1. 100,000 Words!!

      Finally hit 100,000 words! My fiction has been a mega passion project for me, and I'm thrilled to finally hit this milestone! Hoping that more people will have a chance to check out it out - I think (...)

    2. 100 Follower Raffle!

      Just broke 100 Followers with my fiction. I'm super excited! Wanted to celebrate by holding a small raffle on my latest chapter. Feel free to participate! (...)

    3. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      I find chapter titles super helpful for keeping track of which chapter is which. It also makes each chapter feel like an event -segmented yet significant chunks in a much larger story. I want readers (...)

    4. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      I'm a professional game designer, writing a sci-fi dystopian LitRPG about a dysfunctional team of players coming together to beat an impossible game. It starts off funny and action-packed, but eventually (...)

    5. Re: Should I Tag my fiction as Comedy, even if it isn't always?

      Thank you for the advice everyone! After reading all the comments and feedback, I think I'll probably end up sticking with the tags I have! And yeah, Sci-Fi and Fantasy def both represent my story well. (...)

    6. Re: Should I Tag my fiction as Comedy, even if it isn't always?

      I have a writing style that is generally skewed towards comedy. My current fiction has lots of comedy in it, but it occasionally gets kind of scary, dark and serious. My current tags are Action, Adventure, (...)

    7. Re: When do you decide to give up on a project?

      New author here as well! One thing that I've noticed so far about Royal Road is that your story will build momentum as you post more. My first few chapters only got a few readers, but with each post, (...)

    8. Re: Flashbacks (How many and When)

      I used to be a screenwriter and I used Flashbacks like crazy, until enough reader feedback finally beat it out of me. Some people here say to use them sparingly, which is good advice. I'd personally take (...)

    9. Re: Helpful Tip for Writing Descriptions

      I just learned a tip that helped me a ton when writing descriptions and I wanted to share: --- When describing a scene, focus on movement. For example, when describing a field: Instead Of: (...)

    10. Re: Pokemon Snap

      I had a great time with! I mostly just took pictures of Pokemon butts and sent them to my friends with the caption "Heh", but aside from that, the game was super fun!  More games need photography mechanics.

    11. Re: What's the worst sentence you've ever written?

      I write new chapters like a stream of consciousness before going back and refining them. Some of my first-pass sentences are really really bad. Here's my best (worst) sentence ever: "The pistol hit (...)

    12. Re: Getting to Know People

      Hi I'm Zae! Nice to meet you all! 1. I am a huge video game nerd. The Dark Souls series and Binding of Issac are two of my gaming obsessions. 2. Hunter X Hunter is one of my favorite anime of all (...)

    13. Re: hello! aspiring writer here

      Welcome, I'm new as well! Looking forward to checking out your novel when you begin posting it!

    14. Re: Excited to Share my Super Weird LitRPG Cover

      Just wanted to show off my super weird LitRPG Cover. I'm really really happy with how it turned out - I think it represents the story well. Let me know what you think!

    15. Re: Tell me your favorite line from one of your own stories

      Context: A knight being attacked by a dragon: "He was masticated, and then defenestrated."

    16. Re: Hi all - Professional Game Designer writing a LitRPG

      Hi everyone! Newbie here. I've been following the LitRPG scene for a while; I have mad respect for y'all. I'd love to contribute to this community and write a LitRPG as well! I've been making games (...)