1. Re: Much-needed Tag

      I'd qualify it as a subgenre of Lit-rpg's, where they dedicate a massive part of the story to 'crafting' typically with some kind of system they intuitively learn in order to make equipment that gives (...)

    2. Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

      I give rep on the forums when I really like a post I give rep to every comment on my fiction as long as I remember/don't hit the 2 a day limit. Whenever I do give rep? I give all the points I can (...)

    3. Re: Much-needed Tag

      Pardon my noob question, but what does "Crafting" mean as a genre? I'd qualify it as a subgenre of Lit-rpg's, where they dedicate a massive part of the story to 'crafting' typically with some kind (...)

    4. Re: Why is there a lower limit to chapter length?

      Good idea, OP. You never know when an author has the timing down and can utilize this well! It's the tiny thing AND the next or previous chapter. Nice solve, if 1-word chapters were ever to be (...)

    5. Re: I cant tell if my story is any good!

      Just a quick tip for the synopsis. "When a tower falls from the sky and God tells humanity that they have 50 years to conquer it the world goes crazy. Follow Kim Young as he becomes one of the only (...)

    6. Re: Why is there a lower limit to chapter length?

      I agree from a theoretical standpoint, that structure of a book can be very important for tone and pacing. And there is a time and place for a one sentence chapter to even two-paragraph chapter. They can (...)

    7. Re: What are the most common writting mistakes for inexperienced authors?

      Passive voice.  I'd say that's probably #1. Even with experienced writers they constantly have to monitor their writing to make sure that when they do use passive voice, it's intentional. 

    8. Re: Hello

      Hi there, handed ya some welcome rep. Glad to hear you like the site! What kinda stuff do you like to read?

    9. Re: How much do you write?

      Honestly, I used to be much more on the ball with my typing, hitting at least 2k a day and sometimes even doubling/tripling that number. lately the goal has been to atleast just write in a day, though, (...)

    10. Re: Piggybacking on the First Comment

      well if they are on the first comment page the author IS more likely to see them. am I just strange that if I had 7 pages of comments, I would read them all? and yeah I realize there's nothing really (...)

    11. Re: What is considered too gory for a cover?

      Well ask yourself; does this visual invoke disgust or a bad visceral reaction? If you can't answer that because you're too close to it, crowdsource for answers. If it does indeed invoke disgust or (...)

    12. Re: What type of scenes do you love to write?

      I too like dialogue. I think the intricies of a conversation between two characters and their interactions can have such nuance and depth and lend to being very interesting scenes. I love how different (...)

    13. Re: Can you see when your book gets rated?

      I'm sure that with premium you might be able to see the specifics and be notified. Nope.  Even with premium, ratings are anonymous and there is no notification.  Only reviews are public. I (...)

    14. Re: What's your favorite and most disliked Font.

      In all of my google docs for writing longer fictions, I use Spectral - Medium. I just like the way it flows and looks when I'm editing and messing with things Least favorite font? I actually dislike (...)

    15. Re: depth

      I just recently started learning chess too. And I'm complete trash at it. But I keep learning and improving, spotting flaws and working to make them better, what's easy about improving in chess is the (...)

    16. Re: My hatred of group projects

      I was an engineering major. For the most part, I got lucky with my groups. As everyone was responsible and did their work on time. Even for our senior group project which kind of bombed, it bombed because (...)

    17. Re: Comments, reviews, ect.

      I have gotten a few reviews on my fiction. For the most part they're promoting it, saying what they liked, a couple of criticisms. I also recently got on that was a very well put together critique that (...)

    18. Re: Hello, Royal Road!

      Hiya welcome to Royal Road. What kinda books do you like to read or write?

    19. Re: Hello, new horror web-novelist here

      Hi there1 I too love horror, are you kind of going for a steven king type of 'horror' universe where the webserials have references to each other? I think that kind of idea is pretty awesome. 

    20. Re: Hi, New Author here, looking forward to feedback! (Fantasy, Satire, Comedy, Mythology)

      Hi there! Welcome to Royal Road, hope you find a lotta readers for your story