1. Re: What is the 'interesting' combination of genre?

      Sci-Fi/Fantasy. One that comes to mind is the game Endless Legend, where magic is actually caused by nanobots of an ancient alien race long extinguished. Such a good game. 

    2. Re: What is the 'interesting' combination of genre?

      That's officially the weirdest pitch I've ever heard, and yet I think it could be picked up by trad publishers. you know...I don't recall seeing any Scifi/Isekai stuff...and there should be. It's rhymes. (...)

    3. Re: Upper word limit for chapter

      ctrl-v ctrl-v ctrl-v ctrl-v ctrl-v

    4. Re: What is the best bird?

      In the board game Wingspan, the obvious answer is the Chihuahuan Raven.

    5. Re: Has the fantasy genre lost some of its fantasy?

      I don't have anything to add. I just thought this was a very well written post. 

    6. Re: Looking for Battle Royale.

      I just started writing a supernatural battle royal. . . but it's got like 3 chapters and I'm not focusing on it. So maybe someday. 

    7. Re: Looking for recs with no romance, no sex, and great grammar.

      Drat, I had it until I read great grammar. Curse my dyslexia. 

    8. Re: Research journal! Hypothesis: fanfiction can be a useful academic tool! What do YOU think!

      I am not a teacher, but if I was, I would not recommend using this site to learn. 

    9. Re: Tolkien Style Maps

      I have an exceptionally crappy map that could use an artist's touch.  Very cool of you to do this btw.

    10. Re: (Can I do this here?) I'm torn between two covers, would anyone like to weigh in?

      In terms of pure quality, they are completely equivilant. 

    11. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      i doubt there is a bad premise if you dont specify the genre - a "bad premise could still be good comedy if you write it clever Anything can be a comedy. Literally anything.

    12. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow

      At what point do we give up and realize this just isn't happening?

    13. Re: Survey Participants Needed

      Aight. I filled it out.

    14. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      Second idea: A story that follows a woman whose sole purpose in life is to sacrifice as many of her kids as possible to demons. She tries hard to get pregnant as quickly as possible, and then 9 months (...)

    15. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      1. Deeply ordinary Joe finds himself contemplating his life and finding himself through the power of self-reflection. Involves a lot of sitting on park benches and staring wistfully into the rain. Occasionally (...)

    16. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      What is the worst possible premise that you can come up with for a story. Stupidest, weirdest, most unwritable? What you got?

    17. Re: Massive story, is it even possible to pull off?

      Look up the Wheel of Time, Malazan, Ender's Game. Hell, Harry Potter is over a million words.

    18. Re: First Chapter Swap

      I would love to do a review swap of my first chapter too! Here it is! :)  Brimstone How does that work exactly. You have like 6 things titled chapter 1. Sorry, that's a good question. (...)