1. Re: Merry Christmas everybody! This about trying to write in the horror genre

      I have never written a horror story before, and I'm not sure if I could scare people with just my writing words. Any of you have a recommendation to get inspiration from? I would prefer a short story if (...)

    2. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      What was your inspiration? What make decide to write something yourself?

    3. Re: Someone here is familiar with visual novels?

      I want to make one base on the world of my book, and I want to know what you guys consider good.

    4. Re: How does Magic in your fiction work?

      Is a very easy "magic" system. Everyone has it, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. You can control the energy of your body and others with enough training, and if you manage to get completely (...)

    5. Re: At what age did you start writing?

      I have been writing all my life tbh.  But I started to actually try to do books and longer stories at the age of 14. At that time, wattpad was becoming popular and a lot of my friends (most of them (...)


      Thanks to the mod that told about this threat!  Ok, this is a poem I did to practice my English and my poem skills. It's also the most simp Poem I had ever written, dedicated to all the V-tubers that (...)

    7. Re: What do you use to make your covers? What makes a cover a good cover?

      Because I don't have the money (since I don't work yet), What free software or web pages you use to make your covers?  And for those that had experience on it already, what makes a good cover? Something (...)

    8. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      Imo, the emotions that are described there. The impact, the story you are telling through it, and the build-up that cam before. I love writing fight scenes because is a good way to fight motion without (...)

    9. Re: "Thanks for the chapter "

      "Thank you for reading!" I don't have to do an overdramatic scene lol but tbf, I had never had one of those before; I'll probably be the happiest men alive irl if that happen.

    10. Re: Hello world y hola a todos

      Also, is there a chat or something here? Or we just talk through post?

    11. Re: Hello world y hola a todos

      My name is Luiyo. I'm 21 years old. I'm a spanish writer but I sometimes like to write in english too, to practice.  I decide to join this community because I honestly want to be part of one. My main (...)