1. Re: Tell me your favorite line from one of your own stories

      I suppose that that there’s the difference between wisdom and intelligence. Because none of this insight I was chock full of gave me a solution. This is my favorite line in what I have written so (...)

    2. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      The way you're giving feedback is awesome. I would much appreciate the same treatment for my first chapter from the story linked in my signature. I have so much trouble making things flow that I'd like (...)

    3. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Fiction: Douglas: A Worlds Portal Book Genre: Adventure, Dungeon . . . not that type! It's a litrpg. Chapter two even introduces the system.  Chapter three, to be release Saturday, introduces some (...)

    4. Re: Self-views in view count

      I can test this.  Quick, nobody view my story! . . . wait. Never mind. No, self-views don't count.

    5. Re: How to make my story gain more traction.

      The other one: I think some people could get confused by the blurb. Is it the author blurb or the narrator blurb? Some people might not even have in mind the difference. It can read too much like an (...)

    6. Re: How to make my story gain more traction.

      Taking a look at blurbs, I like the witch one. Only change is something to make it clear that the circumstance isn't living with an ordinary family. That's kinda tacked to a sentence it doesn't flow from, (...)

    7. Re: How to make my story gain more traction.

      I will. Feel free to take a look at mine, but you really don't need to. There's no action scene yet which is going to come in the third or fourth chapter, so I don't feel it's a full reflection of anything (...)

    8. Re: How long do you spend writing a chapter?

      About the same as the two above me.

    9. Re: I need help writing a scene from the point of view from someone who is asexual

      You know, I tried using the rep function to make this comment but the character limit and the one rep limit really f**ked with what I was trying to say, but @Anehelia, some people might see passing as (...)

    10. Re: First and Second Chapter

      So, I feel kinda weird sharing that I've released a chapter, instead of say a book, but I'll also super excited to have released my first and second chapter and have had some people click through to that (...)

    11. Re: How do you respond to some comments on your fictions?

      I'm the only one to comment on my story so far. Which likely means, I'll respond overmuch. Already got a headstart. No spoiling the story, though, that's big.

    12. Re: Writers, I'll cut you a deal

      Hey, I posted my comment and you'll get around to mine when you get around. I might read more later, and if I do I'll continue on like a normal reader, and as a normal reader I do do comments anyway. So (...)

    13. Re: Why do you write about slavery?

      Good questions though. I'll have trafficking and abduction in a future one, but that's because there's a villain organization and it makes for a central interaction between some main characters while (...)

    14. Re: Why Commission A Cover When I Can Make One Myself

      Because the option at my skill level is commission or pixabay and layering. And learning file formats that work with layering. I'm serious, though, Dev and Xian, where are you getting your fonts from?

    15. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      You know, I think that used to be my soul when I was mortal. If I eat it, what'd do think will happen, barkeep?

    16. Re: I need help writing a scene from the point of view from someone who is asexual

      For the first one, since you've mentioned reworking the dialogue, I'd go with something like Gabriel using more natural words like "don't" instead of never, and Carlos blowing it up into these absolutes. (...)

    17. Re: First chapter comments

      I am, I'm posting chapter two today, and chapter one doesn't even touch on the 'system' and litrpg features of my book, but darn if I'm not excited at having a first chapter up so, sure. Edit: Commas (...)

    18. Re: I need help writing a scene from the point of view from someone who is asexual

      Hey, you might . . . probably recognize me. Life's still been busy, but this, an in-depth review, this I can do if you send me the google doc link. (I'd understand if you didn't want to.) Other people (...)

    19. Re: Published my first fiction here.

      That is so much more satisfying to see. Btw, it was only on my mind to mention because Outlander's Od . . . oh. The cover art is nice and I've been wondering where people are getting all these awesome (...)

    20. Re: A Few Questions for Writers

      1. If something doesn't match up with my audience, I'll at least foreshadow and all that, but there's nothing that I'd personally set as off-limits. Needing careful handling and even a way to decompress (...)