Zach Skye

Zach Skye

    1. Re: Full size Cover for WISH MOUNTAIN episode one

      I like the lighting from the flare, I think it adds great color to it. The details in the background like the coffee cup on the ground really make it for me. 

    2. Re: I Hit 1 Million x 2 and 1,000!

      Holy crap that's amazing. Congratulations! That's crazy

    3. Re: Are Text Adventures Fun?

      I used to like then a long while ago. Since you like writing, I think you would probably like AI Dungeon too. They added an energy system sadly, so I think it kinda diminishes the experience. But it was (...)

    4. Re: Heyo guys~

      Heya there, way to go on posting your first chapter! Just a tip, a lotta people attach a link to their story in their signature since it's a nice way of advertising it in the forums. Otherwise I wish ya (...)

    5. Re: Blender 3d- will do art for practice.

      Ah, I was going to see if you could 3d model a mimic, to print as mini-fig to paint, but I see the 'not doing creatures/characters' good luck my friend in your modeling endevors

    6. Re: What do you use to make your covers? What makes a cover a good cover?

      Shutterstock can provide you with royalty free images. From there it's picking the best one for genre/feel of the book. I ditto editing it with GIMP as it's basically free photoshop(but it isn't as polished (...)

    7. Re: Pocket monster/tamer story

      Okay; I don't know of an ongoing one on RR, but I do know a published one that I had a lotta fun reading through. It's a pretty good (...)

    8. Re: Hitting the right genre is so important (and my book recommendations)

      I think Asviloke might have a pretty good point about the timing having a big effect on audience size for those two types of genres. That said, I also think that RR probably has an audience that is larger (...)

    9. Re: Need motivation

      Honestly, sometimes you just have little or no motivation.  Writing a whole book is more of a marathon than a race. A lot of it comes from days when you may not feel inspired, or even really want to (...)

    10. Re: toy box world

      I don't know of any toybox stories on RR. I'm kinda new here and still reading through some other books before I start going through some of my bookmarked ones on here. But I do know of one you might like. (...)

    11. Re: Hello, world!

      Hello and welcome! I just joined recently too, and this site is great for getting used to putting your work out there. What's your upcoming book about?

    12. Re: "Thanks for the chapter "

      Always happy to get a comment! Haven't gotten that kinda one yet, but I imagine I'd be thankful somebody took the time to thank me for it, and say 'Hope you're enjoying!' Or something similar. But tbh, (...)

    13. Re: Bloodshard got its first review!

      I know just how you feel, someone posted a review of my ongoing book just yesterday, and it's so amazing. Big congratulations Asviloka, I'm also gunna toss you some rep for the success :) 

    14. Re: How to get Isekai'd

      Stephen King actually had some pretty interesting ways to travel between dimensions in his Dark Tower series that I kind of liked. For example, you could be traveling along on highways and back roads, (...)

    15. Re: I just hit 10 followers like that other guy!

      Holy crap you guys, ten people liked my writing enough to hit the follow button.  I first started posting my book here to get used to the feeling of people (other than a writing group) seeing and going (...)

    16. Re: Hi Everyone!

      Hey there Eligos! I'm pretty new here too, I just started this week! Man, I haven't really dug into any loop stories since RE:Zero for that exact same reason, none of them hit me just quite the same (...)

    17. Re: Anyone did their covers or a cover for someone else? How was your experience?

      Wow, you put a lot of work into them. That's a +rep from me. I put together my cover, but I didn't make the image. Instead, I used Shutterstock to license a royalty free image, from there I went and altered (...)

    18. Re: Royal Road Tags Description

      Thank ya so much for the guide, I gave ya some rep too. 

    19. Re: Advice on game like aspects in novels.

      Hey Matotam, if you're still around, I kind of have a recommendation for you, having read a lotta litrpg. I've actually kind of found a fundamental principle in the litrpg genre to run fairly parallel (...)