Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then

Light-hearted fantasy with a good dose of humour!

What a wonderful find! I'm a huge fan of fantasy humour and this book certainly delivers.

Our hero runs a tavern, employing beautiful barmaids to attract customers. Only a few chapters in and the author has perfectly captured the quirks of each character - there's about a handful+ with their own unique personalities and ambitions and they all get their moment to shine. The dialogue between them turns from serious to LOL hilarious. The jokes are witty and not slap stick, which I find very rare of stories on RoyalRoad.

The only problem for me was that the story progressed too slowly. I kept reading chapter after character, but so far the story hasn't moved outside of the tavern (well, for a brief moment). That said, there is sufficident action and we do learn a lot about the world. The author does keep his promise as the hero is slowly introduced to more and bigger troubles.

It being fantasy, I would like to have seen some display of magic. But there may be something even more intriguing: i.e. the Twelve Gates that humans can open to unlock abilities. I suspect this will be the main focus. It's been done before in other stories, but I'm curious to see the author's interpretation of this concept.

It's been a treat and I will definitely continue reading.

Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

Great introduction to the GameLit/LitRPG! If you're new to the genre, Respawn Condition may feel like a bit of an odd piece. I do wonder if the author was high when he wrote this...

The story explores the variety of "trash mobs" you may encounter in games, told from the perspective of an MC that keeps respawning as one of them everytime it dies. This is where the narrative truly shines. Every thought, every moment of the MC's new incarnation is described in exquisite detail. You really get a sense of what it's like to be a slime, or a dark fairy. If you've ever wondered what life is like for monsters in video games, this is the book to read.

But too much of anything good can ruin one's appetite. That is how I started to feel the more I read. At Chapter 6, there was still no obvious plot. It just seemed like the entire story was  about each trash mob, with no bigger plot to bind everything together. I hope I'm wrong, but I didn't get far enough to know.

Stil, it was an enjoyable read that gave me a totally new perspective on video game monsters.