Zach Skye

Zach Skye

    1. Re: First Forum post after 5 (more like 8-9) years here, got some recent question.

      How fair is it that popular stories suddenly got no visibility to new visitor in the first page from going into the KU route? RoyalRoad is a site for readers, first and foremost. Advertising stories (...)

    2. Re: I wasn't expecting this new border, to be honest

      It's pretty cool but my pfp didn't fit so well :(  I love Djinn.

    3. Re: How the hell do you go about creating your own writing website???

      Insert advertisement for SquareSpace.  :DrakanMoney: Getting those sponsorship bucks. Good on ya Luda.

    4. Re: Poll: Would you rather comment on a story where the author doesn't reply much?

      It's important as an author to let people have space to discuss the work with themselves. You do end conversations when you reply and take away the open forum. Typically the only ones I reply to directly (...)

    5. Re: I have an opinion about the rating system.

      I watched a duck terrorise a child the other day and the child's mom left the child to save herself and her dog.  That is my contribution to the discussion  :FancyDrakan: Slander!

    6. Re: Looking for any sci fi lands on fantasy world type stuff.

      I see the author of the one I was going to recommend just posted above but I'll do it anyway: This fiction. It's about (...)

    7. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      I've found that varying the medium you read with helps a lot with maintaining it and keeping from any fatigue building up. Usually when I stop reading for a period of time, it's either I'm doing it all (...)

    8. Re: Japanese anime for 9yo

      For a kid that young? One Piece - for pirates and endless entertainment for him. Boruto/Naruto - You could honestly start him with either.  Black Clover - Think this is pretty tame.  My Hero (...)

    9. Re: Just released my first chapter!

      Hey all! I've been planning this for a while now, and I finally decided to release the first chapter of my novel. I'm participating in the ongoing writeathon and hoping to reach the first milestone. (...)

    10. Re: Associations

      Something an old fogey should stay well away from... Witcher. Coin

    11. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -40 We mooooving back up to the positives. Maybe. Some day.

    12. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Agh... I tried to get into a new anime recently, but the show tried to have it's cake, and eat it too. I mean, you can't make your Main Character a lovable lackadaisical slacker and a ruthless (...)

    13. Re: What's your favorite book you read this year?

      Probably Iron Prince! I really enjoyed that book, and it was audible. Usually I just listen every now and again when doing something. But for that one it hooked me, and there's be hours I set aside (...)

    14. Re: Literary Fiction? I guess it's a "no" :)

      It's fun, but some do have more of an audience than other genres.

    15. Re: My first story is about to hit 100 views!

      Congrats that's a big milestone! It can be hard sometimes to throw your work out there.

    16. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Just going to drop this here:  Sir Crabby (Progression Litrpg) Sir Crabby! And they say the perfect litrpg doesn't exist. All these crab fictions are the bee's knees.  I am fond of the ones (...)

    17. Re: How much violence in a story is "too much" in your opinion?

      It depends on the promises you make about the fiction. Starting out as a light-hearted novel about growing up, likely won't turn into a gore-fest horror story where the protag goes murderhobo unless you (...)

    18. Re: Paying tribute to The Wandering Inn in a chapter

      Sounds like a solid concept to pay homage to someone whose writing you liked. How's your experience with the writathon been so far? Had fun? Writing as much as Pirateaba? ;)? 

    19. Re: How to make Patreon fair to readers?

      What do you, as a reader, considers a good and fair Patreon? Access to hitherto unreleased chapters is the hook that gets me. The amount of timed exclusive chapters needed for it to be worth (...)