Beast master taming the heavens

Beast master taming the heavens

Emperor of Soul Pets

Emperor of Soul Pets
by Renoe_K
591 pages

The World of Ilvirin is host to millions of soul monsters. The brave men and women who seek out, Subdue, and train these monsters are called Soul Trainers. The ultimate goal of every soul trainer is to rise up the ranks, defeat countless soul monsters and trainers, and one day be acknowledged as...
The Emperor of Soul Pets!!!
Follow Rao Wu, a young beastman on his quest to become the Emperor of Soul Pets. Laugh and cry with the many companions he makes along the way, and watch as he uncovers the terrible history of the Ilvirian World.
Can Rao Wu stay true to his heart during his climb, or will he, like countless before, be corrupted by the path. Stay tuned to find out.

Released on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Patreons: Minimum of Five Chapters Ahead

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Monster Tamer In The Apocalypse

Monster Tamer In The (...)
by lordmystic
73 pages

Chen Qiang's life is perfect. He’s rich, young and set to inherit his father’s fortune and legacy. Truly, a fairy-tale. A life so perfect, nothing could ruin it; well, almost nothing…


In the blink of an eye, it all disappears into blazing fire and smoke and drags him from the heavens to hell overnight. His inheritance, his dear sisters and even himself. That was because of the sudden change, the craziest thing that should not have happened.


Not just him, but everyone all over the earth experienced it too, the feeling of great suffering, despair, grief, hate and regret that endlessly came to them.


But was it truly doomed from the start?


Is this the end of the world? Or just the beginning?


But, fate plays with him. After he has suffered enough in that world, he wakes up and finds that he goes back in time and has three years to face that fearful event again.

He gets all he has again, but is it enough to change the future?


Hey guys. The new author here and English isn't my first language. Please forgive my mistakes as I grow as a writer!. The story would be into a dark theme so it would have a lot of offended things and I don't own the right of pictures that I have uploaded or will upload, all the pictures that I upload are from the Internet.

I warned you, the grammar of this story is very bad. Just look at the review. I also posted this in webnovel.

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