1. Re: How vast is the world?

      So, long story short, I live in a bubble. I know a lot about how complicated the world can be, but I haven't really had the chance to learn too much.  I kinda want to go around the world and explore, (...)

    2. Re: Multiple Ongoing Stories at Once

      I have around 15 fictions currently ongoing on this account, and I'm writing more than just those total. I have one that I focus on the most, but I like writing most of them. So I switch between them occasionally. (...)

    3. Re: One Shots You look like you could use some coffee. ☕😻☕ I prefer hot cocoa(I dislike bitter things and adore sweets), (...)

    4. Re: One Shots

      Okay, I'll start this off with my opinion. I despise one-shots. I hate them so, so much. Especially in manga/manhua/manhwa! I mean, if I really really want to, I can write a continuation fanfic for a novel (...)

    5. Re: Music in novels: lyrics in dialogue

      🎵I'm not a very good writer, but I do like music. I think that trying to force it in isn't a very good idea, though. It being necessary or useful for a certain scene, setting, or feeling is important. (...)

    6. Re: Why is there a lower limit to chapter length?

      If you have a one-sentence or one-paragraph chapter, please consider your readers and instead roll it in as a scene at the start of the next chapter.  All your followers get a notification for each new (...)

    7. Re: Retelling of a story that isn't a book into a book format

      As the title suggests, I'm curious about this. I was wondering, if there's a game with a story or something similar, but there isn't a book version of it, are we allowed to write it? It would have to be (...)

    8. Re: I wish to cry

      Guess I'll play it through other means. I'm thinking about finding a way to port it to DS via a flashcart, but I doubt I'll succeed. I'm just starting out in game development, so I haven't really learned (...)

    9. Re: I wish to cry

      Great news everyone! There's a diamond and pearl remake for the switch! Finally, god damnit, finally! Buuuuut, that's not why I want to cry. ....I don't have a switch. Just f*cking shoot me, damnit!!!!!! (...)

    10. Re: Missed opportunities

      Have you ever seen something and thought, "That's a shame. It had so much potential. Why did anybody let this happen?" Have you ever made something and realized, "Oh, damn. I could have done this a lot (...)

    11. Re: Choosing Royal Road over actual publishing

      In my case, I'm a hobby writer. I don't want to go through all of that trouble, and if I wanted to make money off of it, I could always just make a patreon if I get good enough. Well, I'm not good enough (...)

    12. Re: Your silliest sentence? (Live, my darlings, live!)

      Well, there's this thing that I wrote. “I’m not stupid. But I made you immortal." *Leaves to go get microwave pizza and a soda* -------------------------- Hm. (...)

    13. Re: What's your favorite and most disliked Font.

      When I read on RR I use the open dyslexic font. It looks quite nice with the dark theme. As for my most hated? I don't really have any specific hated font, but I dislike ones that are literally illegible (...)

    14. Re: Isekai Tropes. The General Genre Stereotypes?

      The usefulness of a dictionary of tropes is moot. I kinda disagree with this, considering the reason that I asked this is because I needed a dictionary of them... It's an assistance request thread (...)

    15. Re: A somewhat strange proposal for a multiperson writing project.

      which was a thing done about ten or fifteen years ago.  Ah. That's wayyy before my time, then. I'm 19. Also, I'm not too familiar with things like tabletop games or freeform roleplaying, since I'm (...)

    16. Re: For a school project, kinda.

      tends to wander about Hm, I feel like I kinda know what you mean, but I'm still somewhat unsure of exactly how it wanders about. Can you tell me where it starts to seem like it's wandering off specifically? (...)

    17. Re: Isekai Tropes. The General Genre Stereotypes?

      What are the most generic tropes or common things in certain genres? Tolerable or not, good idea or not. Even something that's very prevalent but completely redundant/useless in most cases excluding the (...)

    18. Re: A somewhat strange proposal for a multiperson writing project.

      All right, so you know how there is usually an equal agreement in how a story is going to go in certain collabs? Here's the proposal. One person writes the settings, another person writes the story, (...)

    19. Re: For a school project, kinda.

      Chapter 1: It’s dark. Cold. I can hear the water dripping from the ceiling, the clanking of the chains that bind me, and the piano that the madman plays.(Audio/ambiance) The dripping is annoying, (...)

    20. Re: Does Royal Road track the author's viewing of a page as a real view?

      This much I’m pretty sure isn’t even possible. For multiple reasons. One is the fact that views by people without accounts must also be tracked, which would make figuring that out a nightmare. I believe (...)