1. RE: Kurogane's corner of tidbits

      Sure. I dunno. I just posted it here because it was the first thing I could relate it to.

    2. Kurogane's corner of tidbits

      Alright, Kurogane here and this is a thread that I created in order to broaden some people's views on the world of writing. Well, not really but just some tidbit information and a few helpful tips here (...)

    3. RE: [Request Character Art/Fanart/Drawing/Anything]

      Here's my entry for this http://orig13.deviantart.net/4493/f/2015/133/a/2/picsart_1431511100275_by_cressel098-d8t75uo.png i suck at coloring i know. Awesome... I don't mind the coloring. (...)

    4. RE: [Request Character Art/Fanart/Drawing/Anything]

      Haha, it looks good. I really appreciate the drawing. If I may suggest, you could either remove the katanas itself or place them on a sword belt on his sides. overall, I really like the appearance of (...)

    5. RE: Best part about being an author?

      The best thing about writing for me? Torturous cliffhangers and random instances of comedic relief. Also, when people like my stories so it inspires me to write more.

    6. RE: Death is near, what would you do?

      Mhm, I'd do something either heroic or patriotic within the time frame of 23 hours. (Saving citizens from a bank robbery - YES OSIRIS I AM STOPPING YOU) Then within the last hour of my death, send my (...)

    7. RE: What if...

      Change the universal law of life. Instances: -Create new beings -From life, you can change anything that is living. -Immortality -Long Life (Elves?) -Anything is possible in the realm of life. (...)

    8. RE: what would you work as?

      Create an interstellar space craft or a inter-dimensional transport gate and travel the universe. Invest my money into those projects and live my life in the realm of the final frontier.

    9. RE: If life were a lemon, would it give you lemons or...?

      Excellent thought process, Kanadaj. Choices in life bring about consequences and consequences vary from good to bad however, the term "Rock Bottom" is often described in many situations as people go (...)

    10. RE: Doing Free Cover Art

      Oho, you draw so good. If I may ask, can I request a drawing from you? I know there are certain instances where you are currently busy so I won't badger you for a drawing but if anything, I would (...)

    11. [Request Character Art/Fanart/Drawing/Anything]

      Ah, Kurogane here, I am just requesting for a character to be drawn. I accept any kind of art since I appreciate art in itself. Artistic value exists in all forms of art whether it be poorly drawn or (...)

    12. RE: If life were a lemon, would it give you lemons or...?

      Rock bottom... You ask what I do if I ever reached it? From past experience, at that time it looked like I couldn't go any lower, I can say I'd dig down with a fervor seen only in those crazy of mind. (...)

    13. RE: List of Fanfics that Akaamaku must review

      Just write the title of the FF, I will edit it on the first post and add your link

    14. RE: List of Fanfics that Akaamaku must review

      Yeah, what he said ^ add more to the list

    15. List of Fanfics that Akamaaku must review

      Just click the title, I already linked them to the main pages The path He chose by Kurogane Natalia by Udesweet Don't Fear the Reaper by Sturmwalzer Alteration by Crow Revie by Scerbina Project (...)

    16. RE: Three words story game.

      the most talented

    17. RE: Pastries?

      AHHHH SOO GOOD!!!! I will pay you to make me pastries everyday NO I CORRECT THAT! LET ME MARRY YOU IF YOU CAN MAKE PASTRIES

    18. RE: Three words story game.

      A giant rooster

    19. RE: ImitationKatana's true identity

      I choose an It until proven a gender. I believe that is my stand on any internet relation. So, I believe Imi is an it until she/he proves it otherwise.