1. Re: Cover comparison...

      I like the one with the details. My eye is immediately drawn to the gateway and then the details around it kept me looking. 

    2. Re: Best and Worst Movie/TV Adaptations of Books/Comics/Etc, Go!

      Honestly, I second Twilight for best. Those movies made the story a lot more fun than the books ever were. And that soundtrack was waaaay ahead of its time. The suprise fight sequence in Breaking Dawn (...)

    3. Re: Do you prefer reading/writng on mobile or desktop?

      I think reading on mobile is nice because I can lie down or lounge easier. But for writing I definitely gotta use my laptop. I'll write some notes or quick edits on my phone if I think of an idea on the (...)

    4. Re: Woot woot!

      Congrats!  :peohello:

    5. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      Lmao at me for always forgetting to do this. Never change, self.  Anyway, my story is Where the Wind Goes. It's a portal fantasy about a boy with amnesia who delves into the peculiar past of a dying (...)

    6. Re: Just crossed 1500 views

      That's awesome! And more will keep coming! 

    7. Re: It has been Approved!

      Congrats! It so exciting when a new fiction finally drops. 

    8. Re: Writing Challenge!

      Commenting to follow because I like this idea too!

    9. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -22 Never. We are unstoppable. 

    10. Re: Pink daddy arrival.

      What about purple?

    11. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      Screw that. Spending your whole life looking for one story actually about people like you, and never finding it, is a soul-crushing feeling, but when those stories finally come they are absolutely important. (...)

    12. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      I wish I knew what to do When the ghost upstairs cries boo-hoo He once was a friend Til his life met its end And alas I haven't a clue -18

    13. Re: Author' Notes Uses

      I like to use my post-chapter notes to ask my readers questions. Sometimes it sparks a fun conversation in the comments. But honestly, you can put whatever you want in there. Whether or not your readers (...)

    14. Re: New and Lost

      I'm secretly glad to see more wattpad writers and readers wandering over to RR. I think RR's set-up is really nice for writers once you get used to it. 

    15. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      The beautiful writing of Robin McKinley I second this one! One of my most prized possessions is a signed copy of The Blue Sword. That book changed the way I read and write fantasy forever.

    16. Re: This site has me very pumped to write!

      Welcome! I hope lots of people get to read your work! 

    17. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      :DrakanGlasses: .... The Twilight novel series. This but unironically.  :peogiggle: I only ever read the first Twilight book and thought it was okay, but I was completely fascinated by the cultural (...)

    18. Re: My turn to say...

      Welcome!   :peoeyesparkle:

    19. Re: What Makes a Good Story Description?

      I big factor for me when reading a description is your character's motivation. I wanna know right away what your main character wants, and what's at stake if they don't get it.