1. An isekai story about a family and a pet turkey

      It is a mult-perspective story that follows a disillusioned druid, and army vet, a strange class brother, a married couple

    2. How do you deal with bad ratings?

      So far my story has plummeted in rating with no feedback. In the last couple weeks I've received 2 0.5 star ratings, 2 one star ratings, 3 two star ratings. Also every fiction review posted on my story (...)

    3. Was Rising Stars tweaked?

      I'm a little confused. My story was climbing on rising stars and all of a sudden just plummeted off of it. The story is only 20 days old and has 40 reviews and ratings. None of the stories I was ahead (...)

    4. Re: Made it onto trending :)

      For the ads, I got around a .50% Click through rate. And so far around 50 followers. I'm not sure what amount is from the ads and what is from hitting rising stars. I was very close to hitting the main (...)

    5. Re: Made it onto trending :)

      Many review swaps and a 50 dollar ad were enough to push my story to the main Rising Stars (Edited) ! I feel more motivated than ever to keep writing. (Wrote trending out of habit but meant rising stars)

    6. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      My fiction is the That Couldn't Read. It follows Vesper as he makes his way dealing with an not so ideal class. 

    7. Re: How many reader typically carry over from one of your fictions to the next?

      Personally, I only plan on writing my one fiction, but I was curious if readers typically will read other works by an author. I noticed that this seemed to be the case with larger authors on the site like (...)

    8. Re: Reader Drop Rate and Retention

      The last story I wrote had around a 70% retention rate. The one I'm writing now has about a 88% retention rate on the first chapter, then it varies from between 80%s and 90%s. I don't feel like my writing (...)

    9. Re: Looking to do some Review Swaps

      Ok. I'm down to do a review swap with you. 

    10. Re: Looking to do some Review Swaps

      Sure, I'll do a review swap with you. I think that chapter 6 is around 10,000 words for my fiction, feel free to read to that amount or more depending on what you feel like. I'll Pm you my review on whether (...)

    11. Re: What do you think is the optimal chapter size?

      I find that I enjoy posts at around 2000 words when I'm completely caught up with a story, so that's what I strive for. I found that any shorter and I'll feel kind of disappointed because the chapter is (...)

    12. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      I was wondering if someone could help me with my description  My story is linked here https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/45074/the-bookworm-who-couldnt-read

    13. Re: Looking to do some Review Swaps

      I'm looking to do some review swaps for my story The Who Couldn't Read. It is a fantasy with light litrpg elements.  The link to the story is in my signature.

    14. Re: I hit 1000+ views and 20 followers!

      It might not be much, but I feel good knowing people have read my fiction. It feels awesome! It has got me excited to write some more :)

    15. Re: I am looking for review swaps

      I'll read all of your chapters, after looking at your fiction. You can read up my first 6 which is where the first payoff is or read less. Whatever you feel like. 

    16. Re: Do you prefer chapters to have titles, or just numbers?

      I usually add both. That way someone can keep track where they are as well as entice readers to click on your chapter. 

    17. Re: I am looking for review swaps

      I'd be happy to do a review swap with you :) My fiction is called The Who Couldn't Read https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/45074/the-bookworm-who-couldnt-read