The Primal Hunter

One of my All-Time Favorites!

5/5 becuase 'The Primal Hunter' is what I seek when I want to read a LitRPG!

We have a system that is relevant & stays important for the entirety of the 600k+ words I have read so far. It isn't just some nice addition to the story in order to lure LitRPG enthusiasts like me to the story. 
Furthermore, the mechanics of the system make sense and there are none that makes me react with a big & annoyed "Wtf?!" 

The protagonist is also an interesting guy to follow - which is quite important to me since if the protagonist is boring, the story is usually as well. 
But we also get a perspective of the side characters, and it's very well done. Pretty much all of them have a backstory, motives, desires, and aims for the future. They don't just exist as side characters, but as individuals that shape and change the story in the background while the protagonist is out hunting. 

Again to the system, I liked that 'trial' everyone had to go through as a part of the initiation of the system. It also took quite a lot of time for the trial to end, but until then, we saw how the system affected people, etc. It was nice to follow, especially because of all the system influences (quests, for example) that kept some people pushing into acting like tyrants or killers, and so on. 
And at the end of the trial, the survivors basically started their new lives as new persons. Not everyone managed to adapt, but those who did ended up as interesting characters. 

'The Wold After the Trial' was also quite nicely done, especially that part with the city-building. I also like how the protagonist didn't suddenly meet the president or whatever. There was a World Congress where the new leaders of the world got to meet each other and discuss things, but it didn't drag the story into a political mess like most others I have read so far where the protagonist suddenly turns into a manipulative politician with decades of experience. 
Instead, the protagonist is the Big Boss of his place, but he lets someone else do the boring stuff, concentrating on his progress and on what is fun instead. 

That said, thank you for your hard work, Mr. Author!