The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

Welp, i've enjoyed reading your chapters so far and it's a shame that you'd even consider dropping this story. You've got a batch of readers who wait for them chapters and they do what every  greedy leech enjoys doing, they read them! and some ask for more :D

This story is not on a grand scale like some other stories with a plot so thick and deep you'd drown in it, no. This is one simple yet effective dungeon reincarnation story that gives what it said it would give. what's more is that the story has potential for improvement and for becoming a much bigger one, with a larger world and all. 

To end my lame review, because i'm a failure as a reviewer and optionally human being, i'd just like to ask you to keep writing this story, because if you keep writing, we'll keep reading and cheering on you! but if you decide to stop it here, i'll not hate you and search for you to kill you and your goldenfish. worry not!

Yours, Mr. banana the bear penguin.


This definitely has potential

the number of reviews and length of some of them is had to scroll a long on my laptop to reach the bottom!

i\'m writinig this while the story is at chapter 36.

The story started in a great way, and while the developpement of the plot is somewhat slow, it has its charms. the characters are funny and the pets are cute. the latest chapters have been somewhat less interesting, but the story has potential and can get back on tracks. so i guess i\'ll have to wait and see where it is going =)

keep the good stuff coming and good luck