1. Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

      Well, this is a hard one. However if I had to choose, it has to be the concept of a  Gadgetsmithing profession in my story's world. I've always loved the idea of a superhero that uses gadgets to fight, (...)

    2. Re: What is your MC's favorite color?

      Well... green, specifically forest green. It's jist a color that has fascinated Shindo as a child, whenever he went to the big park in Vermillion Blue City. That's the sole reason he dyed his bomber jacket (...)

    3. Re: Would your MC take a deal with the devil?

      Nope. After what happened to him during arc 1, Shindo would rather die than be in the palms of another. 

    4. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      Well...  - Murder (both in self-defense and emotionally motivated ones) - Terrorism (self-explanatory)  - Mass hysteria (self-explanatory)  - Property damage  - Possession of illegal Gadgetry (in (...)

    5. Re: What was the Book that made you think "I wanna write too"?

      there where three books that inspired me to write:  - Pablo Neruda's "20 Love Poems and a Desperate Song": Neruda's usage of words and diction in the Spanish language to convey his feelings sort of jumpstarted (...)

    6. Re: What did you call your story before it had a name?

      Honestly, it started as "project: rejected heroes" mostly due to me liking the concept of superheroes being rejects in a superhero society through different means. 

    7. Re: Describe your novel with a haiku

      ex-villain blackmailed,  After one horrid week, to become a hero.

    8. Re: Procrastinate With Me

      Well, I'm a big history nerd, and I like the idea that past events connect into each other... So, I've basically made a full on timeline of events of around 120+ years on how superheroes became the norm (...)

    9. Re: Let's have some fun. MC themes songs?

      I do have a full on playlist for my story, but some of the main cast of characters from Gadgeteer have been influenced by specific songs:  - Shindo East (The MC of Gadgeteer)  "I See Red" by Thousand (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story by describing the world where the story takes place

      The events of Gadgeteer take place in the year 2063 on a fictional East Coast Xity named Vermillion Blue City, where superheroes, Supervillains, information gathering and superhero gadgetry (called gadgetsmithing) (...)

    11. Re: How Many WIPs?

      For now I have 5 Wips (Gadgeteer, Two Epic Fantasy projects, a TOLZ fanfic, and a dystopian scifi project) of which I shelved 4 to focus on Gadgeteer. 

    12. Re: How to write good action scenes?

      I'm still working on improving my own fight scenes, but there are a few things I've noticed that work well from other media I've read and on the fights my readers have liked: - First off, it's important (...)

    13. Re: Loopholes.

      For now, Shindo East (MC of Gadgeteer) has exploited two minor but related loopholes in an attempt to hide his real name from appearing on legal documents. Basically, this world allows people to proceed (...)

    14. Re: What story brought you to Royalroad?

      Honestly, it wasnt one of the big names I'm currently reading. Instead it was a story I found in the "surprise me" option under ead called "139 years till the end of the world". It was this little gem (...)

    15. Re: Inspiration from other works

      My story is was inspired by the aspects I loved about superhero media, but I usually give credit to these series when it comes to being the influences for my story:  - Dixxon's 1996 "Nightwing" run heavily (...)

    16. Re: Promote your book by naming a character flaw

      Shindo East has two main personality flaws that usually come to bite him in the butt: - His self-loathing for himself and the actions he committed in the past is one of his biggest limits, as he can achieve (...)

    17. Re: English as a second language

      ESL here, and honestly, my culture rarely influences my story, since it's set on another country entirely. However, I did take influences from my country when designing a few of the sectors in the main (...)

    18. Re: Sunday Snippet 03/04 | IS IT WEEK 36? 🔪🍰

      It's snippet time! Last week was a bit stressful as I had to deal with university exams and other irl issues, however, I didn't want to miss posting a snippet. This snippet from Gadgeteer is a WIP scene (...)