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Father Grim

    1. Re: You can make almost any plot premise work with masterful execution

      YAK Wrote: German Nationalists discover a conspiracy. The German government intentionally let thousands of Muslim refugees into the country so that they can mix with the Germans and dilute the German (...)

    2. Re: I feel authors with overly liberal mindsets can't write realistic characters or plots

      TLDR: Authors who think humans/people are fundamentally good will invariably write stories/characters that don't make sense. I really wish you went a bit more into this point and your reasoning behind (...)

    3. Re: Believable character interaction: Commanding officer and the new officer

      fine then I will create 90 new characters to fill the ranks, make the story 800 times longer where the inciting incident doesnt happen until chapter 3000 while I bore people with a bunch of irrelevant (...)

    4. Re: Believable character interaction: Commanding officer and the new officer

      I came up with a scenario that I want some second opinions on. Believability is something I know most people complain about these days, so I'm trying to apply some common sense here. Are you asking (...)

    5. Re: Believable character interaction: Commanding officer and the new officer

      Hierarchy =/= Military Every military has a hierarchy, but other organizations do too. Whenever lives are on the line hierarchies are either involved or about to be. Security forces and police have (...)

    6. Re: Need the worst first lines ever.

      https://www.bulwer-lytton.com/ The bulwer-lytton contest has collected these for decades :) A lecherous sunrise flaunted itself over a flatulent sea, ripping the obsidian bodice of night asunder (...)

    7. Re: Just got 0.5* review bombed for the first time out

      I must say, I got 0.5* bombed by 3 people at nearly the same time.  Damn, that must really hurt. You have my compassion, 0.5 are mostly reserved for readers who are really peeved with a particular work. (...)

    8. Re: Hmm…Curious. As Many Are Advised to Give an Answer

      There does not seem to be a proper meaning to Most curious. When I look up power fantasy I immediately get a useable definition.  How about this one? Living out your ideal life vicariously through (...)

    9. Re: Is there such a thing as a perfect story

      Really, is there a perfect story?  It's a philosophical question that requires a philosophical answer and what is philosophy, but the epitome of subjectivity claiming to be universally applicable?  (...)

    10. Re: Need some advice.

      Gryphon10 I'm going to finish the midway point in the writathon with my next chapter, but I also wanted to make it one of my best in terms of writing style. This is the first few paragraphs of the (...)

    11. Re: New writer needs help! Action scene intensity and conveying the right atmosphere in scenes.

      I recently started writing fiction for the first time and I am struggling slightly when it comes to action scenes and getting the correct atmosphere when describing a new scene. I was hoping for some (...)

    12. Re: Interesting but not likable

      My character's name is Hijla and while she currently isn't a mute canonically I will probably make that so when I get around to rewriting the intro chapters. She is meant to be smart and cunning. I (...)

    13. Re: Hi guys, any advice about writting about disabled people?

      like that one veteran character struggling with PTSD I'll just ... I don't know. Him coming back from a war without any itch or scratch was unbelievable to me. Do I write him like his experience didn't (...)

    14. Re: Rewrite

      You might want to post this in a different forum friend.  Writing Tips & Discussions is just about that. Giving or receiving advice. 

    15. Re: What angle to tackle this internal conflict from?

      If people hate how they look because they have a big nose you don't cut it down in length. You change your attitude towards it to a point where it's still the same big ol' nose but they're able to accept (...)

    16. Re: Honest confession

      Guess we're all sadists here... You mean Masochists? But it's not our work? No kinkshaming here please. It's okay to be both.  Let's just focus on pain and how pleasurable it is to inflict, (...)

    17. Re: Hi guys, any advice about writting about disabled people?

      If you're blind you can't watch TV or do any of the stuff that requires you to have vision.  Blind people don't watch TV:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_description Blind people don't (...)

    18. Re: Hi guys, any advice about writting about disabled people?

      :DrakanGlasses: Absolutely not, I'm even more motivated to write that character. I won't change my novel (after all these months of planning) , just because it won't please some people on internet. (...)

    19. Re: Honest confession

      I'm always looking for the negative reviews on any story that interests me.  The 5 stars are only gushing about how great the story is and even if I wind up liking the story, I almost never really agree (...)

    20. Re: What do you guys prefer, Fast paced or slow paced novel?

      Fast or slow, what difference does it make?  I want a novel with stakes and tension, where characters have goals and encounter challenges on the way. As long as the story has an element of the unpredictable (...)