How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power?

How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power?
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Wu Li was but a student trapped in a future he did not want when the Portal sought him out to become the Savior of an entire world. However, unlike any beings born in that world, Wu has not a single ounce of power within his body. Worse yet, he's the fourth one that's been summoned in history and he's got massive shoes to fill. 

How will he overcome his own powerlessness and become the savior that everyone expects him to be? 

With a beautiful girl acting as his slightly disappointed yet adorable guardian, a smoking hot rivalling bounty hunter from the High societies out to take his head, and countless other encounters along the way, Wu fights on to become the greatest of the four saviors, while seeding this world with...the principles of science.

This is a story set in a world with a rich history of the magic power known as the Wave, and all native species are capable of interacting with the Wave to obtain power in a variety of ways. Think of this as a combination of Dr Stone and Black Clover! 

I am writing this story using similar structures to anime seasons, and the chapters in itself are structured more like manga chapters. The first two seasons are already planned out, and it is likely going to be daily upload of chapters from ~ 2 k words in length during the 'season' when there is backlog of chapters, with a week or two of a break in between seasons if no backlog.

If you liked this story, please drop a rating and review. If you hated it, please drop a review and help me get better. Don't just spam a 0.5 rating and leave like a coward lol.

This is what you should expect:

- Character growth and development

- Sensible characters, especially our MC

- Thought out and nuanced power system

- Rich world with history and mythologies

- Progressions of the main cast

- A pretty solid plot that should get better with time!

- A dash of romance and .5 chapters (iykyk)

]For more info on the world, check out the World Anvil link:

To see the map of the world, check this out:

Hope you enjoy! Leave your comments! Drop your ratings! Here's my Discord !

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