Ruins of Isulia ~ Book 1 : Awakening of the Emarine

Ruins of Isulia ~ Book (...)
by MorseCode
955 pages

Creatures once believed to be legend have invaded the kingdom of Vulkira. King Erik must uncover the truth behind their sudden attack. The crushing responsibility threatens to break him and his kingdom.

In a remote town, Henry, an energetic bookworm is thrust into the world as chaos engulfs his once seemingly peaceful town. His lord has a task for him, one in which will change his life forever.

A haunting past eats away at the Queen of Xer. Cara is hellbent on protecting the ones she loves and the future of her kingdom. Balancing the greater good, she fights to keep her head above the sea of guilt.

Betrayal is at each corner, shadows step into the light, a supernatural force awaits the time to strike. Awakening an ancient civilization from their past may be their only hope now. A spiraling doom awaits the world of Isulia.


I put the gore warning not because my book is overly gory (It's not constantly blood and guts). However, there are several moments that are extremely violent. I've always loved shows/movies such as, (The Expanse, The Boys, Banshee, Kingdom of heaven, Vikings, Attack on Titan, Baccano, etc.) I am descriptive of the scenes with violence. So be warned :)

I've worked long and hard and have finally finished my third draft. Still needs work but everything storywise is complete. There are still a few things I need to add and tweak. Grammatical errors and flushing out the characters and dialogue still needs work. If you see any errors or plot holes, please feel free to point them out. It helps me improve upon the story.

Cover art was done by: Micaiah William

If you'd like to consider supporting my work, there is a link to my Patreon.

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Demon Earth : Revelation

Demon Earth : Revelation (...)
by TwelveGreatApes
798 pages

In a world overrun by demonic creatures and teetering on the brink of Armageddon, a handful of settlers fight for survival on the fringes of human civilisation. David, a young man resolute in his faith, believes that everything happens for a reason. That is, until the day that death comes to their small outpost. It is the first taste of a greater conflict, one for the very soul of humanity, as the powers of Heaven and Hell both rush to claim their due.

Now with his world destroyed before his eyes, David becomes determined to seek out answers and the means to amend their unfair existence. The journal of an archaeologist from the past could be the key to unravelling the mysteries of their current reality, but there is a hard road ahead, and the truth David and his companions seek may not be the one they wished to find. Fire and blood accompany their descent, as their journey leads them ever closer to the abyss, and the final point of no return.

Revelation is book one of Echoes of the Abyss, a series perfect for those who enjoy prickly philosophical questions, religious mythology and existential dread, all knit seamlessly together with blood-drenched horror and heart-thumping action sequences. The Void awaits.

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Syche: The Dark Element

Syche: The Dark Element (...)
by StgBria
415 pages

     In a modern world where the four elements (no, not those elements; don't stop reading yet) are controlled by the select few born with the gift, seventeen-year-old Joshua Rasgard is horribly, painfully normal. And that’s not changing. No really. He survives by his wit and acute knowledge of how adventures should go, unlike his younger brother Kael who would rather disintegrate his problems to ash.

     Together, they're on a globe spanning treasure hunt that is about to take a dark turn. While hunting for clues, Joshua decides to rescue an ex-superpowered-assassin named Gianna. Doing so puts a target on all of their backs and thrusts them into a global conflict not unrelated to the treasure hunt.

     The one thing Joshua knows is that he is out of his element.

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