1. Re: Do you outline your stories?

      My current story follows the Save the Cat beat sheet, and while I am happy that the story is flowing properly, I must admit that the story isn't as action-packed as I'd like it to be. I've been working (...)

    2. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Personally, I find that it stings just a bit. When I first uploaded my story, I had someone message me on Reddit telling me how much they hated my story due to a lack of blatant exposition. It bothered (...)

    3. Re: Free feedback for first chapters

      I'd like to have my first chapter reviewed! I hope you enjoy it! It's the link in my signature.

    4. Re: Do we need to learn how to write books?

      Personally, I feel that writing, like drawing, is a technical skill. My characters live in my head, and their "thoughts" do help dictate how I write, but knowing the technical skills of writing (outlining, (...)

    5. Re: Recommend Me Any and all Fantasy!

      My story Order & Fate: Rebellious Children is a low fantasy about a girl who's forced into a deadly society on her first day of school! It takes big story inspiration from Jujutsu Kaisen and a lot of fight (...)

    6. Re: Positive Feedback Feels Awesome

      Keep writing! There are plenty more people out there that'll love your story!

    7. Re: The Very First .5

      Just a guess, but I feel like it happened because you're trending on the Tragedy tag. My story started Trending on Action and Drama and I got a 1 star rating the same day

    8. Re: Just got my first 1 star rating

      While part of me is annoyed, the other part of me is happy to have finally passed ten ratings. I feel like a real RR author now  :peohello: Edit: They downvoted two of my reviews too!

    9. Re: Simple fantasy, not isekai, no LitRPG

      You should consider reading my story, Order & Fate: Rebellious Children! It's written in an anime-style in a low/urban fantasy setting, and there aren't any litrpg or isekai aspects in it at all.

    10. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story My story is called Order & Fate: Rebellious Children! It's a novel with elements inspired by light novels (...)

    11. Re: offering comments and occasional reviews for fun

      My story is Order & Fate: Rebellious Children | Royal Road. It's a low/urban fantasy with some dark elements and anime tropes in there as well. I hope you enjoy it!

    12. Re: Check out my story Order & Fate: Rebellious Children if you enjoy darker anime/light novels!

      Hey you guys! I won't be all long winded and boring. Basically, I've written a story inspired by darker shounen that reads like a light novel. It's called Order & Fate: Rebellious Children. The fights (...)

    13. Re: Fight Scene Critique

      You should consider posting on r/fantasywriters. That whole subreddit is super helpful with that kind of stuff.

    14. Re: Just and engineering student that loves to write!

      Welcome to RR! Also I agree with you fully. That's why Logan is probably my favorite superhero movie

    15. Re: Just found out that introduction was a thing in forums

      I'm new also. Hope you enjoy it here! 

    16. Re: Anime/Fantasy nerd turned writer

      I enjoy a variety of genres in anime! My favourite would be Code Geass! And all the best for your story! :peoapproval: Same to you! Also, Code Geass is fire :')

    17. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      My story is Order & Fate: Rebellious Children. It's a Fantasy Drama with a heavy focus on character. I hope you enjoy it!

    18. Re: Review Swap wanted for Nonsensical Comedy

      I'd be up for that! I'll read your story as soon as I have free time. My story is here if you wanted to check it out!

    19. Re: Offering reviews

      Thank you for the offer! Here's my story: Order & Fate: Rebellious Children | Royal Road

    20. Re: Looking to do some review swaps with my story, fantasy

      I'd appreciate a review swap! My story is a fantasy drama with a heavy emphasis on character. I'd love to read and review your story! I'll be sure to be as detailed and honest as I possibly can be.