1. Re: Follower Count is Not a Mark of Your Worth as an Artist and Neither is Money (So why do you write?)

      I write for myself. These stories exist in my heart, taking up space. I write so that they have somewhere to live outside of myself.

    2. Re: Debut novel

      Hey, that's awesome news, huge congrats! Success on any platform can be a massive crapshoot, especially if you aren't working with a significant advertising budget and don't have time to write and spend (...)

    3. Re: Debut novel

      The novels name is The Shards of Kestrius. (Not gonna link cause I don't wanna get in trouble) If this is against the rules mods go ahead and delete. Don't mean this to be self promotion.

    4. Debut novel

      Different type of celebration. Not sure if it's allowed tbh. Just debuted my novel on Amazon a few days ago. (not a work from this site) So far, not much traction. But from what I've read, I need (...)

    5. Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

      Honestly, not a book. Not gonna lie, it was Final Fantasy 8. At that point in my life, i hadn't really read too many books, and the ones I did were super boring IMO. Along comes Final Fantasy 8, (...)

    6. Re: Thoughts on Amazon's Wheel of Time adaptation?

      It was ok. Not great, not bad. I think this is pretty common for 1st season's of shows tho. the actors don't quite know the characters yet. Hopefully they grow into their roles and maybe the writers should (...)

    7. Re: Is it a bad writing habit to include things like "he/she looked at him/her" during character conversations?

      It describes an action, and as long as it isn't overused, it helps with talking head syndrome.

    8. Re: Your opinions about book covers

      I like them epic and illustrated. Show me a vast world with dragons flying. or a huge battle. Or magic spells going off. Captivate me, make me want to know what the actual fuck is happening.

    9. Re: What’s your greatest non-writing related strength as a writer?

      General IT knowledge. I know how to build a website, I know how to run social media, I know how to put together a cover and use programs such as gimp and adobe.

    10. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      Thanks for the review Dr. Man, I honestly have no idea what i was thinking with the title. I guess you gotta go full derp sometimes.

    11. Re: Cover Art Crisis

      I buy my covers usually, but my current one is from here on RR.

    12. Re: I'm not sold on the idea we still need editors to have a professional manuscript

      I use Prowritingaid and edited my book 3 times (using it every time) and I still missed plenty. Also, the editor I had picked up a few... funny mistakes. I had a character who had a piece of wood in their (...)

    13. Re: How many people are actually looking for their books to be audiobooks/amazon books?

      Me. Audiobooks are the future, and you can quote me on that. They are incredibly versatile in a world where our "eye space" is being used so much. Sometimes, having a nice soothing voice read you a (...)

    14. Re: How often do you feel frustrated or demotivated?

      Every other day. But I have depression so....

    15. Re: Names.

      The Admiral- Her true name and what she wants to be called. Its the rank she reached before defecting and stealing a warship. Her 'actual' name is Loretta Desson and I just needed a name that didn't (...)

    16. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      Two now. I needed something lighthearted to distract me from my more serious Fantasy novel. If anyone is interested, check out: Twin Realms. Link in my sig.

    17. Twin Realms: The Eternal Quest for Rent Money [Portal, Progression, Gamelit, Comedy, Satire]

      New serial in which the MC finds himself in possession of a Dragons-eye amulet that allows him to transport to other realms. If that's not enough hook then here... read a small tidbit and mosey over and (...)

    18. Re: Monetization Resource Guide by a new author: Read till the end.

      I have a patreon, but its clear it's for people who want to support just because. Maybe if I get very popular I'll offer benefits, I guess.

    19. Re: Delete or edit?

      I've never seen something so badly written it needed to be deleted entirely.

    20. Re: Are Pirating Sites Actually Something to Worry About?

      Take that pirates... my work is not worth stealing!