Mother of Learning

One of the best on the internet.

I've been following this story for years on fictionpress, so I'm super happy it was finally ported over here. This story is one of the best I've ever encountered online. I'll try to keep this spoiler free.

1. Style

The style is simple, and has the typical western fantasy flare (seen in like Lord of the Rings or Eragon, something like that. That kind of writing style). The author definitely puts a lot of thought into the world and characters, and it shows through. The style is consistent throughout, and although it isn't anything particularly ground-breaking, it's solid and leaves a lot of room for amazing storytelling.

The only gripe I kind of have is that the author tends to do a lot of "tell" instead of "show," especially toward the later chapters. But it's forgiveable, because the lore is so deep and world so fleshed out and rich that it's hard to just represent just through organic "showing." However, this results in dense chapters full of intricate information and concepts basically just told to us in plaintext so that it's hard to get super invested in and makes it hard to binge all the chapters in one go. This isn't so much a problem in the earlier chapters, but later on the author kind of gives up a bit and just heaves mountain on top of mountain of info on top of us. 

2. Story

Amazing. What can I say? Just superb. Everything is thought out. Every little thing is important. The whole story is founded off of a super intriguing concept (Groundhog's day but in a fantasy world), but the author expands it to so much more than that. The lore is deep and interesting, with twists and turns throughout. The story is in no way predictable. However, it is engaging, super tense (especially earlier on, although toward the middle/later it drags a bit, but has picked up in the latest few chapters). You can tell that the author has planned things for a long time and is giving us a rich, engaging, bouncy ride. There are so many gripping exciting moments, complete with chapters and chapters of buildup that lead to an awesome climax. It's great.

3. Grammar Score

Not completely perfect, but almost flawless. In the beginning chapters, I couldn't find a single error. However, later on there are a few errors that pop up here and now, so I couldn't give it full stars. Still better than 99.9% of fictions here.

4. Character Score

A-ma-zing. So good... one of my favorite things about this novel is the character development of Zorian throughout. I love that it's a slow, gradual, almost imperceptible change that feels incredibly natural (as it should, through many loops). I'm a big fan of many of the characters and their intriguing backgrounds.

However, I'm strict, so I still have gripes (sorry). Toward the beginning there seemed to be a lot of effort to have characters be 3-dimensional, interesting, and fleshed out, but toward the later chapters, it's clear the author is getting lazy. I won't name names, but a few recent characters that have been present for a while feel kind of one-dimensional. They're important for the story, but it feels like nobody103 is kind of tired from writing such an expansive, rich story, so he kind of glosses over it, giving the characters some kind of schtick and calling it a day. But it leaves me a bit annoyed and unsatisfied... not to mention, I had been expecting a payoff for some of these characters after them having been a mystery for a large part of the story, but they turn out to be kind of generic. So I couldn't give full score. But still amazing.

Overall, one of the best I have encountered. Kind of hard to binge but it's amazing and worth it. I would suggest just a few chapters a day or else your mind will get tired (it's so dense lol...). But read it! It's so good!