1. Re: Tips for writing 1st person Narrative.

      That 'I' issue tripped up my willingness to engage with first-person, too. Now, I'm writing a fanfiction and have not micro-edited for that specifically, so it likely still shows up a lot, but it also (...)

    2. Re: story where MC 'Breaks'

      My story is going to go there, we'll see how it ends and if it stays there. Fair warning my story is haphazardly updated, so I'd suggest just putting it on the follow list until like chapter 35.

    3. Re: Got my first 0.5 star review!

      That's surprising, the mods usually list a reason when taking things down according to the review rules. Then give you the opporunity to make a put the review up again. Not that I've ever had a review (...)

    4. Re: Got my first 0.5 star review!

      It's also my first review! So I'm actually a bit excited that I've gotten enough traction to receive a 0.5 star! Is that odd? Lol, I likewise got my first review (after asking for one, because damn (...)

    5. Re: Is killing a goblin any different than killing a human?

      It depends on the work, of course. The first goblin kill in Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash, my favorite LN, is so brutal that it's almost disturbing, probably more so than any human death I've ever read about. (...)

    6. Re: How to inform the reader so that they have the right kind of expectation on your story?

      And also this: Disturbing mature content is also not allowed. This includes written scenes or images that contain descriptions of pedophilia, bestiality, sexual intercourse between minors or anyone (...)

    7. Re: When to Post to Avoid Writathon?

      Good lord. I didn’t even think about avoiding Writathon. Wonder if that’s been part of the problem . . . Same, but I can't drop my story again, and really kinda just feel like writing right now, so (...)

    8. Re: One Chapter, Two Styles: I'll Review Your First Pages

      Likewise send you a DM, just posting here so if this all adds up you don't get like fifty DM's, hopefully.

    9. Somehow, I got a Follower after a Year Long uh . . . 'Hiatus'.

      I already had a handful (literally) and had them for the longest time. I literally expected my posting new chapters to drop my follower count via reminding people of the story. Maybe it still will, I can't (...)

    10. Re: Hiatus for a year. How to proceed.

      I just published chapters 3 and 4 of my story after a year. Half the amount of people who read chapter two have read chapter three, which is significantly less attrition than I would've thought, esp. given (...)

    11. Re: Why are there so few serial reincarnations?

      You keep mentioning creative freedom and short stories; I think people are looking for longer stories in general with serials, so they can find something they like and just relax when more gets released (...)

    12. Re: Stats.

      Like in Ar'Kendrythist, it's over health. A mouse bite wouldn't kill you but that lightning bolt you just tanked earlier would. For S Rank, lot's of same-y items in those stories, but make it take precedence (...)

    13. Re: Critique and the point of writing on a site like RoyalRoad

      It isn't necessarily, but it also isn't critique. The whole definition of 'critique' aside tho (we have that discussion like twice a month anyway), a lot of this is just complaints about how he wants (...)

    14. Re: Finding the correct genre tag.

      @Casc, honestly, perfect and great attention to detail, I know there was a lot buried in there and some story considerations that come up too. It's nice that a discussion about tags was additionally productive. (...)

    15. Re: Finding the correct genre tag.

      There are a lot of things to unpack in this post.  I just woke up so reading everything and commenting to it is a bit slow. However everything you have put here is awesome and it is really making (...)

    16. Re: Finding the correct genre tag.

      I wonder how close it is time-wise to this population wipe-out. If it's happened while any of the main cast is alive it drastically changes the tone of the story. Can you imagine how many people would (...)

    17. Re: Isekai'd with Amnesia? Has it ever been a good idea?

      I'm shaming myself with this one, but I liked it in "Trial by Conquest: A Battle-Royale, Civilisation Build-Off LitRPG" here on Royal Road. The reason why was because the character still had a personality, (...)

    18. Re: Suggestion: Touch grass. The number two thing that you can do to make your writing better, right after We (...)

      It won't bite? I can't tell is that's a concern about touching grass or an argument to eat dogs. Only mentioning because the first one sounds funnier.

    19. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -6 . . . tis a number.

    20. Re: Suggestion: Touch grass. The number two thing that you can do to make your writing better, right after We (...)

      You've heard it before since everybody says it. Some people say it with a chuckle, knowing as they do that mankind isn't simple to get along with. We destroy the environment around us, after all, and what (...)