Where the Wind Goes

Where the Wind Goes
214 pages

Help Wanted

A world away from the one you know

Follow the wind and see where it goes

Inquire Within

Haunted by his amnesia, quiet and introspective Oliver Bell is drawn to the place where he first lost his memories: a cottage with a mysterious and supposedly cursed help wanted sign. There, he is drawn into Veralia, a magical but dangerous world where people disappear without a trace, glass rains from the sky, and spirit voices whisper through the night. As flashes of memory begin to return to him, he befriends a naïve and lonesome girl with no magical ability named Iri. From her, he learns that Veralia is dying, and the only person able to save it is Iri's grandmother- a powerful conjurer with the ability to walk between worlds. The only problem is, no one has seen her in decades.

Except Oliver.

Unfortunately, her whereabouts are locked within his lost memories. But Iri wants nothing more than to save her homeland and see her beloved grandmother again. So she and Oliver explore Veralia's magical lands, searching for clues in her people's history. The more Oliver learns about Iri's world and family, the more he begins to notice the peculiarities in his own life: a mute and mysterious mother, a father with weather-beaten hands and an artistic heart, an overly-observant sister, and a little brother with not-so-imaginary friends. As worlds collide, Oliver realizes that the key to his future might be buried somewhere in Veralia’s gruesome past.

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