1. Re: Site says I'm the very best there ever was.

      "Hey, baby. Llook at my ranking on this website... Yeah I'm singLle... tonight. *end scene* *Insert "Perfection" meme here.* Ho-ho, so you want to learn how to cheat the system... Allow me to introduce (...)

    2. Re: Site says I'm the very best there ever was.

      PS: it got fixed. It went back to 7686.

    3. Re: Site says I'm the very best there ever was.

      Cool, we're now talking about cooking our phones in rice cookers. Sounds about right to me. Thanks for the responses. I guess I'll just leave it like that until I feel like breaking out a ticket.

    4. Site says I'm the very best there ever was.

      The site says that the best I've ever gotten on the rankings is #1(leftmost in the Author dashboard). I don't think I'm #1, so this must be a bug. Anyone know what's with this bug?

    5. Re: Enabling on site notifications for followed fictions

      It is not possible and the suggestion has been rejected more than a few times. The sheer amount of server processing required for sending messages to thousands of users every few minutes is just not worth (...)

    6. Re: Enabling on site notifications for followed fictions

      I find them to be a bit buggy, but if you go to your 'Follow List', then click on the bell symbol to the right of whatever book you want to be notified about, it should pop up a drop-down where you can (...)

    7. Re: Analytics Referrers - Strange Entry

      Interesting.  I did a whois on it and the domain is owned by a company in the same region/state/country as the parent company of RR.  Ok I guess this is a backend thing, then. Maybe as a suggestion (...)

    8. Re: Analytics Referrers - Strange Entry

      Oh, I've never seen this tab before. Facinating how they keep adding new things to help us monitor stuff. But this is rather simple. This refers to where people 'find' your story. For example, if you (...)

    9. Re: Rewrite + Drop Off Rate Question

      90%, for example, is excellent retention. Retention is mostly built upon reader expectation. You want to see that retention rate be high, because that means that your story targets the right audience well. (...)

    10. Re: How to show scheduled chapters?

      Lol, posted at the same time. xD Ayy lmao Lol. Thanks for the help, you two.

    11. How to show scheduled chapters?

      How do I show my next scheduled chapter? I noticed it on the page for 'Fireband', here: But I can't figure out how to apply it to my own novels. It seems (...)

    12. Re: Should I change my name?

      I don't think it'll affect your discoverability at all--people are looking for the book first and foremost. Just make sure you keep the same cover and let your readers know in advance about the change. (...)

    13. Re: Looking for a Word

      'allusion', perhaps? It isn't that specific, but it's the best I can think of.

    14. Re: Blurb Comparison

      Ok, I revised the description a little more. It's just a bit difficult to tell whether or not the changes really pan out, since the changes mention relatively specific details. Old: "On the other side, (...)

    15. Re: Blurb Comparison

      I think some additional info on Jeremy's circumstances can be provided. Strictly from the blurbs, I'm more interested in reading Psychi's Volume than Jeremy's, which makes sense she's at the center of (...)

    16. Re: Blurb Comparison

      I really love the new blurb! It's more dynamic, thrilling, and consists of stronger word choice.  :peolove: The current draft feels more like a bullet list for an outline than a blurb when compared to (...)

    17. Blurb Comparison

      I've read a bit about writing a blurb, and I've created a new draft of my own blurb. Could anyone tell me their thoughts on the differences? Here is the new one: "Born as a super-psychic, Psychi (...)

    18. Re: Tables and system messages on royalroad

      One solution could be to make one table that's phone-friendly and another that's computer-friendly, then put them in spoiler tags, perhaps?

    19. Re: Paragraph Problems

      Just make sure it doesn't mess up anything on the way out. 

    20. Re: To any published authors, at what point is it okay to start thinking about publishing?

      Curious as to why you're not thinking about ebooks and audiobooks primarily as those are most of the market but I started writing with self-pub in mind. Chances are you are ready to publish. If you (...)