Poisoned Chalice

Poisoned Chalice
by cherubicdevil
249 pages

Uploading schedule changed to Wednesdays and Sundays! 15-year old Ziyan needs to get the hell into heaven. A yaoguai devoured her fellow villagers and cursed their souls. She can reincarnate them only if she's a goddess. But the snooty gods, with their coveted powers, don't allow just anyone to join them.
To save her people Ziyan enters the Baishi Competition, where she and a sky-full of cutthroat mortals must contend for the few slots of godhood.
But victory won't come easy. First, she needs to convince (seduce) the warrior god Huayu into training her. Then she needs to rack up the kills by hunting yaoguai to prove her worth. Winning would grant Ziyan the reincarnating abilities of a goddess. If she fails, her villagers will fry in hell's oil vats forever. 
Ziyan is determined to succeed, until she learns yaoguai are just pawns doing the gods' dirty work. Faced with the true killers of her people (and armed with badass fighting skills), Ziyan asks herself, does she want to save only her villagers or can she overthrow this pantheon of assholes and rescue all those living under the yokes of gods? 
The thing is, when it's your destiny, it's your destiny. 
POISONED CHALICE is a YA xianxia fantasy based on Chinese mythology and Taoist deities. It contains elements of romance, adventure, and political intrigue.

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I Have to Text my Ex, or the World Explodes

I Have to Text my Ex, (...)
by Daniel Newwyn
66 pages

Do you have an anus? If you do, here's a great little nonsensical story for you to turn off your brain and read while you're stuck in the toilet with nothing to do. Here's the premise of my new story:

Andrew Garage thought he was the Chosen One.

Stuck in a time loop that reset whenever a meteor crashed to Earth, he was determined to save mankind and get himself out of the loop. On his seventh try, he finally eliminated the catastrophic meteorite with an Antimatter Gun.

However, a self-proclaimed Goddess suddenly appeared and sent Andrew back into the loop again because he saved the world 'the wrong way'. As Andrew bitterly scavenged for solutions, he found out that the reason the meteor kept crashing into Earth because. . . he kept ignoring his exes' texts.

Great for people with anuses and people who want to destroy meteorites. Not recommended for people who expect actual logic like NOT winning the lottery five times in a row.
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Where the Wind Goes

Where the Wind Goes
by axdaae
230 pages

Help Wanted

A world away from the one you know

Follow the wind and see where it goes

Inquire Within

Haunted by his amnesia, quiet and introspective Oliver Bell is drawn to the place where he first lost his memories: a cottage with a mysterious and supposedly cursed help wanted sign. There, he is drawn into Veralia, a magical but dangerous world where people disappear without a trace, glass rains from the sky, and spirit voices whisper through the night. As flashes of memory begin to return to him, he befriends a naïve and lonesome girl with no magical ability named Iri. From her, he learns that Veralia is dying, and the only person able to save it is Iri's grandmother- a powerful conjurer with the ability to walk between worlds. The only problem is, no one has seen her in decades.

Except Oliver.

Unfortunately, her whereabouts are locked within his lost memories. But Iri wants nothing more than to save her homeland and see her beloved grandmother again. So she and Oliver explore Veralia's magical lands, searching for clues in her people's history. The more Oliver learns about Iri's world and family, the more he begins to notice the peculiarities in his own life: a mute and mysterious mother, a father with weather-beaten hands and an artistic heart, an overly-observant sister, and a little brother with not-so-imaginary friends. As worlds collide, Oliver realizes that the key to his future might be buried somewhere in Veralia’s gruesome past.

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Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon

Selena's Reign: The Golden (...)
by Elliot_Flanders
173 pages

Twenty years ago, a common soldier with an indomitable will conquered the continent of Orbe, ushering in a new era as he singlehandedly founded an empire. It did not survive his death. Now his sickly son, the ‘Golden Gryphon’, is a political prisoner. Will he live to carry on his father’s legacy, or will his name forever vanish from the rolls of history?

A historically inspired reincarnation story with fantasy elements. Updates weekly on Thursdays. Please note that this is a first draft and chapters are posted as I write them.

Artist credit: JIMYO

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The Master of Names

The Master of Names
by Karingano
178 pages

The modern world of magic has moved on. Magic of old no longer allowed in the new age. Deemed too barbaric for the contemporary world, magic skills and formulae have taken the country of Idraver by storm and with their arrival, heralding in a new age of magic.
Decades later, a young man named Keldon, born without the ability to use skills, begins to experience strange dreams, and with them came the return of an ancient magic. Given an impossible task, what do his newfound powers mean?

Or is their return merely a signal for the beginning of the final end. 


**Author's notes**

*Flashback chapters have changed from full chapters to .5 chapters from chapter 15*(14.5) onwards, I want to avoid rearranging all the chapter names before that to avoid any confusion.

12/15/2020: Redid chapters 1-6 to improve pacing and clarity issues.

If for some ungodly reason you decide that you're tired of money and you want to encourage me to write more monetarily, here's my ko-fi

However, I'm just happy to write and share stories, only tip if you really want to and are in a financially stable position!

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