Sara Mullins

Sara Mullins

    1. Re: Looking to do some Review Swaps

      Hello! If you're at all interested in dealing with my story (slow-burn psychological fantasy romance), then I'd love to do a swap! Just let me know through here or PM, thank you!

    2. Re: Is it better to leave no review or a bad review?

      Something I really appreciated when someone didn't think my story was for them was that they privately messaged me about their reasoning/dislikes in lieu of leaving a negative review. If you're concerned (...)

    3. Re: Anyone up for a review swap?

      Yeah, it sure is hard to get your story out there and get the feedback you want. That said, I'm glad there's a community on this site to take advantage of, and I'll probably make lots of these swap posts (...)

    4. Re: Hi hi!

      Well... Hello, I'm Sara! I started writing young with the cheesiest and fluffiest anime fanfictions possible, but in the past few years I've been trying to hone my writing skills and write original stories. (...)