1. Re: Do you have a writing schedule? Or nah?

      It’s pretty basic. I wake up, turn on my laptop. When I get to a thousand words I get to eat. It works on a couple different levels 1. I’m very motivated 2. I’ve lost weight

    2. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hi there, Started a story a few weeks back and have gotten some traction (my first published on royal road) and would appreciate some feedback on the blurb. I modeled my description after another author’s (...)

    3. Re: I felt down, any inspiring words to raise motivation?

      Everyone, thanks for your responses! I will, from time to time, write. Hope I could bring back the routine of finishing a chapter per day. :D Couple of things that might help. 1. Set up a Pomodoro (...)

    4. Re: Question about what to do with pre-written chapters

      Word of warning, the Trending requirements seem to have changed. If you check Trending right now, there are Writathon novels that haven't even been out for 30 days. Not sure what the current Trending (...)

    5. Re: What kind of Gods do you have in your story?

      I kind of go for Sumerian/Babylonian ones. Or cargo cult type - only viewed as gods because they are so advanced. And, holy spoiler, Egyptian influence is threading its way in ...  That’s pretty (...)

    6. Re: Question about what to do with pre-written chapters

      Hi all,  Long time lurker, but new to the writing side of things. I spent most of November working on a story—the plan was to bang out a chapter or two along with the outline. This got a bit out of (...)

    7. Re: What kind of Gods do you have in your story?

      Kinda like Greek gods. Selfish ones... Same. There’s something equally fun and horrifying about gods who, on a psychological level, are just bored-ass powerful people waiting for something to come (...)

    8. Re: Hi Everyone!

      Hi all, It’s great to be here. Figured it was about time to post my introduction, since I finally made an account. I’ve been lurking on RR for the better part of a year now. Mother of Learning was the (...)