Shade Touched

Charming beastkin adventure

Shadow is a creature unlike no other. She came, she saw, she discovers!

A slice-of-life magical tale of a non-human MC's discovery of the human world, and the people whom she meets along the way. 

Well-written and charming, Shade Touched reminds us of what really matters is not what people think you are but to be who you need to be.

The story is currently on hiatus but it has been worth the read!

Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

True to his namesake, Kairos, the MC is given a brief window of opportunity that he is compelled to take. In Kairos’ world, the ancient Gods have been overthrown, with men and demihumans striving to gain power and skill ranks through combat and slaughter. Tragedy has pushed young Kairos to the sea. Leveraging a unique ability to communicate with animals and fantastic beasts alike, he carves out a place for himself.

Chapter 1 has the precision of a short story in itself, a brief setting the scene, building up to high conflict midway and a teaser-yet-satisfactory resolution by its end. The language is succinct and mostly error-free.

You may want to put this on your follow list if you like:

  • Ancient Greek Mythology
  • Adventures on the high-seas
  • Mythical creatures

I definitely will.

*Update: Read till chapter 22. Still good. The story is progressing well. I really like the characters that the author has introduced. The MC and those around him have sufficient depth and act consistently in line with their personalities and purpose. Expect more interesting ones as the MC continues to recruit his pirate crew. Chapter 9 delves deeper into the history of events that explains the significance of the sea in this world.

Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis is a coming-of-age story in a fantastical medieval world, where sky islands floating overhead is a frequent phenomena, where the Templers keep order, where the Mistwatcher always watches. Vita, a starving orphan discovers an innate dark talent which tears her from a world of thieving and forces her onto a path that will put her at odds with a savage, omnipotent Ancient being.

Using survival instincts that have kept her alive in this unforgiving world thus far, Vita carves out a role for herself in a hunter’s guild, making friends with some unconventional characters along the way. 

Vigor Mortis is written in a light-hearted point of view of a young female protagonist, nicely balancing the darker themes of necromancy in the story. The prose is simple and easy to follow, while each chapter is treasure waiting to be unveiled. The main character stays true to her backstory while her companions are complex and interesting.

Excellent world building with distinctive features and an unusual magic system. The story has plenty of hooks to reel the reader in and is a definite page turner.

Overall, a unique story and an outstanding read. One of my favourite stories on Royal Road!

The Perfect Run

Flawlessly delivered, every loop.

From the get go, the story dives right into an action-packed narrative with witty dialogue and first-class characters. 

The story's point of view is from Ryan Romano a.k.a. Quicksave, who, like the video game reference, is able to save and reset his life every time he dies. Part Ground Hog Day, part Deadpool, the Perfect Run explores a post-apocalyse superhero, supervillian Europe. 

I particularly enjoyed how to author peels away layers in each chapter, revealing the MC's world that is well thought out and consistent, ticking off all three ingredients of world building - imaginary, alternate realities, and actual locations. With each loop, we learn more about the characters around him, their unique powers and stories. 

A delightful read, satisfying at all angles.

Updated at Chapter 76 to complete an advanced review with no change in the overall rating.

Perfect Run keeps getting better and better with each chapter. The tension in the story is palpable and the pacing is relentless. The author keeps a good schedule of releases and has completed several novels which are also available on Royal Road, so you can expect a consistent reading pipeline. Sentences are well constructed and the writing is punchy and mostly error-free.

God of Stories

Musings on the genesis of stories

God of Stories is a series of short, sweet, and philopsophical anthology. It opens with the creation and then sudden destruction of a universe, jolting a reader to re-examine the possibilities of the components of story writing. 

A good start and a fresh take on interactive writing that requires the audience to reflect and provide inputs as to the interpretation of the stories.

Note: Reviewed at Chapter 5. Will update as there are more chapters.

A Beginner's Guide to Otherworld Cult Management

I don't think this story warrants half the bad reviews that it has been getting. 

Adrian, the MC, has been reborn into a strange and mysterious village. He first sets out as a charlaton to survive, but has been marked with something greater and darker than he can control. He is given a strange quest he must fulfill based on the arcane rules of this new world, propeling him into the seat of a strange leadership over a ragtag of followers. Success comes with great sacrifice and personal tragedy.

The first book does have its flaws with jumps and timeskips but yields important nuggets of gold in setting the scene of this new mysterious world, and introduces non-human races that are unique to this world. I believe the second book is where the story starts and unfolds.

The prose is engaging and premise of the story is interesting. 


Blue Core

Creation, rather than destruction, a core theme

The story begins with an awakening, an MC thrown in to the unknown with little recognition of his environment. Following in the MC’s POV, the author slowly unveils a world in which dungeon cores are harnessed for their destructive powers or raided for their treasures. But the MC is different, a sapient being not of this world, and the path of creation that he chooses will ultimately change the world he lives in and the lives of those he encounters.

I initially struggled through the first few chapters, finding the process of the MC testing his newfound powers a little mundane. Stayed on for the explicit scenes (it’s ok, not horrible, not great). But ultimately was drawn in with the unique cast of characters and well-fleshed out fantasy world.

Release speed is consistent and pacing is decent with one or two chapters per release. Dialogue is on point and funny. Overall, the story is engaging with the right amount of plot hooks to reel you in.

Some negatives for me would be the lack of male lead characters (other than Blue) and the harem aspects of the story.

Beware Of Chicken

Can't stop. Won't stop (reading). 

Overall it's a great light read and it will help if you have read at least one or two wuxia novels to understand the references. 

MC wants nothing more to do with the crazy cultivator life while his farm animals operate like disciples in a sect (his sect), unbeknownst to him. 

Characters are strong and consistent and the dialogue is particularly enjoyable (and innuendos, if you like that sort of thing). 

Quite a bit of spelling and grammatical errors but eh, we are here for the stories anyway, aren't we? :D


Must read for Fans of Narnia

Definitely a story that would resonate well with those who grew up reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Characters were consistent and story telling was superb in how the layers were slowly peeled away. The only thing that I didn't really like was the police dialogue at the start of each chapter as it detracted from the way the story unfolded. 

All in all, I loved the story and the world building!