-apocalyptic reality which threatens the form and fabric of his view (and ours) on the world, its justice system and the conflict between good and evil. 

Vitaly is an excellent story teller, getting to the crux of the story at breakneck pace. The story introduces likeable characters, with a decent dose of depth, believable backstory and plenty of humour.

Somebody Stop Her also features brilliant world building on the superstate, their archvillains and the Equalisers, a voice of calm to balance the scales when both powers get out of hand. Vitaly paints a scarily good interpretation of this world and what would happen should one part fail.

A villainous fun tale where nothing is as it seems.

Blue Core

Creation, rather than destruction, a core theme

The story begins with an awakening, with the MC thrown into the unknown with little recognition of his environment. Following in the MC’s POV, the author slowly unveils a world in which dungeon cores are harnessed for their destructive powers or raided for their treasures. But the MC is different, a sapient being not of this world, and the path of creation that he chooses will ultimately change the world he lives in and the lives of those he encounters.

I initially struggled through the first few chapters, finding the process of the MC testing his newfound powers a little mundane. Stayed on for the explicit scenes (it’s ok, not horrible, not great). But ultimately was drawn in with the unique cast of characters and well-fleshed out fantasy world. New types of mystical species are also introduced, making it an interesting read.

Release speed is consistent and pacing is decent with one or two chapters per release. Dialogue is on point and funny. Overall, the story is engaging with the right amount of plot hooks to reel you in.

Some negatives for me would be the lack of male lead characters (other than Blue) and the harem aspects of the story.

Updated at the end of Book 2.

Shade Touched

Charming beastkin adventure

Shadow is a creature unlike no other. She came, she saw, she discovers!

A slice-of-life magical tale of a non-human MC's discovery of the human world, and the people whom she meets along the way. 

Well-written and charming, Shade Touched reminds us of what really matters is not what people think you are but to be who you need to be.

The story is currently on hiatus but it has been worth the read!