1. RE: Last event of 2015

      "Your navigation page has been reincarnated as an evil error page aka Error 404. refreshing will not bring you to your old world. the only solution is to send a message to the demon lords known as admins, (...)

    2. RE: What lies in the head of a kid?

      I guess you could describe the brain of any child under 5 as a big ocean of...     ...emptiness? Oh, and of course whatever toy/colourful object/moving object/parent draws the child's attention at the (...)

    3. RE: What lies in the head of a kid?

      yeah, i ended up going for third person

    4. RE: What lies in the head of a kid? David Micheal is the MC's little brother in this fic. (Shows up in the beginning of chapter one.) Figure it is a good example (...)

    5. RE: What lies in the head of a kid?

      From what I remember as a kid, 1 - kids don't really think in words, 2 - kids don't really understand their own thoughts or how to express their thoughts and feelings in a coherent way, 3 - kids are (...)

    6. What lies in the head of a kid?

      Hello there, I'm currently writing a story in limited 3rd POV and wanted to add a first POV somewhere to add information to a previous chapter. i could add said information in said chapter, but too (...)

    7. RE: 3rd person POV is your friend.

      I think there is no good or bad choice regarding the point of view. Which narration you choose depents on the story. If there are many mysteries in your story, which you don't want to share, the (...)

    8. RE: 3rd person POV is your friend.

      Little Lazy to come up with these in my own words: wow that really sums it up in a good and clear way, thanks for (...)

    9. 3rd person POV is your friend.

      hello, I just wanted to share my feelings about 3d person POV. i was affraid of writing in 3rd person before, but now it feels like it's the best thing ever! i was worried about how to convey many povs (...)

    10. RE: First Chapter and it's Lenght

      i'm a bit late but, i wanted to say that length doesn't especially matter, when you write your story, focus on the story. when you feel like the chapter is good enough, that's it. don't try to make it (...)

    11. RE: Is this original?

      hah, that sounds just like my first fiction. well, mine didn't have people other than the MC. it was really a full survival in a hostile fantasy environement, while introducing real life survival techniques. (...)

    12. RE: Little tip for when you don't know what to do

      I think I've read somewhere that once things start to seem too dull, have an explosion. They always liven everything up. I think that's a pretty good suggestion if not taken too literary to get out of (...)

    13. RE: little question about royal road

      Depends on whether not you're willing to write it out completely. I'm a writer that's guilty of posting several stories then dropping them because of big mistakes, writer's block, and new ideas for other (...)

    14. RE: little question about royal road

      There are many stories which are awfully similiar... simply because they were inspired by the same story. No need to worry. the extent to which i was inspired by other stories extends to the fact (...)

    15. RE: little question about royal road

      You can post whatever you want here as long as it's your story. Being inspired by LN or not doesn't matter. You don't need to limit yourself to genres that LNs usually use, though most readers here came (...)

    16. little question about royal road

      Hello, Well, i'll try to make it short. I discovered the world of light novels only recently and became addicted to some of them, and because i have quite the amount of imagination, i felt like i wanted (...)